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Things to Do In Waikiki – SDC Top Picks for 2022

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Things to Do In Waikiki – SDC Top Picks for 2022

The sapphire-blue waters of Hawaii lure thousands of tourists with their hypnotic beauty. 

You can spend weeks enjoying sunny beaches, swimming, and surfing in Waikiki. 

We understand. 

Waikiki Beach is just meant for surfing. After all, it is famous for Duke Kahanamoku, the father of modern surfing, who taught how to surf on the Waikiki break. So surfing is so alluring that it’s hard to tear yourself away to check out other activities – no matter how many tremendous things to do in Waikiki are dangled in front of you. 

Or, the waters in Waikiki can be so calm that all you want to do is chill on the beach, drinking in the views of Mount Leahi, and occasionally having a cooling dip in the ocean.

However, when you’re ready for a change of scene, there’s actually more to Waikiki than just the beach. There are so many adventures to enjoy, given the favorable Hawaii weather around the year. 

So don’t leave the island of Oahu without experiencing at least some of the following Waikiki activities. 

Things to Do in Waikiki 

So what can you do in Waikiki?

It’s mostly about beaching and swimming, isn’t it? 

In fact, many activities in Waikiki don’t involve water. 

Here are the amazing things to do in Waikiki – prepared by SDC International Shipping!

Eat and Drink in Waikiki 

The first on our list come places where you can enjoy delicious food. 

House Without a Key

If you are looking not just for a dining place, House Without a Key is a restaurant where you can not only try mai tais, scallops, foie gras croquettes, and Asian pear tartare served with flowers amidst glowing torches but a hula dance show! It features traditional Hawaiian culture and is an iconic place to visit.

Leonard’s Bakery

You are not a real Hawaiian visitor if you don’t know what malasada is. It’s a type of sweet and chewy doughnut sold almost everywhere in Hawaii. A locally-owned Portuguese since the 1950s, Leonard’s Bakery alone sells over 15,000 sweets per day!

Without a doubt, you must try this hallmark of Hawaiian cuisine. 


Hawaiian Chinatown has over 220 centuries of history. These days, it’s a bustling community where you can find dozens of buffets, tea shops, and neon-tinted bars. Even more, the town also offers sites of spiritual devotion.  

Hana Koa Brewing Company

Located in the heart of Waikiki, the Hana Koa Brewing Company offers tours and tastings of brews. The restaurant is one of the fancy places for dining out. Whether you want a full-course meal with Asian flavors, it has everything. 

Also, don’t forget about the Polynesian Cultural Center. You can get one of the Luau packages that include dinners with live music and performances. 

Enjoy Beautiful Beaches in Waikiki

Waikiki boasts one of the best beaches for swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. And here are the best activities to do on beaches in Oahu. 

Kuhio Beach Hula Show

Hawaii shares lots of traditions. So attending Kuhio Beach Hula Show will educate you on local culture alongside breathtaking fire dancing, torch lighting, etc. The boon of this activity is that you don’t have to spend lots of money to have fun. 

Queens Waikiki Luau

Queen Waikiki Luau is another beautiful event you must experience. It features a traditional hula dance and live music performed by traditional singers and bands. 

It’s also famous for a Hawaiian buffet, a real Luau party for food lovers!  

Magic Island Lagoon

Unlike Hawaiian six beaches, Magic Island Lagoon is less crowded with tourists. You will find everything you need to enjoy swimming, good rest, and a picnic there. 

Explore Land Attractions 

Land attractions are easy to miss when surrounded by Waikiki’s mesmerizing waters and white-sandy beaches. That’s why we are offering this long but quick list of the best land activities to do in Waikiki. 

Waikiki Trolley Tour

Waikiki Trolley Hop-On Hop-Off Tour is one of the things you can do. Tour through Historic Honolulu or choose a Panoramic Coastline Tour. It’s a perfect choice if you visit Waikiki for just a few hours.  

Diamond Head

Diamond Head is a result of a volcanic explosion that occurred over 3,000 years ago. Part of a mountain and lagoon, it has a massive crater encircled with hollow-point seawalls. There are a few trails that will take you to its peak. 

