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Top Destinations for American Expats & Digital Nomads in 2024

More and more Americans are embracing the expat and digital nomad lifestyle, working remotely while living abroad. With the rise of remote work opportunities in recent years, it’s easier than ever to earn a living while traveling the world or settling down in a lower-cost-of-living international destination.

In 2024, some of the most popular destinations for American expats and digital nomads include Mexico, Portugal, Thailand, Colombia, and Spain. Today we’ll be discussing the top reasons these 5 locations are attracting so many remote working Americans. We’ll look at factors like affordability, weather, infrastructure for digital nomads, and overall quality of life.

Whether you’re dreaming about beach life in Mexico, or a cosmopolitan adventure in Spain, this article will showcase why in 2024, these destinations offer incredible appeal. There are certainly many other great options outside of these 5 countries, but these places offer the complete package for Americans seeking an overseas living experience right now.



Living in Mexico

Mexico has become an extremely popular destination for American expats and digital nomads in 2024. Its affordability, proximity to the US, established expat communities, and sunny climate are big draws.

The low cost of living compared to the US makes Mexico enticing for remote workers looking to stretch their dollar. Modern conveniences abound while day-to-day expenses like housing, healthcare, and food are often 50-60% lower than the US.

Popular expat centers like Mexico City, Oaxaca, and San Miguel de Allende have thriving communities where it’s easy to meet friends and connect with locals. The infrastructure for digital nomads also keeps improving, with coworking spaces and fast, reliable internet expanding.

The sunny, warm weather and beautiful beaches are yet another perk. Digital nomads can split their time between vibrant cities like Mexico City and coastal hotspots like Oaxaca and Puerto Vallarta.

Mexico appeals to expats and remote workers of all ages looking for an affordable but culturally rich place to call home. It offers a high quality of life with easy access to incredible natural beauty, history, food, and more.




Portugal has become a top relocation spot for digital nomads and remote workers in recent years. Cities like Lisbon and Porto have thriving startup and tech scenes, along with growing communities of location-independent expats.

The Portuguese government has introduced tax incentives, special visas, and initiatives to attract foreign remote workers. Thanks to these progressive policies, Portugal offers an enticing environment for those able to work from their laptop.

The cost of living in Portugal is lower than other western European nations. Urban hubs like Lisbon and Porto are cosmopolitan and full of character, yet far more affordable than cities like London or Paris.

Mediterranean climate and cuisine, surf-ready beaches, historic castles, and lively nightlife add to the appeal for digital nomads and expats. Portugal manages to blend quality infrastructure, career opportunities, culture, and vibrant lifestyle at an accessible price point.

As more remote roles become available globally, Portugal stands out as an optimal base for digital nomads who want a balanced European lifestyle rich with sunny weather, coastal access and urban energy.



bangkok thailand

Thailand has emerged as a major hub in Southeast Asia for digital nomads and remote workers. For years, backpackers and expats have been drawn to Thailand for its affordability, beaches, cuisine and culture.

Now, major cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket have infrastructure like coworking spaces, globally connected WiFi, and modern conveniences to meet the needs of location-independent remote workers.

Thailand offers an affordable cost of living by Western standards, including cheap housing options, budget-friendly transportation, amazing street food for just a few dollars and more.

The tropical, beachy climate also appeals to many digital nomads who want a warm and adventurous backdrop for living and working remotely long-term. The friendly, English-speaking population makes Thailand accessible to foreigners.

From the epic nightlife of Bangkok to the chill creative vibe of Chiang Mai and the luxury resort islands like Phuket, Thailand continues to stay on the radar of digital nomads as a top place to live and work remotely in Asia.



Medellin Columbia

Medellin Columbia

Colombia has become an increasingly popular destination for digital nomads and American expats in recent years. The city of Medellín in particular has a huge digital nomad community.

Compared to the United States, Colombia has an extremely affordable cost of living. You can rent apartments, take taxis, eat out, and more for a fraction of what you’d pay in American cities.

Colombia also provides easy access to stunning natural landscapes like the Andes Mountains as well as vibrant historic cities like Bogotá and Cartagena. Digital nomads can split their time working from modern Medellín and then exploring jungles, colonial towns, and more.

The climate is spring-like year-round, appealing to those wanting to escape North American winters permanently. With reputable co-working spaces, good infrastructure, and an affordable lifestyle, Colombia has become a rising star for location-independent workers.

The country offers a culturally rich, exotic but approachable environment for American expats. English is also widely spoken in major cities like Medellín and Cartagena, making the transition smooth.



Moving to Spain

With its Mediterranean climate, relaxed lifestyle, and historic cosmopolitan cities, Spain has become a top destination for American digital nomads and expats.

Major cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia have thriving startup scenes, coworking spaces, and communities of location-independent people. The Spanish government has also rolled out new visas to attract foreign remote workers.

The cost of living in Spain is lower than other parts of Western Europe yet quality of life remains high. Spain’s laidback culture and mouthwatering cuisine add to its livability.

Beach towns along the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca provide an appealing combination of coastal paradise and urban amenities.

The streamlined visa processes make Spain accessible. The culture feels familiar yet exotic to many Americans as well. Spain’s exciting blend of old and new, cutting-edge design and historic castles, makes for inspiring long-term living.

For digital nomads who want to immerse in European culture but avoid some of the high prices up north, Spain checks a lot of boxes. The weather doesn’t hurt either!



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