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International Moving Company from San Jose

SDC International Shipping is a company specializing in relocations from San Jose to locations around the world. Often, these clients are moving at the request of their employer. They may be returning home after working in the United States for a few years or going abroad to work. 

Licensed for the export of residential and commercial goods by the Federal Maritime Commission, SDC is a nationwide freight forwarder. Though we work throughout the United States, a good portion of our household goods exporting business is from the San Jose area. From our Oakland offices and warehouses, we serve clients throughout Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.

International Moving Company from San Jose: Household Moving

As many San Jose residents are relocating for work, many moves are financed in part or in whole by their employers. This should be the first thing you check, even before you call SDC. If your company doesn’t have a corporate account and sends people abroad often, have them give us a call. Otherwise, ask if and what your budget is and how it is paid or reimbursed. 

In smaller companies, the details are left to the employees who are offered lump-sum payments. These will take the form of either the refund of costs up to a certain ceiling or one large payment. Each method will have certain advantages.

Please start planning early. Careful planning of the logistics of your move is necessary for some destinations. There are countries with complicated rules. If you are going to work, most locations require the involvement of your employer in the visa request.

If you are moving abroad for retirement, most countries will require that you show either a minimum asset amount or sufficient monthly income to support yourself.

Whatever your reason for moving, there are many things from America that you will want to bring to your new home. Everybody will send their personal goods like clothes and furniture. If you are moving permanently, you will want to send your library of books to your new country. Be careful, there are a few countries that frown upon books. If you are moving temporarily, consider purchasing extra books to send in your container.

Are you moving into a furnished home? If not, you should send your furniture. If you have contracted a residence already, ask for room measurements, you want to make sure that your furniture will fit. We will take apart some of your furniture when our movers come to pick it up. This will save you cargo space and budget.

As a part of the delivery service, our movers will reassemble whatever was disassembled at pickup. Also, moving debris and empty boxes, uncrate valuables and place all of the furniture you sent in the rooms of your new house.

For most destinations, you will want to take your American small appliances and electronics with you. Usually, you will need to get readily available plug adapters.

International Moving Company from San Jose

International Customs and Regulations

For most countries, used household goods can be sent free of import customs. If you are a returning citizen, there is always a waiting period that is at least six months and in sometimes a few years. This is the duration of time abroad necessary before the duty-free import is allowed. For those with immigration visas, the usual requirement is only that goods be used.

New items are usually taxed at the local VAT or GST rate. Some items are also charged extra excise taxes. 

Every county will have regulations about what can be brought in. Check your destination. Island nations are particularly careful about cleanliness from dirt. Some nations are very particular about certain devices or books. Do not violate these regulations.

International Car Shipping from San Jose

From San Jose, cars can be sent in a variety of methods. Sometimes we will pick up the car or send a car carrier. You can also deliver it to us or to the Port of Oakland. Cars will be emptied of all fluids and batteries disconnected. 

Title validation is required prior to vehicle export. The title should be clear. You will need to send us the original title for us to clear the car for transfer before pickup. After everything has been arranged, the title will be sent back to you via certified mail.

International car shipping from San Jose is an SDC International Shipping specialty.  As Californian automobiles have very stringent environmental regulations, it means that they will already meet the environmental controls for most destination countries. 

Where are you moving to? Do they drive on the right-hand side of the road? If they do, sending your car could be a real money saver for you, as cars are very highly taxed, especially in Europe. If they drive on the left in your destination, sending a car isn’t usually worth the trouble. 

In these countries, however, sometimes you can still import a motorcycle. You need to check if special permission is necessary before sending it.

Moving from San Jose Checklist

There are some destinations that require thorough preparations.

The first and most important thing that you need to do is arrange for a visa. You will more than likely need to visit the consulate of the country you are moving to, there are many in San Francisco, others might require travel.

Update your American passports before your travel. If you are a returning citizen many countries will require that you prove that you were abroad at their consulate.

Learn the language of your destination country if you don’t yet know it. Today there are many good methods available to learn new languages. Getting by in English is fine for a short time, but you will want to experience your new country, you need to learn the language.

Have you checked the requirements of the health system at your destination? While some will grant basic health care to legal residents, most Americans will find that they need some sort of private health insurance. Check this early and see which medical records they will want you to provide. You might have to get some translated.

Check the website of the CDC for the immunization recommendations for your destination country. There are some destinations where tropical diseases or other things uncommon in America exist. With worldwide measles outbreaks, many countries require the MMR vaccine even before you get on the plane.

Special preparations are necessary for pets. If you are sending a pet, ask your relocation specialist to help you find the relevant regulations. Be aware, that there are places that have long procedures for bringing in live animals.,

International Shipping Options from San Jose

The good news is that international shipping options from San Jose are plenty.

As we do such a large volume of business in the area, we are able to make our own groupage consolidation containers. Typically those clients sending what is known as LCL shipments, or less than full container load, have to send their shipments via specialized services that combine the shipments of several people together. This is a pretty good option, as many people send a few hundred cubic feet of cargo, it doesn’t make sense to send a whole container. While this is still far cheaper than a full container, there are typically high deconsolidation fees and other levies charged at the port of entry. By sending our own containers, we can eliminate those additional costs, and allow our clients to send even small shipment sizes at relatively low cost. From the San Jose area, this is offered for a door to door service from California to Europe and Australia.

Many clients choose to send their private containers. 20’, 40’ and 40’ high cube containers are available. Please note that for some locations even private containers are emptied at the port and cargo transferred to moving the van, it is the policy in some countries. If you are sending a licensed vehicle, it is the last thing put into the container.

Air cargo is also available to most destinations. While far more expensive than sea shipments, it is an effective means of getting your shipment to its destination quickly. Ask your relocation specialist.

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