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Rental Cars in Maui - Best Deals

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Rental Cars in Maui – Best Deals

If you are moving to Maui, Hawaii, and have decided to rent a car, we have good news for you – many companies are offering good deals for rental cars in Maui.

In this article, SDC International Shipping will cover some important questions and give a few tips about choosing the best rental cars. 

Is Renting a Car in Maui Worth It?

Are you relocating to Maui and thinking whether you should rent a car, take your vehicle with you, or use shuttle and bus routes to get around? Well, it depends on how long you are going to stay there.

If you are moving to Hawaii for at least two years, bringing your auto will give you many advantages. On the flip side, if you are not planning to stay in Hawaii longer than a year, renting a car might make more sense. You are unlikely to need a vehicle every day, and for occasional use, you can take advantage of rental cars in Maui and thus, save maintenance and insurance fees, servicing costs, and MOTS. 

Furthermore, in our experience, you should consider renting a car rather than sending it over to Maui if your auto isn’t in good condition. You don’t want to spend a fortune on repairs, especially if you are the type of individual who can’t fix something yourself. 

Finally, if you need to choose between buying a new vehicle in Hawaii or having your car transported, we recommend that shipping is the best option. Again, only if your car is in good condition. Otherwise, buying a new auto will benefit you in many ways, such as reduced cost on maintenance and many miles on the vehicle.  

The apparent advantages of renting a car are: 

  • It gives you freedom – get to know Maui beyond tourist areas. 
  • Comfort – explore Maui at your own schedule.
  • More choice – for one trip, you may rent a small car; for other adventures, a larger vehicle to meet your needs.  

Now, let’s focus on the heart of the matter: the cost of rental cars in Maui.  

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Car in Maui?

To understand how much it costs to rent a car in Maui, we checked prices on the popular online car rental website Kayak. We made the booking almost a month in advance (June 29-June 30, 2022). 

Prices for small cars ranged from $66 to $79 per day; for medium type – $72 to $87. The highest price for a large Toyota Camry was $122. We also saw a Chevrolet Malibu at $80 for one renting day. SUVs, such as Nissan Versa and Chevrolet Malibu, were presented in a great variety, with reasonable prices fluctuating between $66 to $73. Nissan Sentra was the cheapest offered at $40 per day. 

This will give you a general picture as prices on rental cars in Maui vary widely depending on the months, company, and size of the vehicle. 

What Are the Most Popular Car Rental Companies in Maui?

You will find the following car rental companies available in Maui: 

  • Hertz
  • Enterprise
  • Avis
  • Alamo
  • National
  • Dollar
  • Thrifty 

Tip: Always rent a car in Kaanapali-Kapalua or Kihei locations and not at the Kahului Airport (OGG) to avoid paying an 11.11% tax. 

Cheap Rental Cars in Maui

To get the best deals, follow the rule of thumb – make a car reservation in advance.  

Many of our clients we moved to Hawaii found the best prices on and The sites are easy to navigate. You just need to fill in the blanks – pick-up location with pick-up and drop-off dates and country of residence. 

Costco and Sam’s members can take advantage of discounts. The same is true for AAA and AARP membership. 

Even after you make a reservation online, keep checking out the prices. Like airline companies, prices in the car rental business change depending on the demand. If you’ve made your first reservation and see that there’s a favorable difference in the price for the date of your stay, you can cancel your reservation with free cancellation and make a new one. 

Rental Cars Through Third-Party Websites

Some travel websites, such as, often have exclusive offers. The only disadvantage of renting a car through third-party websites is that, for the most part, you can’t cancel a reservation without being charged for using their service. That’s why we recommend dealing with car rental companies directly. Choose several major ones and compare prices. 

To pick the best rental car in Maui, look for the companies that: 

  • provide you with a map of “off-limits” roads;
  • offer discounts for clients that rent for more than ten days; 
  • don’t charge a cancellation fee;
  • don’t charge for your spouse;
  • don’t stick you with unnecessary insurance;
  • don’t set you up with pre-paid fuel.

What Kind of Vehicle Should You Rent in Maui?

If you are single, renting an economy or compact car will save you money on the rental and gas. 

If you have a big family, you will likely take beach chairs, snorkel gear, umbrellas, toys, and other items. Then you will need a vehicle with quite a big trunk space to fit all that beach gear. You may consider hiring a minivan. 

According to Discount Hawaii Car Rental, the most popular rental cars in Maui are Jeep Wrangler, Compact Car, and Minivan

So, Should You Rent a Car in Maui?

If you are not shipping a car to Hawaii and can’t afford to buy a new one, you should absolutely rent a vehicle to explore as much of Maui as you can during your stay. You will have the freedom and convenience of driving when you want and where you want. 

Even if you are on a tight budget, you can always rent a car for a day or two to enjoy a short trip.   

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