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International Moving Company to Thailand

Published on Jul 21, 2021 by Kfir Cohen

Thailand is a beautiful, exciting country. With various climates and landscapes, it is a tourist magnet, as there is so much to see and do there.  Moving there will be very different than vacationing there. Thailand has many regulations that need to be carefully followed.

SDC International Shipping sends clients to Thailand often and will get your things there safely. An experienced international moving company to Thailand, SDC International Shipping has the knowledge to move you to Thailand.

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01 | International Household Moving to Thailand
02 | International Car Shipping to Thailand
03 | Thailand Customs and Regulations
04 | Moving to Thailand Checklist
05 | International Shipping Options

We also move many Thais to the United States. If you are moving to the United States from Thailand or a Thai business sending shipments to the United States, please call us.

Even though most of Thailand is a contiguous landmass, it has thousands of islands and many remote locations. Deliveries to the Bangkok and Laem Chabang areas are straightforward, and popular locations like Phuket are well served. Deliveries anywhere can be done but will require special attention.

Thailand is a popular relocation destination for many Americans. Thailand has its own language and even its own alphabet. Unless you have learned these, you’re more than likely to want to settle in an area with a large expat community. Chiang Mai is a location where many Americans choose to retire, with beautiful scenery and modern amenities.

It is quite common for Thais who have gone abroad to return home, and many of our clients are Thais who have been living in the US for years and are rejoining their families. Whatever the reason, SDC International Shipping moves clients to Thailand regularly and has the experience to successfully move you there.

Understandably, so many Americans want to live in Thailand, it is a rapidly advancing country where life is pleasant, and you are likely to find somewhere nice to live. However, if you relocate to Thailand, many things that you have become accustomed to in the US are not available. They don’t only have a different language; they have a different culture with different music, food, currency, etc. They even drive on the left-hand side of the road.

International Household Moving to Thailand

In general, dwellings in Thailand are more or less comparable to American dwellings. This means that most of your personal effects should fit into your new home if you are moving to something similar to what you have now. Most of your furniture can come with you, as it will be difficult to find furniture in Thailand that will meet your expectations.

To conserve space in your shipment, we will dismantle tables and beds where appropriate and reassemble them in Thailand. We will wrap your furniture for protection when it is picked up, using special cardboard and cloth pads.

Do you dive? With all of its coastlines and thousands of islands, Thailand has always been a popular choice for divers. You should thoroughly clean your equipment before sending but definitely send your things. Also, this is probably a good time to get new equipment, but don’t forget that in order to import without being taxed, you should own the equipment for at least six months, so purchase as soon as you consider moving.

Bicycles are also trendy and will come in handy in Thailand. Like diving gear, if you intend to buy new, but early.

In addition to furniture, you will want to spend most of your household goods. This includes personal items and family heirlooms that should definitely come across the Pacific. If you own any fragile items and want to send to Thailand, they might require special handling.

SDC International Shipping’s professional movers have been trained to take special care with these items. For mirrors and pictures, we can bring special boxes. For odd shaped items, our movers will construct custom crates for extra protection.

Electronics typically will work in Thailand without difficulty, so long as they can accommodate 220 v input. Computers, game consoles, computer screens, TVs, phones, etc., should all work when you get to Thailand, so you should bring your small devices with you and send the larger ones in your shipment. Thailand only allows one of each type of electrical item to be brought in tax-free. This means that if you are bringing two TVs, one of them might be charged import duties.

International Car Shipping to Thailand

Importing a car to Thailand from the United States is frowned upon. You will not be able to bring a car to Thailand unless you have previously obtained a permit to do so prior to the Thai Industrial Standard Institute, and this permission more than likely won’t be given. Don’t forget they drive on the left.

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Motorcycles are popular in Thailand, and scooters are ubiquitous. Returning citizens can bring a motorcycle with them. Immigrants can also request an import license. This must be requested prior to shipping. We will need to receive your driver’s license, passport, original purchase receipt, and pictures of the vehicle in addition to the import license. Please consult your local Thai consulate before ordering motorcycle transportation.

Motorcycles and scooters can be placed in containers if you send a full container load. Our packers will create and secure your bike. You will need to disconnect electricity and empty the fuel tank.

Thailand Customs and Regulations

Thai citizens need to have lived abroad for six months to qualify for their shipment customs free import. Their shipment can arrive between 3 months before and 9 months after their arrival in the country.

You can send one sea shipment and one air shipment.  

You will need to attach a list of what you are sending to your shipment. This list should be as accurate as possible. When we come to pick up your shipment, we will make this list for you as we load your cargo. Double check the list as it is being made.

Moving to Thailand Checklist

Before we come to pick up your belongings to move them to Thailand for you, we should get started collecting the necessary documents.

  • If you plan on conducting business in Thailand and are not a citizen, request a business visa
  • If you are retiring to Thailand and not a Thai national, you can request a Non-Immigrant OA-Long Stay Visa if you are over 50 and can show a monthly income of about $2000 a month.
  • If you are a citizen of Thailand, don’t forget to make sure that everyone’s passports are updated.
  • A police report of good citizenship or equivalent
  • Health certificates for all family members.
  • If you are bringing your pet, you will need to provide a clean bill of health for the pet immediately (10 days) before your departure and show immunization records.
  • College or university degrees, high school diplomas, professional qualifications.

International Shipping Options

Thailand is large and spread out the country, and we have sent clients to all parts of it.

Shipping times vary, and for urgent shipments, air cargo is a good option. It is expensive and impractical for full household moves, but it is a good option if you are sending a small shipment. We can send both.

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Outside of experienced commercial shippers, we recommend that all clients send their shipments to Thailand using our door-to-door service. Clearing Thai customs is a complicated job that takes several days and should only be undertaken by professional Thai customs agents.

For popular locations, 20’ containers are commonly sent. We can also send less than full container loads, both by air and by sea.

You can send up to a 40’ container, Thailand frowns upon larger shipments, and they will likely be subject to inspection.

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