40 Bizarre Laws in Europe to Make You Wonder

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40 Bizarre Laws in Europe to Make You Wonder

One of the greatest things when visiting other countries is learning about their culture, history, and people. You’ve probably heard some of the funny laws in the USA that make you crack from laughing or ask, “why?” Well, Europe also has its crazy laws. 

Some Weird Laws in Europe that May Get You in Trouble

Did you know that you can be fined in Germany if you run out of gas at the gas station? Or, could you imagine flushing the toilet in Switzerland after 10 pm in the apartment is illegal? 

So If you are planning a short trip or moving to Europe for work or study, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with these 40 weird laws in Europe. 

Strange Laws in France

  1. Have a pig pet? Don’t dare to name it Napoleon! 
  2. You can get a president’s permission to marry a dead person. 
  3. The anti-UFO law states that flying saucers in Chateauneuf-du-Pape is prohibited. 
  4. Drivers in France must have a portable Breathalyzer in their cars. 
  5. A 1910 law prohibiting kissing on the train platform is still in use. 

Bizarre Laws in Italy

  1. Watch out if you are a man bent on wearing skirts. The police may arrest you. 
  2. There’s the psychology behind exercising a smile and feeling happier. But in Milan, it’s a legal requirement to always smile. 
  3. Make sure not to wear noisy sandals when visiting the Isle of Capri. 
  4. It’s illegal to eat and drink near churches in Florence.
  5. It isn’t allowed to build sandcastles on the beach of Eraclea. 
  6. Pinching a girl’s bottom isn’t illegal? Is it a joke?
  7. In Turin, dog owners must walk with their dogs outside at least 3 times a day, or they will face a fine. 
  8. You can face a fine if saying to a man he has “no balls.” 

Strange Laws in Germany

  1. Munich’s Oktoberfest is a great celebration. You can drink as much as you want, and it won’t be illegal. 
  2. When on the football field in Germany, the law prohibits talking about 1966, when West Germany lost to England in the World Cup at Wembley. 
  3. You can be fined 600 EUR if you address a policeman with “du” instead of “sie.”

Weird Laws in the UK

  1. This strange law sounds stupid, like if you can control how and where to die. Anyhow, the English law doesn’t allow people to breathe their last in the House of Parliament.
  2. Catching a cab in England is illegal if you have the plague. 
  3. It’s against the law to get drunk in a pub.
  4. It’s all about keeping your neighbors calm. Domestic violence in London is legal before 9 pm if no one notices it. 

Strange Laws in Greece 

  1. If you are visiting some archeological sites in Greece, make sure you are not wearing any hills. 
  2. You can be heavily fined if you play electronic or computer games in public and private places. 

Bizarre Laws in Turkey

  1. Turkish people are banned from falling in love with neighbor’s daughter, son, and other immediate family members 

Interesting Law in Cyprus

  1. You can’t eat and drink anything when driving. 

Weird Law in Estonia

  1. In Tallinn, playing chess during sex isn’t allowed. 

 Bizarre Laws in Denmark

  1. If a person finds a lost child, they can claim the child as their own if a parent doesn’t show up within 2 hours. 
  2. Can the escape from prison be legal? Yes, obviously in Denmark.
  3. Love changing your style by wearing wigs? It’s frowned upon for women to wear a wig. 
  4. You don’t need to pay for food in the restaurant if, in your opinion, you aren’t full. 

Bizarre Laws in Finland 

  1. Sounds pretty fair – you will pay a fine based on your income when violating a traffic rule. 
  2. The country has a “candy tax” on products containing sugar.

Strange Law in Sweden 

  1. During winter, it isn’t allowed to grumble at long darkness and say you wish it were sunny.

Bizarre Laws in Scotland 

  1. A Scottish man can be fined two cans of beer wearing a kilt with underwear. 
  2. You should allow access to your home to someone who needs to use the toilet. 

Crazy Laws in Switzerland 

  1. Love Poetry? Switzerland has nothing against it! But don’t try reciting your favorite piece of poetry while skiing.  
  2. Nudity in public is legal.

Weird Laws in Spain

  1. You can be fined 200 EUR if you drive in sandals or flip-flops. 
  2. Spitting in Barcelona is considered an offense and comes with a fine. 

Bizarre Law in Belgium 

  1. Girls that want to wear a mini skirt over 4 inches above the knee must have written permission from their fathers. 

Strange Law in Monaco

  1. It’s against the law for citizens of Monaco to play in the Monte Carlo Casino.
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40 Bizarre Laws in Europe to Make You Wonder

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