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Best places to live in Italy

Before you hire an International moving company to Italy, it’s a good idea to figure out which are the best places where you can live there. You can find quite a lot of incredible locations in Italy and it all comes down to you to choose the one that suits your needs. So, whenever you want to move to this amazing country and hire an International moving company to Italy, it’s a very good idea to check this list first.


Obviously, Rome is a very good idea just because it’s a large city and with lots of opportunities. The historic establishments you can find here are amazing as well and not to mention that the best jobs in the country can also be found in the capital as well. If you are young and want to relocate to Italy, this is the best place to go for sure.

Cianciana, Sicily

Cianciana, Sicily is an amazing location that impresses people with the looks it has. Not only that, but the place is designed with a great architecture in mind and it’s just a pleasant, fun location with a great vista. If you want to retire then this is a great place for that.


Soverato’s main benefit is the stellar location but at the same time it’s also filled with a wide range of amenities. It’s close to the important cities but it still allows you to connect with nature. It’s an amazing experience for sure and one that you should try out at all times.

The Western Riviera

There’s a reason why The Western Riviera is a great place to live in Italy, because not only does it have an incredible location, it’s also filled with amazing possibilities. You will love the one of a kind dedication that you can find here and at the same time the experience is more than impressive. All you have to do is to give it a shot and you are bound to like it.


Pineto’s location and looks definitely make it a nice place to retire in Italy. There’s a large food market here and you can easily access the hillside villages as well as the important cities in the region. It’s a great experience to visit it and the results will pay off for sure.


Puglia’s location is one of a kind and at the same time the people that live in this region are very friendly. Combine that with the fact that here you can access great food and a wide range of amenities, then you will understand why this is a stunning place to live in Italy.

Don’t hesitate and try to choose any of these as the new home you always wanted! These cities offer all you want as well as a true focus on nature and fun. Hire the best International moving company to Italy and start relocating as fast as possible, you will not be disappointed!

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