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What Happens When Global Air Freight is Delayed?

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As with all forms of shipping it is possible for Global Air Freight to be delayed. The most frequent cause of these delays is bad whether, including hurricanes, snowstorms, and other inclement weather events that cause difficulties for flights and for the airports receiving them. These are the same conditions that have a negative effect upon commercial air travel, causing flight delays and cancellations.

1. What happens to items delayed in transit?

The most common places for delayed air cargo to end up is either stowed in the cargo hold on board an airplane or in secure storage located nearby. The days when cargo was left on the tarmac in these conditions has long past, giving way to an era of far more reliable customer service and professional pride.

2. What tracking options are available?

Dealing with Global Air Freight can be difficult and we understand the frustration caused by delays. This is why we have phone representatives to reassure customers that their precious cargo is not lost, merely delayed. In many cases, these hard-working reps can tell customers the status and location of their freight without any problems. They’re happy to be of service.

3. How common are Global Air Freight delays?

Even in this day and age, the weather can be unpredictable and often unavoidable. Because it is the single largest source of transit delays worldwide, delays remain possible, although less common now, thanks to advanced weather prediction and logistics. Large-scale events like the storms Sandy and Katrina or the Icelandic volcanic eruptions, for instance, can impact a far-flung network of interrelated systems, creating a snowball effect felt around the world. These events are uncommon, occurring only once every few years.

4. How can such delays be avoided?

Generally speaking, no foolproof way exists to avoid delays completely; however, there are potential ways to help speed matters along during and after a serious delay. These include filling out all forms completely; providing adequate contact information for the moving company or freight service; having items professionally packed and inventoried; and taking sufficient quantities of essential items and spare clothing as baggage.

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Overall, lengthy delays are relatively rare in terms of shipping international air freight; however, they remain a possibility, largely due to elements beyond human control, especially the weather and other natural disasters. Fortunately, moving companies are able to track freight and connect with their valued customers better than ever before, easing some of the anxiety caused by potential delays in shipping.

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