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England vs Italy - Comparison

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England vs Italy – Comparison

While England and Italy may have a shared history, they are still different places, cultures, and peoples. Perhaps you are considering moving and are stuck between the two countries? You’ve come to the right place.

SDC International Movers details the differences between these two European locations. From the cost of housing to the friendliness of residents, we address some of your important questions.

How Does Living in England Compare to Living in Italy

Cost of Housing in England and Italy

Buying a house in England is an astonishing feat that few manage to accomplish. Home prices and mortgages have been steadily rising over the last couple of years, and residents are experiencing a more challenging time than ever becoming homeowners. The average home price in England is about £270,000.

Given the increasing unaffordability of houses, people are more likely to rent. However, this approach has its setbacks. For example, if your monthly payment is £800, it makes sense to secure a mortgage for £900, even if it means borrowing about seven times your monthly salary. 

You may find the most costly real estate in Italy in Milan, Rome, and, of course, Venice. A three-bedroom apartment in these cities might cost more than €400,000. Prime houses in central Milan, Rome, and Venice may cost up to €8,000 per m2, with prices ranging from €1,500 to €5,000 in other major cities and vacation locations. As for rent, €800 will get you the average rental.

Language is a Vital Consideration

Language is a big difference between the two places. Since you can read this post, you are either a native English speaker or are proficient in it. This means that moving to England won’t present you with communication difficulties.

In most large Italian cities, you should be able to meet people who speak English. However, if you’re relocating to or visiting the countryside, you shouldn’t overlook the potential language barriers. Still, you’ll probably locate someone who speaks English at a basic level. Older folk may not communicate in any language other than Italian.

England and Italy Offer Diversity

England is known for its diverse population. There is virtually no nation without a number of its citizens living in England. International students can feel at home in various immigrant communities.

Behind Germany and the United Kingdom, Italy ranks third among European Union countries based on its immigrant population. Romanians, Albanians, and Moroccans are the top three foreign populations in the country. Most foreign residents live in northern Italy, while central and southern Italy hosts about a quarter each.

Social Behavior Can Be Quite Different

In Italy, striking up a conversation is often a positive experience. Random people may start talking to you about the weather, a recent soccer match, or even your family. Italians typically don’t like going straight to the meat of the matter but would rather go over some small talk to ease into the issue at hand. Even if you need to conclude quickly, starting with some questions about the family may be your best route.

Unlike the Italians, who are generally considered easy-going and extroverted, English people are cold and aloof. Many outsiders believe they lack genuine human warmth and would not reach out for a conversation with a stranger. 

Most people you meet on public transportation read books, focus on their phones, or use headphones. Attempting to initiate a conversation generally results in a few nice exchanges before individuals go back to being ‘left alone.’

This is only one illustration of how the United Kingdom’s privacy culture limits what persons may say, how they say it, where, and when. As a foreigner accustomed to having open and warm conversations with strangers, this might appear quite unwelcome.

Climate is Worth Considering

The climate in the United Kingdom is mild. England experiences chilly, rainy winters and warm, rainy summers. It is seldom subjected to the extremes of heat or cold, dryness, or strong winds found in other regions. The weather is also quite unpredictable.

Meanwhile, the Mediterranean climate of Italy is characterized by hot, dry summers and chilly, rainy winters.

Food Wars— England vs Italy

The English are renowned for their passion for food. Their standard breakfast of toast, sausages, eggs, and baked beans has become internationally recognized as “the breakfast”. Yorkshire pudding and summer pudding that were once considered peasant meals are today regarded delicacies in high-end restaurants worldwide. 

While the English have had some success with their food, many may argue that Italians best them in this category. Italian foods like pasta and pizza are staples in many countries. Italian cuisine offers numerous ingredients and recipes that work for many taste buds. Their meals are heavier on spices than English food, and while they would opt for olive oil, the British would go for butter.

Relocating to England or Italy?

Whatever your final decision between these countries, you can make a reliable, speedy move with SDC International Movers. We offer great prices for transporting your valuables across great distances. Try us today if you want a hitch-free relocation.

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