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Universities in Ireland for American Students

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Universities in Ireland for American Students

What do you associate Ireland with? With green color, leprechauns, or the place where Harry Potter was filmed? Anyways, this is a country full of amazing traditions and rich history. In addition, Ireland is home to several major universities that have become world-famous for high-quality education. 

In this article, SDC International Shipping, we’ll talk about the top five universities in Ireland in 2023 which can be a good choice for American students. 

Top 5 Universities in Ireland for US Students in 2023

We’ve compiled this rating per the QS World University Rankings

  1. Trinity College Dublin 

The average GPA acceptance for international students is 3.68-3.798.

Trinity College is considered the #1 university in Ireland. Founded in 1592, the university is a blend of traditional post-secondary education and innovation diversity. This is one of the universities in Ireland for American students because Trinity has students from over 120 countries in three main areas: humanities, exact sciences, and medicine. 

The 47-acre Trinity Campus is a hallmark of its own, located in the heart of Dublin, a stone’s throw from museums, restaurants, and vibrant city life. 

  1. University College Dublin 

The minimum GPA acceptance is 3.0.

University College Dublin (UCD) is a major research center, and the largest university in Ireland, ranked in the top %1 of the best universities in the world. UCD is a great university for US students pursuing Master’s and Ph.D. disciplines. According to QS World University Rankings, it’s one of the most progressive research institutes that has excelled in 38 fields, including veterinary medicine. 

  1. National University of Ireland, Galway

The minimum GPA acceptance is 3.0.

Founded in 1845, the university initially housed 68 students. Currently, 18,000 students, over 3,000 of which are international, are studying here. NUI Galway is organized into four colleges: 

  • College of Arts, Social Science and Celtic Culture
  • College of Business, Law and Public Policy
  • College of Medicine and Health
  • College of Science and Engineering

The university also actively promotes the studies of the Irish language and the country’s traditions. This makes it a great place for American students looking for the best disciplines in Irish studies. 

  1. University College Cork 

The minimum GPA requirement ranges between 3.0 to 3.7

Irish National University in Cork is organized similarly to NUI Galway. It is also divided into the same four colleges. The university is considered very multinational and open to international students (3,000 from more than 104 countries)). Besides many academic advantages, UCC is located in the center of Cork, a very picturesque city with many cultural attractions. 

  1. Dublin City University

The minimum GPA requirement starts at 3.0

Dublin City University (DCU) rounds out the top five in our list of universities in Ireland for American students looking for quality education. DCU is relatively young but has managed to gain a reputation as a prestigious and progressive university. 

DCU has a large 85-acre campus just north of the city, with 70 different programs in the liberal arts, business, science and engineering, and health science. 

Interesting Facts About US Students Studying in Ireland

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You have learned about universities in Ireland for US students; now, you may want to consider other countries for studying abroad. When it’s time to move your household goods to Ireland or any other country, SDC International Shipping is ready to assist. 

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