Polynesian Cultural Center What to see in 2022

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Polynesian Cultural Center – What to See in 2022?

If you are relocating to Hawaii, particularly to the island of Oahu, you will be living in a place that has the top attraction – Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC). Opened in 1963, this family-centered cultural tourist attraction is an excellent opportunity to learn about the different Polynesian islands and their cultures while also trying various hands-on activities. 

What To Know About Polynesian Cultural Center

The PCC is owned and run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Many workers in the center are Latter-day students who study at the adjacent Brigham Young University-Hawaii (BYU-Hawaii). Other curious facts are: 

  • It’s located on Oahu’s 42 acres North Shore.
  • You can tour 6 Pacific Island villages with various exhibits and shows. 
  • However, the Islands of Polynesia Package doesn’t include any food.
  • The Hawaiian feast with live music, food, and shows is called “luau.”
  • Luau offers interactive entertainment and different performances. 
  • “Hula” is a type of dance, usually a part of the evening show. 
  • Luau is open-air, so you better wear a traditional Aloha shirt.  
  • At Hukilau Marketplace, you can buy various Hawaiian keepsakes. 
  • Souvenirs at the PCC are cheaper than in Waikiki.
  • The Breath of Life show is one of the coolest things at the PCC.
  • You can purchase a full-day ticket or a multi-day package
  • If you book a ticket a month in advance, you can get a 10% discount. 
  • Other packages are Gateway Buffet, Ali,i Luau, and Super Ambassador Luau.

Polynesian Cultural Center Must-Attend Activities in 2022

The Polynesian Cultural Center has been a number one attraction for 56 years. If you are still hesitating about coming to the PCC, read on to find out about the best luau activities in 2022. 

SDC International Shipping will talk about shows on Oahu that people seem to love the most.  

Paradise Cove Luau 

At quite a distance from Waikiki, Paradise Cove in Ko Olina is a beachfront place where guests are welcomed with aloha and mai tais. Next, they are offered to immerse themselves in interactive activities by participating in some Hawaiian games, with hukilau being the most exciting among them. Don’t miss a chance to pull fishing nets from the sea and learn a few words from the Hawaiian song to feel the island’s authenticity. After stretching your muscles, you will enjoy Hawaiian dishes and local favorites. The highlight is an incredible performance celebrating Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. 

Alii Luau at the PCC

The Ali Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center is the most extensive luau on the islands, offering hypnotizing experience. What can you expect? Traditional games, canoe paddling, cooking, and various workshops. You can explore cute replicas of Polynesian villages and learn about the Pacific peoples. And, of course, the immersive education continues with an evening dinner. The local cuisine features an entire pig roasted in the underground pit known as an imu. A famous Hula show crowns the activity. 

Germaine’s Luau

As you proceed to Barber’s Point lighthouse in Kapolei, you encounter a tranquil and backyard-style feast at Germaine’s Luau. In the old days, the property was owned by a notable family that gained fame for their hospitality and parties. Again, the celebration includes the imu ceremony, local grub from the buffet, hula lessons, and eye-popping performances. 

Hale Koa Hotel Luau 

Many people who attended Polynesian Cultural Center were impressed by the luau in Kale Koa Hotel. The fascinating night feast begins with the imu ceremony and a 3-course dinner. After dinner, guests can relax and enjoy a beautiful show that brings to life the history of Polynesia.

Ka Moana Luau at Sea Life Park

The Sea Park Life is located on Oahu’s windward coast, boasting breathtaking views. Surrounded by the gorgeous nature, guests can try coconut climbing, traditional fire-making, and partake in the imu ceremony. The delicious food is everywhere – Hawaiian sweet rolls, huli huli chicken, and lomi lomi salmon. The exciting entertainment and dances serve the sole purpose of promoting the history and culture of Polynesia. 

Choosing Your PCC Luau Package 

Luau is always included in the packages. You can choose from a few options. Each one has its price tag and perks. And each luau is held in different buildings. 

Expensive Luau Package 

If you are looking for a private guided tour, the Super Ambassador Luau package is the best option. It includes separate seating for the Breath of Life Show, a private canoe ride, and a welcoming ceremony. In addition, you will have the Alii Luau buffet with the entire live entertainment. 

Medium-Priced Luau Package 

This is an Exclusive Alii Luau Package. You will get seating for the Breath of Life show and lei ceremony. Besides, you will attend the luau buffet with live entertainment. 

Affordable Package

Most tourists prefer the Gateway Buffet package due to its affordability. It’s a perfect choice for families with children. You will enjoy dinner with live music and performance and seating with others for the Breath of Life show. But hula dancing isn’t included. 

You should definitely attend the Polynesian Cultural Center if you are visiting Hawaii because it’s a unique activity on Oahu. Even if you are planning to stay longer there, we are sure the PCC will be an incredible experience you can have every day of your life in Hawaii. 

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Polynesian Cultural Center What to see in 2022

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