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Grasping a Bill of Lading Form

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Grasping a Bill of Lading Form

One of the challenging steps in moving overseas is ensuring all the paperwork is completed correctly for shipping your household goods. Whether SDC International Shipping sends your items via sea or air freight, the important form to be filled out is the Bill of Lading (BOL). 

What is a BOL Form?

A BOL form is a legal document used by the mover of household goods (carrier), and the shipper(consignor/customer). It includes details about shipping contents, applicable terms and conditions, the receipt, and delivery information. 

A typical form for international move usually covers the following sections: 

General Information 

General info covers the following: name, address, and telephone of the shipper (the client) and any other carrier participating in the transporting of the shipment, the moving company (carrier), the person receiving the shipper, and the agent’s number, the city, and state of the origin and address of the destination with dates of pickup. 

Shipment Details

This section provides a list of shipping units and a thorough description of the goods shipped, including the number of units and any special handling instructions. It should also outline the type of packaging and the total weight of each item and specify the company name and the ID number of the vehicle transporting goods. 

The route the company will take should also be mentioned, including the declared value of household goods and the total shipment cost. 

Freight Classification  

Each item should be rated under the Uniform Freight Classification, with a statement that the shipper is responsible for freight charges. The form will likely contain a field specifying whether the cost is paid in advance or whether the carrier will collect payment after the delivery. But often, final charges are due at the time of delivery. 

Concluding Info

The last part of the form will contain information about the customer’s company name, the signature of the client’s agent (if applicable), the signature of the moving company/its agent, and the permanent address of the client (the shipper).

In addition to the information mentioned above, insurance coverage should also be included (if applicable). Typically, the Bill of Lading is accompanied by the service order and inventory. 

How It Works 

A moving company issues the document to carry the consignment from point A to point B. Depending on the service type, we will arrange an ocean bill, air waybill, or inland bill. 

Ocean, Air Freight, and Inland Transport

For door-to-door service, an ocean bill of lading will be provided. It’s a document or contract for moving shipping containers across international waters. Once we pick up your goods, the customer or shipper receives the document with the signature of both the carrier and the shipper. Upon delivery, it will be signed and given to the receiver. 

The process is the same when shipping by air, but we’ll provide an air waybill (AWB) instead of the ocean BOL. 

As a rule, a door-to-door delivery assumes that your shipment travels further in the destination country. In this case, an international mover will provide another document – an inland bill of lading required to be transported over land after it arrives at the port. When moving from the US abroad, the inland bill will allow your items to reach the departure port, while the ocean bill will enable the shipment to be transported on the ocean vessel. 

The Importance of the Bill of Lading Form

The importance of a bill of lading is defined by its legal aspect. The document provides the mover and the customer with all the necessary information about the shipment. 

Markedly, a BOL form is proof of shipment, serving three main objectives: 

  • Title to the household items listed in the contract. 
  • Receipt for the services rendered. 
  • Outlined terms and conditions for the transportation of items.
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