Moving to Serbia from the USA

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Moving to Serbia from the USA

Moving to Serbia

If you are moving to Serbia from the USA, you can trust SDC International Shipping to help you craft a perfect international move. We employ experts in international moves to different European countries, including jurisdictions on Balkan Peninsula like Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and more. 

The reliability of the services we offer to our customers is a number one priority for us. Our team will be with you during all stages of shipping household goods or a vehicle and step into the process immediately when needed.  

Top International Household Removals

When you need to move personal belongings to Serbia, our team of international household movers will offer you a tailored solution based on your moving needs. Each case is reviewed individually, ensuring the top-notch quality service and safe transit to your destination. 

Apart from ocean freight, you can take advantage of a removal service by air. As part of sea freight, we ship household goods in containers of different volumes (20ft and 40ft). 

We pack and ship every single item, from furniture to small electronic devices, and take care of your pets’ transportation. 

Your personal logistics agent will help you with customs requirements pertaining to the type of home items transported. We also offer storage services in Serbia to clients who need time before they move to a new home.  

Moving Safely Cars and Motorcycles to Serbia

Are you looking to move your auto or motorcycle to Serbia? Our international car shipping agents offer convenient solutions to make your relocation easier. 

Are you wondering how much it costs to ship a motorcycle or car to Serbia? Contact one of our representatives to have an idea of the budget. 

Among the types of transport is sea freight via RORO or in a container. No matter which transportation mode you choose, we’ll take care of all the procedures associated with customs clearance, the collection, transport, and delivery of your precious vehicle to your new address in Serbia. 

Moving Art and Pianos to Serbia 

We help families to transport their antiques and artwork items securely. We also service dealers, traders, and amateur collectors. Our artwork shipping services involve packing, crating, removal, and transportation of high-value fine art. 

Regarding moving pianos overseas, we handle all sizes of pianos, covering the delicate packing to ensure safe transportation service. 

How Much Does It Cost to Move to Serbia?

The moving cost to Serbia hinges on many variables, such as origin and final destination, shipping method, and other services you choose. For example, the price for door-to-door delivery and port-to-port service will differ even with the same size and volume of household items. 

Besides, you must remember that Serbia is landlocked, which means that your container will be shipped to the port in the neighboring country and then transported to the final destination by road or railway. Given these factors, our shipping agents create custom quotes for each move. 

The closest port to Serbia is Bar port in Montenegro. Your container may also go to the Port of Constanta in Romania.    

How Long Does It Take to Ship Household Goods to Serbia?  

The international estimated arrival time depends on many factors particular to your shipment. Ocean freight to Serbia from the USA typically takes 26-30 days. Air freight will take much less – from 5 to 7 business days. This might not include customs clearance. 

Containers shipped from the east coast arrive faster than from the west coast. For example, a shipment from Savannah will be quicker than from California. We will work with you closely to provide the estimate but keep in mind the most accurate ETA is possible after the ship leaves the port. 

Popular Moving Destinations in Serbia

Belgrade, the capital, is considered the best place to live in Serbia. However, we have also moved American expats and workers to the following cities. 

  • Novi Sad
  • Nis
  • Subotica
  • Novi Pazar
  • Kraljevo
  • Kragujevac
  • Smederevo

Fun Facts About Serbia to Know

  • Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe.
  • 8,664,277 people are living in Serbia. 
  • The word “Serbia” derives from Greek and means “land of the Serbs.” 
  • The official currency of Serbia is the dinar. 
  • At least 17 of the greatest emperors were born in Serbia.
  • Nicola Tesla was born in Serbia.
  • The country is the largest exporter of raspberries. 
  • The world’s most widely used word “vampire,” comes from Serbian. 
  • Many Serbian last names end on “ic.” 
  • Serbians are famous for their hospitality and love for coffee.
  • Three Serbian nationals participated in the first moon landing. 

Start Your Move to Serbia Today with SDC 

If you have questions about how to use our services, feel free to contact us today. Our relocation professionals are ready to guide you through the process and create the best shipping price. Or, fill out our online form and get an international moving quote within 24 hours.

Moving to Serbia from the USA

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