Bishop Museum

Are you interested in the cultural history of Waikiki beyond its tradition-infused Luau? Then you should visit Bishop Museum to learn about its monarchs and not only. For science lovers, it’s a perfect place to dive into local geography, zoology, and biology. There are also many objects of paintings and murals.

Iolani Palace

The monarchy in Hawaii existed until the 1800s. And today, you can see a real representation of the royalty’s reign, which is Iolani Palace. Book a tour in advance to have a chance to observe the palace’s beautiful interior and exterior. 

Waikiki Aquarium 

Waikiki Aquarium is an excellent attraction for families. Your children will love staring at magical and sometimes awkward ocean creatures. The aquarium is home to over 3,500 organisms. 

Golf Course

What about playing golf in Waikiki? Consider Ala Wai Golf Course near the Koolau Mountains and Diamond Head. Yes, you will be surrounded by picturesque sites to make you awe. 

Foster Botanical Gardens 

Foster Botanical Gardens contains hundreds of tree, plant, and butterfly species. Besides, you can see temples, statue collections, and even themed gardens to relax or picnic. 

Moana Hotel

Staying at The Moana Hotel for your vacation can be quite an experience. It features peculiar architecture and grandiosity. It’s like a small town with its own infrastructure. By the way, it has the only oceanfront spa in Waikiki. 

Aloha Swap

We are sure that you know what the flea market is, and if you want to have a feel of it in Hawaii, you should go to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet and Marketplace. It’s the cheapest fun in Waikiki, where you can find everything from clothes to jewelry to fresh flowers, paintings, photos, snacks, and more. 

Honolulu Museum of Art

The museum displays various objects and pieces related to every culture of Hawaii, covering 5,000 years of history. 

Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu zoo is a popular spot for children. Apart from wildlife observation, other activities at the zoo are shows and tours. 

Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art

Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art was founded by a billionaire heiress Doris Duke after she traveled in the Middle east in the 1920s. The museum reflects her collection of thousands of objects from numerous races, cultures, and periods. 

Aloha Tower

Visiting Aloha tower should be the last thing you must do in Waikiki. You will enjoy the last but gorgeous panorama of the island below. 

Enjoy On-Water and Underwater Attractions 

Here are a few on-water and underwater attractions in Waikiki to enjoy. 

Kepoikai II Catamaran 

Take a water tour with the Kepoikai II Catamaran company to capture stunning sights that can only be seen from the ocean. They cater to small and large yachts. If you need a party-sized catamaran, the company can arrange everything, even outdoor activities.  

Star Casual Sunset and Show Cruise

This is a two-hour cruise on a yacht. The cruise includes a dinner with a crab and steak while watching live Hawaiian entertainment. 

Dolphin Watch and Snorkeling

Waikiki has lots of cruise options to watch dolphins and do snorkeling. While snorkeling, you will spy turtles, and other fishes will swim around you as you watch in admiration. 

You will even get to see dolphins as they play in the water. 

Waikiki Atlantis Submarine Adventure

It might be one of the eye-opening adventures in your life. Inside the submarine, slowly descending to 100 feet underwater, you will see real marine life like Hawaiian fishes, coral, and turtles. You will also visit sunken shipwrecks, airplanes, and other artificial reefs. 

Shark Cage Diving

A two-hour shark cage diving can be a nerve-pinching experience. However, it is a pretty safe adventure, allowing you to stay safely in a floating cage with polygalas windows while closely watching the sharks.

Parasailing in Waikiki

You can experience a one-hour parasailing adventure from Waikiki, flying 500 feet above the scenic coast of Oahu.

Helicopter Tour

The fantastic view of Oahu and Waikiki from the sky on the helicopter tour is one of the thrilling activities you can get in Hawaii. You will see a bird’s eye view of Pearl Harbor, natural sights, and landmarks. 

These activities will keep you having fun your entire stay in Waikiki!

Of course, take the time at your hotel or new home to recharge and swim in the warm waves of the ocean before you head out on these adventures.

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