How To Pack Knives For Moving? Guide

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How To Pack Knives For Moving? Guide

Moving to a new location may be a great way to meet with new people, experience new cultures, lifestyles, and more. But packing your household items may be a bit challenging, especially when it involves packing your knives. So SDC has carried out in-depth research, and we have put together some tips on how you can pack your knives when moving. 

For those who own cutlery sets with more than ten different types of knives for different purposes, packing these knives without following the right steps may cause damage to other household items or may cause injury to those moving your property. 

What You Should Do Before Packing Your knives For a Move

Before proceeding to the steps involved in packing your kitchen knives, it is vital to consider these three steps as prerequisites to ensure safety to other household properties and prevention of injury. 

  • Get The Right Packing Materials

The first thing to do before packing your knives is get the right packing materials. The materials needed for packing your knives are basic and easy to find. These materials include a roll of packing tape, lots of unprinted packing paper, a permanent marker, and some bubble wrap sheets. 

  • Prepare Your Moving Boxes

It is essential to get small cardboard boxes for storing your kitchen knives. You can also use shoe boxes for this purpose. However, it is critical to have a separate box or store your knives to avoid causing damage to other items. The bottom of each box should be lined with crumpled packaging paper and a layer of bubble wrap for additional cushioning. It also prevents the knives from tearing the boxes during transit. 

  • Sort Your Knives Before Packing

It is vital to sort your knives and arrange them according to their sizes and types. All butter knives should be grouped. You can also group your bread, steak, and vegetable knives before sorting your carving knives and chef knives. It is vital to pack those larger knives separately. 

The Step By Step Process of Packing Knives When Moving

Once you have prepared the boxes, gotten the right packing materials, and grouped all your kitchen knives according to their functions and size, you can now begin to pack the knives for your move. Here is a step-by-step process of packing your kitchen knives when moving household items.

  • Place the unprinted packing paper stack on your kitchen counter or table.
  • Sort all knives with similar functions and sizes
  • Place a knife close to the edge of the stack of paper, take about three to four paper sheets, and ensure you roll the paper diagonally several times over the knives until the paper completely covers the knife. 
  • Place the blade of another knife in the opposite direction of the first knife and roll the paper over it to cover the second knife completely. 
  • Continue adding knives to the bundle one after the other until you are out of paper. 
  • Tuck at each end of the packing paper to ensure the bundle is tight and ensure you place each knife blade in the opposite direction of the previously placed knife. You may be able to place between four to five knives in each paper bundle, depending on the size of the knives. 
  • Take a look at the bundle once you are done with wrapping. It should look like a roll of knives placed in a packing paper and each knife individually wrapped. At least the knife blades should be covered by twenty paper sheets to remove any risk of accident when moving. 
  • Secure the paper bundle with packing tape to prevent it from unwrapping by itself when moving.
  • Indicate the word “knives” on the paper bundle to enable you to know what the package contains. You can do this using a permanent marker. 
  • Place each paper bundle containing your kitchen knives into the prepared cardboard boxes. If you have filled up a cardboard box with the packed knives but notice empty spaces, ensure you fill out these spaces using old pieces of cloth or crumpled paper to prevent the content from shifting inside the box during transcription.
  • Ensure the box is closed and use packing tape to seal it. 
  • Each box should be clearly labeled with the word “Knife .”You can also include other words or phrases such as “kitchen” “handle with care .”These inscriptions should be placed at least on two sides of the box.

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How To Pack Knives For Moving? Guide

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