Moving to Egypt from the USA

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Moving to Egypt from the USA

Moving to Egypt from the USA sounds like a real adventure. As you prepare for relocation, the scenes of Hollywood movies may capture your imagination. Pyramids, camels, thousands of years of history, and the mystery of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs can give you a feeling of exotics. 

However, when it comes to the relocation process, it’s pretty down-to-earth. Shipping household goods to Egypt requires an international professional mover who knows all the intricacies of international relocation. And SDC International Shipping is the mover that will help you prepare to travel to Egypt from the USA. 

How to Move to Egypt with SDC International Shipping

  • Find a job
  • Apply for a visa and residence permit
  • Find accommodation
  • Get private health insurance
  • Move your personal belongings.

When you are ready to move your household goods, you can rely on us to ship your possessions anywhere in Egypt. 

Here’s what you need to know about our services. 

We Ship Personal Belongings to Egypt

When you hire our international household movers, you can be sure that they will inform you of the necessary customs regulations to import home items to Egypt. If you have any prohibited or restricted items on your packing list, we’ll ask you not to include them in the shipping container. 

We might recommend you buy new items once in Egypt rather than shipping them from the US because it will save you shipping costs and free you from duty and taxes on your goods. For example, electronics and furniture are typically subject to high taxes, so you may consider buying these cheaply in Egypt. 

Key requirements for import of household goods:

  • Original passport;
  • Work or residence permit; 
  • Bill of Lading or Air Waybill;
  • Valued inventory of your shipment;
  • Letter stamped by the Egyptian bank allowing the destination agent to clear your shipment from customs;
  • Egypt doesn’t require that you physically present at customs to clear your shipment
  • Proof of insurance;
  • Letter from your employer stating that he approves the work contract and import of your household goods; 
  • You will need to pay taxes even on used household items and personal effects (unless you are going to work for the government).

We don’t recommend including small and expensive items in a shipping container. It’s better to bring them in personal luggage on the airplane. You may also consider buying marine insurance for ocean transit to protect contents from loss or damage. 

SDC International Shipping offers containerized shipments by sea or air for international transportation of household goods.

Please note that the list of the requirements mentioned above isn’t all-inclusive. You can receive the most up-to-date list on Egypt’s official government site.

Are You Interested in Packing and Storage Service?

International relocation, like moving to Egypt from the USA, can’t be successful without packing your household goods. You can pack your stuff yourself or count on the packing service at SDC International Shipping. 

We have trained to the international export standards crew who come with moving boxes and other packing materials to pack and wrap each item in your home. We offer solutions for those moving pianos or shipping high-value artwork, such as custom wood crating and even professional antique wrapping.  

Do you need storage in the USA or Egypt? No Problem! We’ll find the best facility to store your precious personal belongings. 

Is It Worth Moving Your Car to Egypt?

We’ll provide you with information about car shipping to Egypt but whether it’s worth shipping a vehicle – is totally up to you. What should you know about importing a car to Egypt?

  • Egypt imposes high taxes for imported vehicles – 70%-170%;
  • Only new vehicles are permitted (manufactured the same year of importation);
  • Diesel cars are not allowed; 
  • You will need to get prior authorization to bring your auto.
  • The following documents need to be presented: 
  • Original title and registration;
  • Original purchase invoice with receipt;
  • Bill of Lading;
  • Proof of insurance coverage. 

Our car shippers will work with you to recommend the best mode of sending your vehicle based on your needs. It can be shipped in a single container or with other household goods you are shipping. We can also have your car shipped via RORO and by air. 

Bringing Pets to Egypt from the USA

Do you have pets that you want to bring to Egypt with you? We provide international pet relocation services to our clients. As your international pet mover, we’ll arrange every detail from vaccinations and documentation and permits to a comfortable flight to pet crates to ground transportation. 

Meanwhile, be aware that animals and pets can be brought to Egypt by providing: 

  • Valid and legalized (by the Egyptian embassy in the USA) health condition certificate;
  • Vaccination certificate from an authorized veterinarian;
  • Owners passport or work permit.

Shipping Cost and Duration for Moving to Egypt from the USA

Shipping to Egypt from the USA by ocean typically takes 8-10 weeks. If you are time sensitive, we can put your household goods on a plane, but it will be more pricey than shipping the same amount of contents by sea. 

