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Shipping Furniture Internationally or Overseas

Are you relocating to another country from the United States? There are many advantages to sending your furniture when you move to most countries. When does it make sense to send and when is it better to buy new furniture at your destination?

Shipping Furniture Internationally or Overseas

Most of our clients are relocating from the United States to locations overseas. Many of our clients are also moving to Mexico or Canada. As these are foreign countries, even though they aren’t overseas, there are different considerations for sending furniture to these destinations.

Is it worth it to ship furniture internationally? If you are moving from the USA, the answer will usually be a resounding yes. Furniture sold in the USA is made to the highest standards, and is usually available at affordable prices. There will be several places where what your furniture might not be appropriate for the climate or foreign house sizes.

Shipping Furniture Internationally or Overseas

Furniture from the USA

One thing that is important to point out is that beds, bedroom furniture and mattresses from the USA are considered to be of a very high quality. In countries all around the world local stores and manufacturers will call their furniture “American”. Please note that what is called “American” in these countries isn’t necessarily American, and not necessarily of the style to which you are accustomed. If you want an American mattress, put in your SDC International Shipping container for transport to your new home.

This is especially true if you are sending a special bed that might be very expensive or impossible to find in your destination country, it makes the most sense to send both your bed and your mattress. Examples of this are mattresses with adjustable firmness or adjustable bases. If you have a bed like this, you should consider sending both the mattress and the bed, as the mattresses will not easily fit other bed frames.

Preparing Furniture for International Shipping

Did you know that when you send a shipment overseas the cost of it is calculated by the volume, not the weight, of the shipment (within reason). Look at some of your favorite pieces of furniture, like your dining room set. There is a lot of air there that you will be charged for. SDC International Shipping’s movers dismantle your furniture when they come to pick it up. The stands and legs of tables are usually removed. Each piece is individually wrapped with appropriate protective measures like blankets, carton sheets and bubble wrap. Chairs will be wrapped together to half the amount of cargo space each occupies.

Don’t worry about receiving disassembled furniture, as our delivery movers will put together anything that was taken apart when we come to load your belongings for shipment overseas. They will also dispose of any debris from the move while they are still at the destination.

Which Furniture should be sent Overseas?

Do you know the size of the house you are moving to? If you don’ yet have an exact home located at your destination, you are probably pretty familiar with the types of home available. We highly recommend that all of our clients make a trip to their destination to prepare for the move. Amongst other things, you should look into opening bank accounts and credit cards, health coverage, schools for those moving with children and housing. Ask a realtor to show you what is available. It is important for you to measure the rooms, to see if your furniture will fit in.

If for instance, you are moving to a smaller house than you now own, you will want to down size before you move. But if you have room for it, the things that you will want to start with are the American.

Other things that make much sense to send abroad include outdoor furniture and barbeque equipment. With these you will find that what you are sending from the USA will be of high quality and likely better than anything you can get abroad. One thing that most people don’t consider, but could come in really handy abroad is outdoor play equipment. In the USA you can get a sturdy wood playground set for what you will get for flimsy plastic in other places. If you have room in your container and are moving with a family, look for some playground equipment.

One other tip: though you probably won’t be sending a treehouse, there is no reason why you can’t send along all of the hardware necessary to build one. Go to your local do it yourself home center, buy plans and all of the hardware that you will need. The hardware will be heavy, but if you are sending a container, it is not a worry.

What Furniture should not be sent Overseas?

They type of furniture known as knock down is best left. This furniture does not move well, and you probably should not go to the expense of shipping it. Just order some new replacements in your new home. This goes for many things made from particle board. These are often flimsy pieces that won’t withstand the voyage.

If you are sending a full container load, there will usually be room for some extra things. If you have the spare room, we can send along these pieces, but they should not be at the top of the list.

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International Moving From USA to Any Destination

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