Moving to Mahe and Praslin from the USA

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Moving to Mahe and Praslin from the USA

A small African country located on 115 islands, Seychelles is considered a real paradise for connoisseurs of a sunny tropical climate, abundant sea life, and beautiful white sandy beaches. Besides, it boasts the highest nominal capita GDP of any African nation. According to the World Bank, it is the only African country with a high-income economy

No wonder foreigners, including US citizens, are attracted to Mahe and Praslin. This tiny country has a few opportunities to make your way to getting a residence permit. When you are ready to make a leap, SDC International Shipping is a company that can ship your household goods. 

Check out the information below on how to relocate to Seychelles and how we can help you move your home or furniture.  

How Americans Can Relocate to Seychelles 

When you are thinking about moving to a new country, the first thing to do is investigation. And the best way to do this is by visiting a country. Spending a week in the Town of Victoria or Eden for research purposes will be a real pleasure and adventure. The good news is that American citizens don’t need a visa. Yet, there are a few types of visas for a long-term stay other than a tourist visa.  


The University of Seychelles is not the most popular for international studies, but you can still pursue this opportunity. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to work on the island because a student permit doesn’t allow its holders to work legally in the country. 

But if you have money for tuition and living expenses covering your stay, we’re sure you will have a very adventurous year or two. Take that time to explore the country and pave your way to getting a job.  


For a work permit, you will have to secure a job offer from a local company. With a letter from your potential employer, you may apply for a work permit, called the Gainful Occupational Permit, through the embassy in New York. 

Investor visas are the simplest to get. If you can provide evidence of sufficient funds for business or investment purposes, you will easily obtain the residence permit.  


Unlike other countries, such as Belize, Panama, or Indonesia, Seychelles doesn’t have a Retirement Visa. Still, you can qualify for retirement on the islands if you can financially contribute to the Social Security Fund. 

The Cost of Living 

The cost of everyday expenses is generally lower than in the United States. However, some services and products might be higher. Since tourism is the main sector, resorts, hotels, and restaurants might be expensive. 

House rents in Victoria and nearby are higher than in faraway places. But living a long distance from the capital means you will spend a significant amount on taxis or fuel for your car. 

So how much money do you need to live in Seychelles? Based on different sources across the internet, average monthly expenses are around $3,000

Move to Mahe or Praslin with SDC International Shipping

Once you almost have a visa stamp in your passport, you can start making arrangements for moving your household items. You might be wondering what you should take or leave behind. However, the best way is to consult SDC logistics agents to answer your questions and help sync your relocation. 

We offer a wide range of moving services, such as packing and storage, containerized shipping of personal belongings, vehicle transportation, moving insurance, and more. We can accommodate any apartment size. For example, a 20ft container is ideal for homes with up to three bedrooms. 

Most of our clients send their household items by sea. We can arrange airfreight service for customers who need to get their consignment faster. Do you want to send your stuff in a private container or save costs using a shared container service? As your moving company, we are open to meeting your needs and getting the job done, whatever your budget and requirement. In particular, we can: 

  • Pack and wrap your items
  • Provide a door-to-door service, or
  • A port-to-port delivery
  • Assist with customs paperwork
  • Give information about taxes and duties
  • Arrange moving insurance

We can make your dream of moving to this island paradise a reality. Let us know where you want to live, and we’ll create a few moving quotes based on your preferences, budget, and needs.  

Top Moving Destinations in Seychelles for Expats 

According to Seychelles Nation, the country has around 17,000 foreign workers. The largest share of the local population resides on the main island of Mahe. So many expatriates from different countries work and live on this island, primarily in the capital Victoria. Some foreigners live on Beau Vallon and Anse Etoile on the island of Mahe. Other popular destinations are:

  • Bel Air (Greater Victoria)
  • St. Louis (Greater Victoria)
  • Roche Caiman (Greater Victoria)
  • Grande Anse (Praslin)
  • Au Cap (Mahe)
  • Anse Royale (Mahe). 

No matter the location of your new home, we can move you anywhere. 

From PR to Citizenship  

Is Seychelles citizenship your long-term goal? You must reside in the country for 5 years. Having a Seychelles citizen spouse doesn’t guarantee fast naturalization. You must be in a marriage for at least 10 years to qualify. Next, you should meet the following criteria: 

  • Have a legal immigrant status;
  • Have a clear criminal record;
  • The period of absence shouldn’t exceed 1 year;
  • Successfully pass the citizenship exam in English, French, or Creole.

With a Seychelles passport, you will have visa-free travel to EU countries, the UK, and China. Also, you will be eligible for free healthcare and benefit from an easy property purchase.  

Why SDC International Movers

With almost 10 years of moving and freight shipping to Seychelles and other African countries, we have developed a robust infrastructure for fast and secure transportation of household goods overseas. International house removal services to the island pose some big challenges, but we partner with the best experts in the industry to transport your precious belongings within your new location.

Moving to Mahe and Praslin from the USA

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