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Are you looking for an experienced and trustworthy international mover in Pasadena, CA? We are SDC International Movers for household goods and vehicles throughout Pasadena and other cities in Los Angeles County. 

The company has all the required licenses for operating international moves from different US states, including California. Our professional and experienced Pasadena international movers are logistics wizards who know how to plan your move from start to finish. 

When you contact us, you can get more than one shipping solution based on your needs and budgets. You can also fill out a quote form to get an estimate for your move and if you find it acceptable, start a conversation with one of our representatives to know your options. 

Sharp Shipping Services for Household Goods

Each client that comes to us has specific requirements. Some may need storage before or after they move, others professional packers. Whatever your need, you are dealing with international household movers that have many resources to adapt to your very unique needs. 

We can send your items by sea or air. Shipments in 20- and 40ft containers are available through a consolidated service or a solo container. When you need assistance with customs clearance paperwork, we can also handle that. 

A Reputable Car Shipping Service from Pasadena

With Pasadena international movers, sending a car overseas or shipping a motorcycle is simple. Whether you are looking for the best way to ship your auto or affordable service, we can cover you. To illustrate, the cheapest way to transport your car to a new country is RORO, while the most expensive transportation mode is a containerized shipment or air freight. However, shipping a car in a shared container usually comes at a reasonable price. 

With SDC International Movers, you will have more than one option to send your car. Plus, we’ll take care of any concerns about how to get the job done, including documents for importing your vehicle to the destination country. 

Packing Solutions for International Move

Overseas relocation takes a few weeks by the ocean, so it’s important your belongings are kept safe and secure. 

SDC International Shipping employs packing materials and supplies to protect household goods of any size. We offer moving boxes and crates for bulky furniture, musical instruments, power tools, and fine art. Our professional packers will ensure that everything is properly packed and ready for transport. 

Also, check out our specialty services for moving pianos and shipping artwork overseas.  

Do I Need International Shipping Insurance?

No matter how good our movers are at packing, international transit of household goods is not immune to perils such as ocean vessels sinking or washing overboard the container. Accidental damage and losses also occur. International moving insurance or marine coverage can cover you against these events. 

Moving Worldwide from Pasadena, CA

We have moved hundreds of clients to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. 

Popular moving destinations in Asia are China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and India.

When it comes to EU countries, Germany, Italy, the UK, Austria, France, and Norway seem to be the top picks for work and study purposes.  

Moving worldwide with Pasadena international movers is easy as we operate shipments from ocean terminals in Los Angeles and Long Beach. 

How Much Does it Cost to Move Household Goods?

Numerous factors affect the shipping price. These are pickup and delivery location, transportation options, size and volume of your goods, timing, and season. For example, with SDC, you’ll have two choices about the delivery of your personal belongings – door-to-door and port-to-port. The moving cost increases as you book more add-on services (e.g., packing). For this reason, we create custom quotes based on these variables. 

Contact us today to discuss your move or fill out an online quote! 

International Moving Services Provided in Other California Areas

Pasadena International Movers

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