Moving to Kenya from the USA

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Moving to Kenya from the USA

Moving to a new country for the long term is an excellent opportunity to learn about another culture. On the flip side, relocation can be quite challenging. Most American expatriates want to live in a place that will offer them security and a good quality of life with diverse employment opportunities. 

Those moving to Kenya from the USA prefer to settle in and around the capital, Nairobi. Yet, other cities along the Indian Ocean coastline are a popular choice too. Wherever you move, you want to make sure you are dealing with the mover that can take the stress out of relocation. 

At SDC International Shipping, we have been moving individuals and families for almost ten years. Our international removal service to Kenya includes packing, storage, customs paperwork, and shipping to the destination. 

Continue to read our guide to learn how we can make your move a genuine reality. 

Steps for International Moving to Kenya

  1. Survey 
  2. Quote 
  3. Packing
  4. Customs paperwork 
  5. Shipping 

In-Home or Video Survey of Your Goods

Our experienced surveyor will visit your home or use a video call to conduct a survey to assess the volume of items that have to be shipped. The surveyor will walk through rooms and record each item on the electronic tablet. This is an initial estimate to give us a better understanding of the size of a home. 

A Quote for Moving to Kenya from the USA

Once we know the size of your move, the next step is to provide you with a quote. Since every move is unique due to various factors, we create custom quotes to ensure the most accurate information. For instance, an international moving quote to Kenya for LA might be different than for NY, even for the same service. 

SDC Packs Household Goods and Personal Effects

When we agree on the quote and then a move date, our international household movers will arrive at your location or right at your doorsteps. They will proceed with packing and wrapping all items and loading them into a container for delivery to the closest warehousing or port terminal. 

Assistance with Completing Customs Paperwork

It takes careful planning to ship cargo overseas. Fortunately, our logistics agents can deal with import regulations and assist you in collecting the necessary paperwork. Some documents you will need to provide to customs include original passport, work permit, bank release, insurance certificate, inventory in English, invoices for electrical items, and more. 

Shipping Containers from the US to Nairobi  

When you choose our door-to-door service, we’ll pick up the goods from anywhere in the US and prepare them for ocean freight. Once the container is ready, it will go out to sea. You will get a Bill of Lading and the message with an estimated time of arrival (ETA). 

Shipping Household Goods to Kenya

Shipping personal belongings to Kenya is possible through the following services. 

Shared Container Service 

Sending your items in a shared container assumes shipping alongside other customers in the same container. Speaking of your budget, this is the most cost-efficient service. On the other hand, it may take longer to deliver your consignment. 

Solo Container Service 

Unlike shared container service, a solo container is when you pay for your private container. You can opt for 20 or 40-foot containers. This option is ideal if the amount of your household goods is about a 3- or 4-bedroom apartment. The price is still good. Plus, you won’t need to wait for other customers to ship. 

Air freight 

Shipping via air is the fastest but the most expensive possible shipping method. Your stuff is loaded into a plane and flown to the nearest port to your destination. It can be Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) or Mombasa Moi International Airport (MBA). The transit time by plane can be one or two weeks. 

Ocean Transit Time for Shipping to Kenya

Many factors are in play when it comes to shipping household goods to Kenya, Africa. Typically, transit time by ocean takes around 8-10 weeks. Sending items in a shared container may take longer. It’s better to wait for the ship to sail to get the most accurate ETA.

Our international movers work hard to deliver cargo in the shortest time possible, but keep in mind that transit time can change due to many factors. 

Shipping a Personal Auto 

We ship cars and other vehicles to Kenya as long as our clients have a work permit or an extended permanent residency. You will have to be present on the day of the vehicle’s arrival. We will ship your auto to the main Port of Mombasa. 

You can count on our shipping experts to guide you through customs requirements to import your car. 

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Vehicle to Kenya?

The cost of shipping a car to Kenya may range from $2,500 to $8,000, depending on the make/model of the vehicle, its size, the shipping method you choose, and other factors. The distance between origin and distance also matters. For example, shipping from the East Coast is less than from the West Coast. So it will cost you more if we send your car from Los Angeles than from Miami or Savannah. 

Request a custom quote through our free quote form. 

Delivering Your Household Goods 

Upon arrival, your container starts the customs clearance process. Once the clearance is completed, your goods will be transferred to the warehouse, and your agent will call you about the next step. With door-to-door service, your stuff will be delivered to your door. 

Popular Shipping Destinations 

  • Nairobi
  • Nakuru 
  • Mombasa
  • Malindi
  • Eldoret 
  • Kisumu
  • Thika 

Hiring SDC International Shipping for Your Next Move

SDC International Shipping goes beyond to ensure your relocation to a new home is smooth and hassle-free. 

For additional questions about moving to Kenya from the USA, please complete our quote form to receive a free estimate or call us at  (877) 339-0267.

Moving to Kenya from the USA

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