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Moving Boxes – SDC International Moving

When moving our clients overseas, one of the important services SDC International Shipping provides is packing. It assumes a full service, meaning when you hire our packers, they will come to your home with the packaging materials and equipment required to pack and wrap your items. 

Are you wondering what moving boxes we use to pack your personal belongings? From cardboard and corrugated boxes to wooden crates, there’s an effective solution for every object in your home. 

Look at the list below for a quick overview of our various moving boxes. 

Small, Medium, and Large Cardboard Boxes

The best solution is small cardboard boxes when moving books, appliances, pantry, kitchenware, and other small items. They usually measure between 12-14 inches. You will notice that most of our moving boxes are small because they are super easy to carry and load. 

Medium cardboard boxes work for home items like pots, pans, picture frames, vases, toys, etc. The size is still very convenient for carrying these 14-18 inches long boxes to the shipping container while spacious enough to fit most home items. 

When it comes to large-size cardboard boxes, our movers use them for lightweight household belongings such as bedding, clothing, toilet paper, blankets, and more. Here’s a helpful tip if you pack your things yourself: never fill large boxes with heavy items or risk breaking your back when lifting them on a moving day. 

Mattress Boxes

You’re mistaken if you think a mattress bag is enough to protect mattresses during transit. A bag might be a good option for short-distance moves but not international shipping. Therefore, the best decision is to use special-designed boxes to ensure that your bed accessory arrives in good condition.  

Boxes for TVs, Lamps, Dishes, and Glassware

We’ll use long rectangular cardboard boxes if you have a flat TV with LED or plasma screens. Cardboard boxes of small or medium sizes with dividers are used for moving dishes and glassware. 

SDC international movers utilize tall, narrow cardboard boxes for floor lamps to avoid breaking during transit. 

Telescope Boxes and Wooden Crates

Do you need to move a mirror or large valuable items such as sculptures, artwork, or antiques? Our professional packers will bring telescope boxes with sections separate at the top and bottom within one box. They are ideal for protecting fragile flat household goods. 

Similarly, custom-made wooden crates are a perfect solution for moving pianos and fine art. They are typically made of thick plywood and guarantee safe loading, transit, and unloading at your new home. 

Need to Move Office Items?

For office items, we use bankers boxes with handles. They can fit anything – pens, pencils, file folders, papers, and other office supplies. 

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins of different sizes are available for packing electrical cords and even clothing you won’t wear right after moving to a new place. They are waterproof and clear, making it easy to find and unpack specific items while protecting them from wetness and moisture when moving. 

Pack and Move with SDC International Shipping

The international household movers at SDC provide professional packing services. The knowledge our packers have is a combination of training and experience that enables them to wrap and pack almost anything safely to ensure it reaches your destination intact. Our door-to-door service can free you from many aspects associated with international relocation. 

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