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What is the Best, Cost-Effective Way to Move Internationally?

Are you thinking about planning a relocation from the United States? Whether it’s for work, education, or personal reasons, having SDC International Shipping, a trusted international household moving company, by your side ensures a smooth, stress-free, move.

SDC International Shipping specializes in providing top-notch international moving services to over 190 countries worldwide. Our team consists of highly skilled logistics professionals, seasoned packers and movers, and dedicated administrative specialists. Together, we strive to deliver the best international moving experience to our clients.

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Sea Freight Transportation: A Cost-Effective Solution for Relocating Goods Overseas

When it comes to transporting your possessions across international borders, shipping by sea is the most common and practical method. Although it may take longer compared to air transportation, it offers significant cost savings and the ability to transport bulky and heavy loads.


If you are planning to move with a substantial amount of furniture and numerous boxes, opting for sea freight is probably going to be your best choice. Now, let’s delve into the process and workings of this service.


Typically, the international moving company you’ve hired will provide you with a sizable container to pack your belongings. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you do have the option or moving and loading the container yourself unless you live in an area that is not accessible to the container. The other option is to have professional movers take care of the entire process for you, which is the case for most people. Once the process of loading the container has been completed, the moving company will arrange for its transportation to a port, where it will be carefully loaded onto a ship. At SDC International Shipping, we have experienced pros to help you through this entire process (which is what we recommend).


Next, the departure of the ship will depend on the type of service you have selected. It may set sail immediately or wait for a few days until it reaches its optimal capacity by accommodating other international goods.


Upon the ship’s arrival at the port nearest to your new residence, your belongings will undergo the necessary customs clearance procedures. From there, the moving company will handle the delivery of the shipping container items to your designated location. You may also decide to relocate certain items to a local storage facility, depending upon your unique set of circumstances. Again, this is another area where our experience will make this entire process much easier and smoother for you.


Transporting your goods via sea freight offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to save a significant amount of money compared to air transportation, making it an ideal choice for individuals or businesses on a budget. Secondly, the ability to transport heavy and oversized items that would be impractical or too costly to transport by air is a key advantage of sea freight. Additionally, sea freight is a more environmentally friendly option, as it generally produces fewer carbon emissions compared to air transportation.


It’s worth noting that while sea freight is a reliable and cost-effective method, the longer transit times should be taken into account when planning your move. It is essential to factor in the additional time required for shipping, customs clearance, and the delivery of your goods to your new home.


Flexible Options for Shipping Containers: Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL)

Determining the volume of your belongings is a crucial factor when planning a move. This is another reason why we believe it’s to your advantage to work with an experienced international shipping company like SDC International Shipping. Depending on the quantity of items you need to transport, there are two options to consider: Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL). Let’s take a closer look at these alternatives and talk about some of the details.

International Shipping

Full Container Load (FCL): If you have a substantial amount of possessions that can fill an entire shipping container, opting for FCL is recommended. While it may incur a slightly higher cost, this option allows you to maximize the space available and bring a larger quantity of items abroad. With a dedicated container at your disposal, you have the flexibility to pack and organize your belongings according to your preferences. This is an ideal solution for individuals or businesses with a significant amount of cargo to transport.


Less than Container Load (LCL): If your belongings do not fill an entire container, LCL offers a cost-effective solution. By sharing the space of a shipping container with other customers who have smaller shipments, you can significantly reduce your shipping costs. With LCL, you only pay for the space you use, making it an attractive option for those with a limited quantity of goods to transport. Although your items will be consolidated with other shipments, rest assured that proper measures are taken to ensure their security and protection throughout the journey.


Choosing between FCL and LCL depends on your specific requirements. If you have a substantial amount of belongings and prioritize having full control over the packing and organization process, FCL is the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you have fewer items and cost savings are a priority, LCL provides a budget-friendly solution without compromising on the safety and reliability of your shipment.


It’s worth noting that when opting for LCL, the transit time may be slightly longer due to the coordination required for consolidating and deconsolidating shipments. However, shipping providers strive to minimize delays and ensure efficient delivery of your goods.


In summary, when planning your move, carefully evaluate the volume of your belongings to determine whether a Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL) is the most suitable option. Whether you require the convenience of a dedicated container or the cost savings of sharing space with other shipments, reputable shipping companies can accommodate your needs and provide a seamless experience for transporting your belongings overseas.

