Moving to Belize from the USA

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Moving to Belize

According to the State Department, over 30,000 US citizens reside in Belize. That’s a tangible figure for a small nation of 397,621 in Central America along the Caribbean seacoast. What are those people doing there?

While most stay for an extended holiday or even move to the island to retire, a certain percentage of Americans work or own a small business. A growing number of expats are working remotely for their North American employers.

So what are your options if you are considering moving to Belize from the United States? SDC International Shipping has moved both retirees and workers to the island. Once you are ready to start your journey, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll arrange to ship your household items or vehicle from any location in the USA.

Meanwhile, keep reading about your options to stay in Belize permanently.

Working as a US Citizen

Belize restricts employment opportunities for non-citizens. You will have difficulties securing a low-skilled job because priority is always given to locals. However, high-skilled professionals have more chances to land a job with multinational companies.

You will need to apply for a work permit, and most of the paperwork should be done by your prospective employer. But self-employment is the easiest pathway. Check out the corresponding information below.

Starting a Business

You can make your presence in the country as a self-employed person. The application process is more straightforward as you are thought of as a person to create jobs for Belizeans. Popular types of businesses in the tourism sector are health spas, yoga studios, wine shops, and more.

Appling Under a Retirement Program

The island has a Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) Program. US citizens 45 years and over who can prove the specific amount of monthly income qualify.

Shifting from a Visitor Visa to PR

Americans can easily shift from temporary to long-term permits on a visitor visa. You only need to pay $25 per month for the stamp during the first 6 months and then $50 monthly for the subsequent 6 months, after which you can apply for permanent residency.   

Simple Migration, But What About Moving Household Goods to Belize?

Compared to other nationalities, US citizens have more advantages when establishing themselves permanently in the country. Even obtaining citizenship is very seamless. For example, when married to a Belizean citizen, only 1 year of residency is required to become a citizen, while for others, it’s typically 5 years. Besides, with English being an official language and the Belizean dollar (2:1) in free circulation, adjusting to a new country is also super easy.

What about moving your personal belongings? Fortunately, shipping household goods to Belize is simple and cost-efficient. You can import them without paying duties if you have a valid visa and have owned/used your goods for at least 12 months. This rule covers people who come under a work visa or QRP program.

Of course, you will have to submit a pile of paperwork and ensure you are not importing anything that can end up with added cost on your shipment. With this and other details in mind pertaining to your move, it’s better to rely on the international moving company to plan your relocation.

Read on to learn how we can help you move your household belongings.

SDC International Shipping Solutions

·        Containerized shipping of household goods and cars via ocean to the Port of Belize City.

·        You may opt for airfreight as the flight from Miami to Belize is only two hours.

·        A team to pack your goods, including high-value items like a piano or artwork.

·        If we do packing, we’ll prepare a packing list and inventory.

·        Assistance with completing documents for customs.  

·        Pet transport from the US to Belize.

·        Storage services and international moving insurance.

·        A door-to-door or port-to-port delivery.

As you see, we are a full-service international mover offering various services. Whether you need to move a studio apartment or the whole house, you can count on us to do the job. We’ll create a custom quote for your move based on your items’ overall size/volume, origin/final destination, and selected services.

Moving to Belize from the USA

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