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Things to Do In Cambridge, UK -  Satisfy everyone's tastes

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Things to Do In Cambridge, UK –  Satisfy Everyone’s Tastes

In today’s post, SDC International Shipping is going to share with you things to do in Cambridge. You’ll see that there’s something to satisfy everyone’s tastes! 

If you are moving to the UK from the USA and going to live in London, you will be privileged to explore Cambridge many times. Located an hour from London, it’s one of the UK’s renowned university cities. Its history goes back to the 1st century AD, so rest assured that there are tons of things to see to fill up many days of your time. 

We’ve included some of the best attractions for newcomers for a day, weekend, and some activities to do at night. So let’s get started. 

How to Spend a Day in Cambridge

Let’s assume that you recently moved to London and are planning your first day trip to Cambridge. So how to plan a perfect day trip? Simply follow our lead!

See Cambridge University

It’s fascinating to realize how old some UK universities are. Did you know that Cambridge University was established in 1209? It’s no wonder it ranks as the top university in the world. As a student, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to relate to this compact city. 

For those heading there for a day trip, it’s possible to book a walking tour or merely stroll down the buildings and campus. Don’t miss out on Trinity College, Corpus Christi College, Pembroke College, and King’s College. You will enjoy stunning architecture and an unusual atmosphere. Make sure to talk to students to learn about their life. It’s always fun. 

Punt Down the River

Punting is perhaps the first thing to do when visiting Cambridge. It’s a relaxing way to see the city on the river without stretching your muscles. The punter navigates a flat-bottom boat. Or, if you are brave enough, you can try it yourself. But DIY punting is not recommended for first-time visitors. Get a guide to learn about the city’s history and some peculiar stories you won’t hear anywhere. 

Kings College Chapel 

Next on our list is Kings College Chapel. Its construction took place from1446 to 1515, and this truly gorgeous English Gothic-style building will take your breath for a moment. Explore every corner of this beauty, especially the fan-vault ceiling and famous Rood Screen intended for Anne Boleyn from Henry VIII. 

Botanic Gardens

Tired of crowded streets? Then go to Botanic Gardens, which has thousands of species from around the world. The idea of setting up botanic gardens belongs to Professor John Henslow, Charles Darwin’s teacher and mentor. 

Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of Sighs is a must activity during your day trip. Many people who don’t know about the history of the bridge associate the name with the sighs of two loving hearts. But it’s far from being so romantic. Maybe these days when our eyes capture beautiful architecture and design. 

Punting, by the way, is one of the convenient ways to see the bridge.

Fitzwilliam Museum 

If you are fond of museums, visit the Fitzwilliam Museum. You’ll find rare antiquities from different ancient cultures like glass and pottery, Chinese jades, Japanese and Korean ceramics, furniture, and clocks. The museum also has a fine gallery with works from famous artists.  

Museum of Archeology and Anthropology   

This is another museum that’s worth visiting. Established in 1884, it has prominent exhibitions of prehistoric materials and artifacts about human evolution. You can see unique collections from Africa, the Orient, and worldwide. 

Center of Computing History

If you are going to live in London with kids, you should take them to the Center of Computing History. Everything displayed in this place is interactive so that children could experience what it was like to play with game consoles and work with computers going back to the 60s, 80s, and 90s.  

Scott Polar Research Institute Museum

We all love movies about Polar. The images of brave and exhausted faces of explorers, endless snow expanses, Antarctic landscapes, and its magnificent wildlife will come alive in your imagination as you walk through exhibitions revealing history, science, and exploration of the Earth’s coldest places. 

The Corpus Clock

The Corpus Clock is located not far from the Taylor Library at Corpus Christi College; this golden sculpture clock features an interesting design. It’s more about being a piece of art than showing the actual time. 

It was invented by John Taylor and was included in the Cambridge landscape only in 2008 by Stephen Hawking. 

Cambridge Gin Laboratory 

Don’t you mind not only learning about the history of gin but also tasting it? Then the Cambridge Gin Laboratory is a must-do experience. You will enjoy interesting and informative presentations during testing sessions and even mix your own gin. 

Market Square 

You will be surprised that Cambridge initially served as a market city. Today the market is a vibrant place open from Monday-Sunday from morning hours to 4 pm for selling clothing, old bikes, jewelry, and artworks. Popping into Market Square is a great way to gain the ancient feel of the market.  

What to Do In Cambridge During Weekend

As you see, there are so many great things to do in Cambridge, and we are sure, after living some time in London, you will explore your favorite spots. But when it comes to spending a weekend in Cambridge, we suggest the following.

  • Start your Saturday in Cambridge with a nice breakfast. For example, go to Café Blue Safe in Mill Road to enjoy a Mediterranean breakfast. Hot Numbers Coffee on Gwydir St is a great choice if you want something continental like granola, porridge, and pancakes.  
  • Why not shop at the Cambridge Market? Get local jewelry, taste Belgian waffles, and feed your bookworm at excellent book shops just off the Market Square. 
  • Mill Road is another place worth visiting. Leaning towards the railway station, you will explore a community with Italian, Greek, Chinese, and Korean delis. Make sure to stroll through the beautiful and calm Mill Road Cemetery. 
  • Time for lunch. By that time, you will get pretty hungry. So stop for lunch at Bibimbap House, which offers a variety of dishes at an affordable price. 
  • Become smarter. You can visit one of the museums mentioned earlier – Fitzwilliam or the Museum of Cambridge. 
  • Explore architecture on Sunday. Famous colleges scattered through Cambridge will impress you with their style and design. See Queen’s College, its mathematical bridge, and the tremendous chapel at King’s. Walk along King’s Parade to Trinity College and then to Great St Mary’s Church. 
  • Treat yourself at Fitzbillies and Cambridge Wine Merchants. Hungry students back in 1921 would get their cakes at Fitzbillies. Answer the question correctly not to pay the full price for a drink at Cambridge Wine Merchants.
  • Visit charming Grantchester. Punt or bike to the neighboring village, Grantchester, to set a picnic and visit The Orchard to enjoy English tea under the blossoming apple trees.  

Things to Do In Cambridge at Night

Cambridge has a small but thriving nightlife scene. Here are the things you can do in Cambridge at night. 

Watch Your Favorite Movie in the Open-Air

Cambridge has many outdoor cinemas that stream new releases and classics. What can be better than watching a cute movie with beautiful gardens behind you? 

Take A Ghost Tour 

A Ghost Tour is an unusual way of exploring the gothic architecture of Cambridge. It’s a perfect choice for those who don’t mind a spine-chilling experience 

After-Hour Visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum

You can postpone visiting the Fitzwilliam Museum until late hours. The evening event typically lasts three hours, offering workshops, performances, late-night shopping, and, of course, time for great food and drinks. Bonus – it’s completely free!

Live Music and Delicious Food at La Raza

A delicious dinner at La Raza can smoothly continue into musicians’ performances after 10 pm. You can be sure to experience the original music from local bands and artists and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere. 

Go to Cambridge Observatory

Whether alone or with your better half, you will love watching Cambridge’s night sky. During a day trip, you can visit the Institute of Astronomy and, at night, have telescope views of space. 

Go to The Junction

Cambridge Junction or The Junction is a great place to spend the night. One of the funniest things is their stand-up comedy. But there are more activities and events to keep you in a good mood. 

These are just a few things to do in Cambridge at night. You have to explore, and you will see the nightlife in Cambridge can be more than hanging out in bars and nightclubs. 

Hope you enjoyed our list of things to do in Cambridge! Next time you are in the UK, make sure to pay a visit to these tremendous spots.

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