International Moving Insurance

The modern international shipping industry operates with advanced technology and automation. Ports worldwide are undergoing expansion to accommodate larger vessels, reflecting the industry’s continuous progress.


Enormous ships have the capacity to transport up to 35,000 shipping containers per journey, often arranged in stacks of 20 on the ship’s deck. Remarkably, these vessels can efficiently load and unload containers, reorganize them for the next destination, and seamlessly proceed to the subsequent port within a single day.


The entire process is heavily automated, and the largest ships operate with minimal crew members. While it may seem that nothing could go wrong, we all know from personal experiences that mishaps can occur. Lost packages or delayed luggage are unfortunate instances that occasionally happen in transportation services.


Although rare, there are situations where containers go missing. Sometimes, entire stacks of containers can accidentally fall into the ocean. In certain countries with persistent labor issues, dockworkers who are part of labor unions might deliberately misplace containers as a form of protest. Mechanical or technical failures can also lead to significant damage to numerous containers or their contents.


One might assume that shipping companies would provide insurance coverage for such losses. However, regrettably, they do not. This creates a challenging situation for individual clients who own the contents of one of the many containers affected during such incidents.


International Moving Insurance: Coverage for Total Loss

When it comes to international moving insurance, there are two primary types of coverage: protection against damage to your cargo and coverage for total loss.


Total loss insurance provides comprehensive coverage in the event that your entire shipment is destroyed or lost. For example, if a stack of containers were to collapse, we would compensate you based on the declared value of your belongings.


Regardless of the insurance program you choose, it is essential to provide a detailed list of the items being insured. While the movers will create an inventory list for customs clearance purposes when they load your shipment, this list may not be sufficient for insurance purposes. To ensure proper coverage, it is necessary to provide a detailed list of the items you want to insure.


If your list includes valuable items, you may need to provide additional documentation such as a sales receipt or a professional estimator’s valuation. It is also important to note that you have the flexibility to decide which parts of your shipment you wish to insure, and the choice is entirely up to you.


International Moving Insurance: Comprehensive All-Risk Cargo Coverage

When opting for all-risk cargo insurance, you gain coverage not only for total loss but also for damages to a portion of your shipment. The utmost priority of the international shipping company is to ensure the safe and undamaged arrival of your cargo at your new residence.


Regrettably, it is impossible to guarantee absolute protection throughout the entire process. Whether you are shipping a private container or utilizing less than a full container load (LCL) through consolidation services or groupage consolidations, your personal belongings undergo multiple handling stages. In some countries, even if you send a private container, it may need to be unloaded and transferred to moving vans for final delivery.


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Furthermore, approximately 5% of shipping containers are subject to manual inspections. While these inspections are typically random, certain factors such as improper paperwork or the inclusion of suspicious items in the shipping inventory can trigger a review.


Additional handling may be required for storage or when small vans are used due to challenging access for moving trucks. Each instance of handling introduces the potential for damage to your belongings.


You can decide to insure specific items, such as valuable paintings or fragile antiques, separately. With all-risk cargo insurance, partial damages, missing items, or a few damaged items are covered. However, a total loss policy exclusively protects either the entirety of your cargo or none of it.


It is important to note that in order to purchase all-risk cargo insurance, professional packers must prepare your shipment. If you wish to safeguard your shipment against damage, entrusting us with the packing process is necessary. However, you can still opt for a total loss insurance policy if you decide to pack your shipment by yourself.


Automobiles, motorcycles, and other licensed vehicles also require insurance coverage. There are various methods available for shipping vehicles, and our relocation specialist will assist you in determining the most effective approach for your specific needs. If you choose to send your vehicle in your shipping container, it will be secured by experienced moving professionals. 


Full-sized pickup trucks, RVs, and boats on their trailers are also commonly transported. For these cases, we utilize a method called roll-on roll-off (RO-RO). When shipping a vehicle using this method, it is essential to ensure its individual security.


At SDC International Shipping, we understand the importance of peace of mind when it comes to shipping valuable cargo. Our priority is to ensure that our customers, including your company, SDC International Shipping, have the utmost protection in place should the need to activate an insurance policy ever arise.


While we strive to provide reliable and secure shipping services, unforeseen circumstances can occasionally occur. In such rare instances, we want our clients to have access to the best coverage available. At SDC International Shipping, we work closely with reputable insurance providers to offer comprehensive insurance options tailored to the specific needs of our customers. For more information, please contact us today!


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