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Moving to Turkey: What to Expect

When moving to Turkey, one will find cultural similarities as well as differences. It is important to be aware of these, so you are prepared to deal with any amount of culture shock you may experience. Today I will be examining the differences between the United States and Turkey. Let’s begin.

– Low crime
o Stricter standards of behavior: no drinking, drugs, youthful rebellion
– Students respectful of teachers, and there is a close relationship, important too
– Traditional family is dominant: no multiple marriages, blended families, or homosexuality
o Most expect to be married by early-mid 20s
o Low rates of divorce
o Women function primarily as housewives, mothers, volunteers, and caregivers
– Strong sense of patriotism and militarism
o Every Turkish male must serve in the military, even if only for 6 months
– Families, mosques, and others feel religious obligation to take care of the poor, because government barely allows for any benefits
– Mostly eat meat and bread, but there are markets with fresh, local fruits and veggies

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