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Moving to Oman

International Moving Company to Oman that specializes in the shipments of household goods and personal effects, automobiles and commercial goods with SDC International Shipping to Oman.

International Moving Company to Oman from USA

SDC International Shipping sends many Americans’ cargo to Oman each year. There are many great reasons to relocate to the Sultanate of Oman. As an international moving company to Oman, we are poised to help make the distant move easy.

If you are not already a citizen of the sultanate or one of the other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations, you are required to obtain an employment visa before you can move to the country. You can also request a residency visa if you are a family member of a citizen of Oman. The families of people who receive work visas are also eligible to request residency.

The relocation to Oman will be an exciting life changing event for your family. There will be some challenges that go along with the move, and SDC International Shipping is here to help make your move easy.

International Household Moving to Oman

Many Americans select Oman as the destination of choice for their Middle East relocation. Less strict than neighboring Saudi Arabia, more peaceful than neighboring Yemen, less snazzy than neighboring United Arab Emirates, Oman is an open, tolerant, Western leaning country where someone who has lived in the United States for many years can feel comfortable. While most of our clients moving to Oman are Muslims, Christian worship is acceptable and those moving there to work for a few years will be comfortable.

When you move from the United States to Oman, you will want to bring your household items and personal goods with you. You have chosen to live in Oman because it is the country where you want to live, but you have become accustomed to many American things that will not be readily available in the country. You will want to bring or send them with you. Nonperishable items that you will need should be brought with you. While Oman is a modern nation, the selection of things like toiletries there will be different in Omani stores, and it is a good idea to send what you love.

In general, it will be prudent to take most of your American furniture with you when you move to Oman if you are moving permanently. While you can find furniture in Oman easily, it will not be the same as what you have, like from international chains. If you want to compare costs, the exchange rate for the Omani Rial to the US dollar is stable at about 1 Rial = $2.5

SDC International Shipping is an experienced company of professional movers. A successful move is dependent upon proper preparation. Your belongings will need to be protected before shipment. Your cargo space and budget will be carefully prepared, already from the planning stages of your move. We will need your help in providing us with an accurate list of the things that will be included in your shipment. When we give you a quote for door to door service, this quote will take into account the actual amount of cargo space that you will be using. In order to conserve your space and reduce your cost, we will remove knock down bedroom sets and other furniture. Most tables also have stands or legs that will come off. Doing this will also protect them from being damaged along the way, as we will wrap each piece individually in special furniture wrap, cloth padding, cardboard sheets and bubble wrap, as is appropriate for each piece.

Don’t forget to send books, but know that literature in your container will be checked to make sure they don’t contain unacceptable material. You can send materials for your hobbies and also a good supply to hold you over. Playing cards and gambling paraphernalia like dice or poker chips should not be placed in your container.

Your major American appliances will not work in Oman and should not be marked for shipment. However, small appliances with external power adapters will usually work well in Oman, as will most electronics. You are permitted to send computers, monitors and similar equipment. Oman is one of the few countries in the world using the same electricity as the United Kingdom, so if you want to stock up on plug adapters, ordering for UK outlets will work.

International Car Shipping to Oman

Sending an automobile to Oman is not necessarily a good idea. The cost of the actual shipping of an automobile to Oman from the United States is a few thousand dollars. Oman does not offer any particular tax holiday to returning citizens, but the tax rate in the country is only 5% without special added taxes for automobiles. We suggest that you check the price of cars in Oman before deciding.

If you do decide to send a car, you will need to obtain prior authorization from an Omani consulate before sending the car. You can also send motorcycles, RV’s and pickups. After you have obtained the import license, you will need to send us the vehicle’s title and registration. These will be returned to you via special courier once we have cleared the customs, as you will need them in Oman.

Vehicles must be no more than 7 years old to qualify for import into Oman.

Omani Customs and Regulations

Oman allows for the duty free import of used household goods. To qualify, goods should be in your possession for at least six months. However, as Oman charges a rate of 5% tax on the value of new items, this should not be considered an impediment for you to send things that you will want or need while living in Oman. If you are sending things that look particularly new, retain receipts to show that they have been in your possession.

Unlike most countries, Oman does not have a particular requirement for living abroad for a certain amount of time before being eligible to send a duty free shipment. Also, you are not limited to sending a single container. Omani tourists in the United States often send things back home.

Moving to Oman Checklist

SDC International Shipping is thrilled to help your family move to Oman. Before we come, you will need to start getting many things ready:

  • Immigration visa. If you are a citizen of any GCC country you will not require this.
  • If you are taking your family with you, make sure that copies of important documents for all members are easily accessible.
  • If you are an Omani citizen, children born abroad must be reported to the Omani consulate.
  • Immunization records. Oman is not a particular risk for diseases, but you should definitely be immunized against measles, tetanus, polio and chicken pox before travel.
  • If you are shipping a car or motorcycle, request import license.
  • Bring along any professional credentials that you have. If you aren’t an Omani, you have probably already found employment, but if you need to change jobs, you’ll need to show records.

International Shipping Options from USA to Oman

Shipments to Oman typically take 6-10 weeks for door to door service. Shipments that arrive during Ramadan should expect an additional week for customs clearance. Air shipments are costly, but arrive in about a week and a half, so they will be useful for those who require a more timely delivery.

Most of our shipments to Oman are full container loads (FCL) shipments. We can send both 20’ containers with 1100 cubic feet of storage space, enough for a typical 3 bedroom household, and 40’ containers with 2200 cubic feet.

Many people also send smaller shipments. To Oman, we can send less than full container load (LCL) shipments starting from 100 cubic feet for door to door service, about the size of a fully packed pallet.

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