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International Moving to Kuwait

Published on Jan 26, 2020 by Kfir Cohen

Information about how to relocate to Kuwait. SDC International Shipping is an International Moving Company to Kuwait, experts at shipping cargo to Kuwait.

International Moving Company to Kuwait

Kuwait is an affluent Arabian Gulf country, cradled between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The capital Kuwait City hosts a large expat community in the neighborhoods of Salwa and Salmiya. They are drawn to the country by an attractive 0% income tax rate. Kuwait has desert climate. English is widely spoken, and is the de facto business language.

It is common for Americans to move to Kuwait for several years to work in the country’s petroleum industry. Many Kuwaitis move to the United States for several years to study or to work. Many of our clients moving there are citizens of Kuwait moving back home.

Your time in Kuwait will impact the rest of your life if you are relocating permanently, and even if you are moving only temporarily. You will experience a lifestyle that differs from that of America in many ways. SDC International Shipping is here to assist your international relocation. As an international moving company to Kuwait, we send containers of residential shipments on a regular basis.

International Household Moving to Kuwait

Keeping in mind that Kuwait has both a drastically different climate and culture from the United States, you should carefully considered what you want to send from the USA and what you will be leaving behind. One thing that you probably won’t need is winter gear. In the dead of winter don’t expect the temperatures to go below 50°F. What you should expect, however, are the social norms of modesty. Men and women should wear clothes that cover most of the body and fit loosely. Go ahead and stock up on clothes before you leave, you might have an easier time finding appropriate modest things in the USA.

Kuwait City is an affluent city, attracting people from around the world. Its stores will offer you myriad luxury goods. American furniture, however, will not be as easy to find. Furniture that you are used to like living room or bed room furniture will not be available. You can bring your existing furniture with you, or, as there is no import tax in Kuwait, you can even buy new things to send.

Homes in Kuwait are of a comfortable size, more or less comparable or larger than American homes. SDC International Shipping will do all of the necessary preparations for your international household moving to Kuwait. As furniture is often damaged during shipping, we will take apart furniture like tables, beds and more. This is a step in damage prevention, as we want to make sure your things arrive in Kuwait as they left the USA. We will put them back together in Kuwait.

When your shipment arrives at its destination in Kuwait, any furniture that was disassembled will be reassembled in your new home. Any moving debris, like any boxes that are emptied and all of the furniture wrapping, will be removed while the movers are still there.

You should take along your library with you. While Kuwait is more liberal than some of its neighbors, things like pornography are strictly prohibited, so don’t take anything with you, printed or recorded that includes anything even remotely of this nature.

We recommend that all of our clients moving to Kuwait use SDC International Shipping’s packing service. This will be the most hassle free option for international household moving to Kuwait, as we take care of almost everything, you just need to ensure that we can pull a truck up next to your home on the appointed day.

International Car Shipping to Kuwait

Do you own an automobile that you want to send to Kuwait? Keep in mind that the summers can be extremely hot in Kuwait and very long. This means that not all cars will be suitable. If you’ve visited Kuwait, you probably noticed that almost all cars are of light colors. Darker ones should be avoided as even the best air conditioners won’t cool down a black car. Models available in Kuwait will be easier for you to service and get replacement parts for them quickly. Most of the luxury cars that you are familiar with, and these often will have the identical models available as in the USA. There will also be all sorts of cars there that you have never heard of, from the world’s most luxurious models to the cheapest Chinese cars.

Before shipping to Kuwait, make sure that your car is clean. Our movers will empty the car of any liquids and disconnect the battery before loading it. There are specialized shipping services of automobiles to Persian Gulf countries, but they are very expensive. We recommend that you send your car in a shipping container. Consider ordering a 40’ container that has enough room for both your automobile and all of your household goods.

Unlike European countries, in Kuwait special taxes on the import of automobiles are not imposed. All automobiles that are imported to Kuwait, even for returning citizens, will be taxed at the rate of 5% of their value.

Kuwaiti Customs and Regulations

Kuwait does not accept immigrants unless they are family members of Kuwaitis. The exception to this will be for citizens of other Gulf Cooperation Council nations. Those who move to Kuwait for work will need to be sponsored by an employer. Men can sponsor wives for a family visa, but women cannot sponsor a husband. .

You will need to submit a full inventory to Kuwaiti customs.

One thing that you have to be careful about is sending recorded materials in your container. While it is not strictly prohibited to import recorded movies and other videos, be sure to err on the side of caution. Kuwait restricts the import of equipment specifically for communications. Computers and toys should be avoided if you haven’t checked that they are specifically permitted. You probably should avoid game consoles.

Moving to Kuwait Checklist

Thank you for choosing SDC International Shipping for your Kuwait relocation. It’s time to start preparing for your move:

  • If you have a work permit your Kuwaiti employer will need to sponsor you.
  • If you are an American citizen, check how long you have remaining on your passport. Unless it is valid for much more time than you will be abroad, you should renew it. This is much more easily done in the United States.
  • Immunization records. Check the current CDC recommendations for Kuwait. Typhoid is an immunization which most Americans don’t normally get.
  • There is no need to translate medical records, but you should have yours accessible. If you have a known disease or medical condition, have your specialist write a summary for you.
  • Make sure that you have prescriptions for any medicines that you bring with you.
  • Check that you will have a good way to access your American bank account while you will be in Kuwait.

International Shipping Options – USA to Kuwait

Almost all returning Kuwaiti citizens that we have sent have chosen to send their own containers. Kuwait is a country whose customs clearance process is complicated. Unless you have personally worked with Kuwaiti customs clearance agents, you must select door delivery.

Door to door shipments to Kuwait take 5-9 weeks, depending on the location from we pick up your cargo. Many of our clients opt to send a small portion of their belongings that they need more immediately our using air cargo service. These are delivered far more quickly.

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