We move from major ports in America like Los Angeles, Long Beach, California, Savannah, Houston, and more. With many options on the east and west coast, shipping your items to Egypt is easy no matter where you are in the USA. 

As for the international moving cost, we create custom quotes since each move is different. It will include the size and volume of your consignment, shipping method, the distance between the origin and final destination, add-on services, and other factors. 

For example, the price for door-to-door service will be different than for port-to-port delivery. You are welcome to fill out our online quote form, and our logistics agents will send you the initial estimate. 

Moving Destinations in Egypt

We have experience moving clients to the following cities: 

  • Cairo
  • Ismailia
  • Alexandria
  • Hurghada
  • Mansoura 
  • Luxor
  • Giza
  • Sharm El Sheik
  • Damietta
  • El Gouna

This is just a glimpse of the geographies where we can deliver your household goods – we can also move you to other cities in Egypt. 

Money You Need to Move to Egypt

Unlike the US, Egypt is far more affordable. If you are moving with a family, $1,200 should be enough to cover all expenses, excluding rent. For a single person, it’s only $363 without rent. 

A decent studio apartment starts at $230 in the Cairo center. Flats in suburban areas are even cheaper. A 3-bedroom apartment costs around $470. 

Helpful Things to Know Before Moving to Egypt

  • You may come to Egypt on a tourist visa and then extend it to a work permit once you get a job.
  • Many want to know if it’s safe to live in Egypt for foreigners. Apart from petty theft and pickpocketing, it’s quite safe in Cairo. However, taking precautions with your personal belongings and security is important. For example, stay away from slums and other poor and dangerous areas. 
  • The Egyptian government supports investment opportunities in industries like asset acquirement, oil exploration and production, refinery projects, the petrochemical sector, and more. 
  • For expats, the best places to live are Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, and Luxor. 
  • The highest paying jobs in Egypt are IT professionals, healthcare workers, engineers, pilots, lecturers, marketing managers, and English TEFL teachers.   
  • Most jobs are found in Cairo. 
  • When applying for a job, translate your resume into Arabic and, preferably, your qualifications.
  • A working week in Egypt is 48 hours from Sunday to Thursday, and annual leave is 26 days. 

What It’s Like to Live in Egypt as a Foreigner 

If you are moving to Egypt, you will likely want to know what it’s like to be a foreigner in Egypt. We’ve asked our clients who lived in Egypt, and this is what we’ve found: 

  • People are very friendly and welcoming 
  • You will find that drivers disobey laws. 
  • Egypt has many beautiful beaches. 
  • Corruption is part of daily life. 
  • The more money you have, the more you are in control. 
  • Making friends with locals is important for business and exploring Egypt. 
  • Cairo is very crowded, so life in the suburbs is far calmer than in the capital. 
  • Cairo is a city of contrasts, where you can find grand neighborhoods and really poor areas. 
  • Maadi of Zamalek and Katameya heights are very European. They have all the amenities of modern life. 
  • Cairo has a very good nightlife with some of the best restaurants, shows, and clubs. 
  • Egyptian food is incredibly delicious and diverse. 
  • There’s so much to do there that you won’t avoid blisters and sunburn. 
  • There are many wonderful resorts by the Red Sea to go diving or swimming. 

Reliable International Mover to Egypt from the USA

SDC International Shipping is a reliable and affordable mover from the US to Egypt. We are:

  • a reputable and experienced moving company;
  • licensed to move internationally, including Egypt;
  • have a broad network of agents in every country of operation.

Call (877) 339-0267 for a free moving service quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do most expatriates live?

The capital, Cairo, is the place where expats live. Maadi, Downtown Cairo, Dokki, New Cairo, and Zamalek are popular neighborhoods.

How do I obtain residency in Egypt?

Foreign workers and students get temporary residence. To obtain citizenship, you must have lived in the country for ten consecutive years and be proficient in Arabic. Egypt allows double citizenship. 

Which American Hypermarkets are in Cairo?

There’s no famous Walmart, but there’s Carrefour. You will find many decent supermarkets of local origin. 

Can a US citizen purchase an apartment or house in Egypt?

Yes, an American can buy a residential property but not a non-residential one.

Moving to Egypt from the USA

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