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Weather in Mexico – Riviera Maya

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Weather in Mexico – Riviera Maya

Mexico is a country where you can relax in winter, summer, and off-season. There is something to do here at any time of the year. But the weather has its ups and downs, throwing up unpredictable surprises. For example, it may pour like a bucket for an hour and then return to the glorious sunshine the next hour. 

The country is large, so the air temperature varies depending on the region, from mountains to the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean coastline. 

Whether you are moving to Mexico permanently or it’s a brief visit, it’s useful to know what the weather is like during your time in the country. 

Today SDC International Shipping looks at the weather in Mexico by month, including Riviera Maya and its best coastal towns like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum. 

Weather in Mexico in January 

Mexico’s first month is warm and dry, with no rain. The Atlantic coast is somewhat cooler than the Pacific coast.

The average January temperature in Mexico City is 68–71°F, which is a great time to explore historical sites. The air warms up to 80-86°F in Acapulco and up to 77-84°F in Cancun. The water in the sea is perfect for swimming, with a temperature exceeding 77°F. 

Weather in Riviera Maya and the rest of the Caribbean coastline fluctuate between 61–82°F. 


Mexico and Riviera Maya Weather in February

February in Mexico is the continuation of the beach season. The weather is still dry and warm, and the air is 81–86°F. The water temperature is very nice for swimming (73–75°F). It’s a bit cooler in the country’s center, making it an ideal excursion time.

Those visiting the capital should keep in mind temperature fluctuations. It’s warm during the day –  73°F, and much colder at night – about 45°F.

If you are heading to Riviera Maya in February, you will enjoy pleasant weather with temperatures ranging between 62–86°F. 

March Weather in Mexico

Mexico can be very warm, if not hot, in March. There are no rains and winds. Waters along the Riviera Maya coastline heat up to 75–79°F and air up to 80°F. The first month of the spring is hotter than it was in winter.

The central regions of the country are quite warm (up to 77°F), but only during the day; the nights are already cold there (about 50°F). This weather makes it possible to travel and see Mexico’s sights.

Weather in Mexico in April

April marks the end of the dry season in Mexico. By the end of the month, you should expect rains, hurricanes, and storms. Therefore, the first half of April is more suitable for beach lovers because of rare rains and light winds. Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum are getting quite hot – the air temperature in Acapulco can reach 90°F, in Cancun84°F, 66-89°F in Riviera Maya, and 85-95° in Tulum. Water in seaside resorts warms up to 79–81°F.

Weather in Mexico in May

The last month of spring is the beginning of the rainy season. The air is warm and humid, 89–91°F. The water in the sea is also very warm – 81–84°F. Spending time on the beach is still comfortable, but choosing another time for vacation for those who can’t tolerate heat and humidity is better.

Weather in Riviera Maya – 71-93°F: Playa del Carmen – 73-90° , Tulum – 86-91°, Cancun – 72-83°.

Mexico City in May is also warm and humid. The air warms to 81°F during the day and drops to 50–61°F at night.

Weather in Mexico in June

Summer in Mexico is very rainy. In June, the amount of rain increases significantly compared to May; it becomes even hotter and more humid. In seaside resorts such as Puerto Morelos, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Cancun, the air warms up to 88–93°F. The water is 82–86°F, and the wind is getting stronger. This is a perfect time for surfers, as waves start rising in the ocean. 

It becomes cooler in the country’s capital — 73–79°F during the day and 55°F at night. June is a good time for excursions and sightseeing, but only for those who tolerate high humidity well. 

Weather in Mexico in July

Midsummer is the peak of the rainy season in Mexico. And these are no longer short-term rains but downpours that can go on for several hours. The sea is very restless; regular storms and strong winds with waves reach 2 meters. Surfers would definitely love this.

The water is still very warm – around 84-86°F with slight differences depending on the town and resort in Riviera Maya. The air warms up to 90–93°F, so it is hot and humid on the coast.

Mexico and Riviera Maya Weather in August

August is featured by hurricanes over the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. So if you are looking for a beach vacation at that time, opt for the Pacific coast. The air in coastal resorts heats to 86–91°F during the day, and water – up to 77–86°F, depending on the region. Winds and rains become more frequent. 

What about Riviera Maya? Weather in Riviera Maya – 71-93°F: Playa del Carmen – 86-96° , Tulum – 85-94°, Cancun – 86-93°F.


Weather in Mexico in September

The beginning of autumn in Mexico is pretty much similar to summer. It still rains, but the quantity and abundance of precipitation are significantly reduced. It is hot in the resorts, up to 90°F, and the water warms to 70–84°F. Acapulco has lots of rain.

The temperature remains 75°F in the capital, so this is the right time for sightseeing. The northern regions are dry and hot; the air warms up to 95°F during the day.

In September, Mexico celebrates Independence Day, holding mass festivities. 

October Weather in Mexico

Mid-autumn in Mexico is the end of the rainy season. Hurricanes and storms are also subsiding. It is still hot at the coastal resorts – up to 86–90°F during the day; the water is very comfortable for swimming –  79–84°F.

The October weather in Riviera Maya –  Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Cancun is between 81-91°F.

In Mexico City, the air is much cooler – from 61°F to 70°F and at 50°F at night. You will need warm clothes. Yet you can enjoy long strolls throughout the capital. 

November Weather in Mexico

The last month of autumn is the beginning of the high season in Mexico. The air temperature drops slightly (except for Acapulco, which is still hot), remaining at 82–86°F. Water heating to 77–82°F is great for swimming. The weather in the resorts is warm and dry. Rains are rare, but there’s lots of sunshine. Therefore, this is the right time for a beach vacation.

The weather temperature in the coastal towns of Riviera Maya stays at 78-89°F.

Mexico and Riviera Maya Weather in December

The beginning of winter is a great time for a beach holiday, especially on the Caribbean coast, where the weather is the warmest. In Mexico’s resorts, the air warms up to 82°F, and the water – up to 75–81°F, depending on the region. In Acapulco, it is somewhat hotter – up to 88°F and 64°F/84°F in Riviera Maya. The air is dry and warm, but not too hot. Winds and rains are rare. Hurricanes disappear from the scene.

December in Mexico City is much cooler – about 71°F. It is very cold in the mountains – up to 36°F.

To enjoy a beach vacation, you are better off visiting this country from December to March. Sightseeing can be done in any season. You can still choose fine hours and days for sightseeing and trips, even when it’s raining.

What to Know About Weather in Riviera Maya

The best time to visit Riviera Maya is from December to April, when the weather is most settled. However, beaches and swimming are possible around a year with stable warm temperatures.

May is considered the hottest month, and December the coolestThe rainiest months are from May to October, and April through October are very humid and hot.

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