Moving to Thailand from the USA

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Moving Internationally to Thailand from the USA

With SDC, go confidently in the direction of your dreams. 

When you are moving to Thailand from the USA, getting a reliable international mover, that’s half the battle, so if you are going there to live permanently, or having a business visit, give us a call. SDC International Shipping knows its job when it comes to shipping to this Land of Smiles.  

Shipping Household Stuffs 

You can send common household goods such as clothes, furniture, electronics, kitchenware, and books. These must be used before and can’t be utilized for commercial purposes, and you must own these household items. Furniture, electronic devices, ACs, and microwaves that are one item each are duty-free; otherwise, be ready to pay taxes. 

Are you looking for a hassle-free moving experience? We can arrange a comprehensive service for shipping your household goods.

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Packing and Moving for Thailand

When choosing SDC International Movers to Thailand, you can order a pickup and delivery service of your belongings that will include customs clearance for you. Or, you can get an additional service on packing. We’ll come to your house, wrap and pack everything, and send it to your new home. You don’t need to do anything much with this service. 

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Shipping Cars and Motorcycles to Thailand 

Shipping a car or motorcycle is very complicated. Too much bureaucracy is involved in the process, so many moving to Thailand from the USA prefer to sell it and buy a new one in the Land of Smiles. Moreover, you will likely change your mind about bringing a car when you find out about hefty import taxes – 200% to 300% of the vehicle’s value! 

If you still want to ship your auto to Thailand, we’ll help you get your “wheels” to any destination in Thailand. 

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Understand the Risks and Get Insured 

International moving insurance has many aspects, and dealing with it can be intimidating. However, we can connect you with insurance brokers that will explain potential risks and assist in choosing the proper coverage. The service is about:

  • Understanding what may happen to your cargo during shipment;
  • Purchasing an all-risk insurance package for international moves; 
  • Arranging full coverage from the time your possessions are in storage; 
  • Ensuring you get quick compensation or reimbursement of lost items. 

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Advanced Storage Solutions

Whatever your need, we offer technologically equipped warehouses where your fragile, delicate, or vulnerable items can be stored safely. 

  • We provide air-conditioned and climate-control storage; 
  • Our state-of-the-art facilities have 24/7 surveillance; 
  • We cater to storage insurance solutions if needed. 

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How Fast Do You Need Your Shipment Delivered?

SDC International Movers to Thailand can arrange your move via ocean or sea freight. Each has its pros and cons, but whatever is your choice, we’ll always try to deliver your possessions on a timely basis. 

Shipping Your Households by Sea

When it comes to transporting large loads, ocean freight is the best option. It takes several weeks but is a cost-effective option. 

Shipping Your Households by Air 

If a lack of time is your problem, we can “fly” your stuff to Thailand. The freight service will offer you efficiency on time and speed. 

In any scenario, our freight services include:

  • Sole or shared containerized shipment;
  • Door-to-door delivery;
  • Assistance with export and import documentation.

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Modern and Reliable Containerized Shipment 

Based on the type and size of your household goods, we will recommend you a suitable container. If required, we can arrange a whole array of operations, namely: 

  • Advise you on the container type; 
  • Give you a fixed quote regarding your container; 
  • Deliver container to your home for packing and loading; 
  • Deliver container to the port; 
  • Handle customs clearance; 
  • Container delivery to your destination.

The services mentioned above may vary depending on your contract. 

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Need to Get Your Piano or Artwork to Thailand from the USA?

We’ll take the most delicate care of your valuable possessions. 

International Piano Shipping 

We don’t just claim to move a piano safely; we actually do it. 

  • Not furniture but PIANO MOVERS 
  • Easy scheduling 
  • Experienced crew 

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Overseas Artwork Shipping 

We’ll send a trained team to wrap, pack, and crate your artwork. 

  • Moved hundreds of artwork pieces 
  • In-house expertise  
  • Customs procedures

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship to Thailand?

Every situation is different, so the shipping price hinges on the following factors: 

  • Distance. Door-to-door delivery will be more expensive than port-to-door delivery. 
  • Size and weight. How heavy is your cargo? How much space does it occupy in a container?
  • Service. Do you need help with customs clearance? What about packing and pickup services?
  • Item type. Do you have fragile items and need a specialized service for antiques, etc.?

Only after we know every detail of your shipment will we be able to give you a custom quote. 

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Popular Moving Destinations to Thailand 

The American community in Thailand is quite large, and as a new resident, you will find an easy way of life and a low cost of living. As a rule, most expats are concentrated in Bangkok because it is Southeast Asia’s political, social, economic center. However, Pattaya and Phuket are also homes to a significant amount of foreigners who work in car manufacturing, shipping, and construction. And, of course, the smaller island of Koh Samui is another attraction for expats. Less popular destinations are: 

  • Nonthaburi
  • Makhon Ratchasima
  • Chiang Mai

Why Us?

  • You have your shipping needs, and we have the expertise to meet your requirements. 
  • 10-year in-depth knowledge of the countries we move to. 
  • Highly skilled and experienced crew to move furniture and piano.  
  • We organize and follow up on every detail of your move. 

A Good Reputation is Behind Every Successful Business

“Speedy, effective, reliable, and flexible. We loved working with SDC for all types of shipping, especially for high-volume and high-value items. We couldn’t recommend more!” 

“Excellent service and fast turnaround, and the crew was very polite, honest, and helpful. I will use them again for my car removal.” 

Moving to Thailand from the USA

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