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Best Places to Visit in Georgia

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Best Places to Visit in Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe with lots to offer both to itinerant tourists and those planning to move to Saqartvelo for longer. Sakartvelo? Yes, many don’t know that the country’s name in the Georgian language is Saqartvelo and the English one is rather obscure, always needing clarification – not the US state but the country by the Black Sea that used to be part of the Soviet Union. 

Like the acclaimed US state, the country of Georgia is also famous for hospitality, which is impossible without friendly gatherings with delicious cuisine and the best wine. But mouth-watering food is not the only thing attracting curious visitors. They come to Georgia for beautiful scenes and historical sites, which are part of ancient history. 

Are you wondering what the best places to visit in Georgia are? Below are SDC International Shipping‘s top picks provided by one of our clients we moved to Sakartvelo. 

Places in Tbilisi and Around to Visit in Georgia 

We’ll start with Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, downtown. The entire Rustaveli Avenue is a sight-seeing area with the parliament, the National Museum, Opera House built in neo-Moorish style, and the Freedom Square featuring a golden statue of St George, Tbilisi’s central square. Lots of souvenir shops and restaurants are available within comfortable walking distance. Make sure to ride the cable car to have a fantastic view of the city from Narikala Fortress

Another popular place to visit is Fabrika near Marjanishvili Avenue. It’s where you can find hostels, restaurants, and bars. Fabrika is a perfect spot to hang out with friends. Also, if you need a workspace for remote working, that’s the place to stick to.

Feel the Charm of The Old City, Mtskheta 

Mtskheta, located 20 kilometers from Tbilisi, is a cozy mountain town-museum included in the UNESCO World Heritage List with a history of 2,500 years. In ancient times, it was the capital of the country. This small town is called the spiritual center of Georgia and the “Second Jerusalem,” featuring the famous Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. Despite its modest size, every tourist will find something to do here: visit ancient monasteries and cafes, walk through a small central bazaar, and enjoy scenes of the surrounding mountains and picturesque landscapes.

From Mtskheta, you can drive up to the Jvari Monastery, sitting at the top of the hill with tremendous views over the city. 

The Home Town of Joseph Stalin 

If you have never heard about Joseph Stalin, the toughest Soviet ruler, this is your chance to broaden your knowledge of history. Stalin Museum is located in the small city of Gori, 86 kilometers from Tbilisi. The hallmark of this museum is a train carriage in which Stalin traveled around the Soviet Union. He used it from 1941 onwards to travel to the Yalta and Tehran conferences. The train carriage can be viewed inside, including Stalin’s office, private bathroom, and private cabin. 

Mountainous Places to Visit in Georgia 

Are you an adventurous explorer? Then make sure to visit the dynamic landscapes of the following places in Georgia.

Go To Kazbegi!

This region is located in the eastern part of Georgia, in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. The administrative center of Kazbegi is the village of Stepantsminda.

You will find many historical buildings, crystal clear waters, waterfalls, lakes, astonishing views, and mountains. It’s all about mountains here. Kazbegi offers cycling, horseback riding, rafting, and many other activities.

The top places to see in Kazbegi are Gudauri and the Gergeti Trinity Church.

Gudauri  – Skiing Resort

Many Georgians associate mountains with the Gudauri. Apart from traditional snowboarding and skiing, it offers a couple of other emotionally charged activities, for example, paragliding. 

Gergeti Trinity Church

Gergeti Trinity, perched at the top of the mountain, is just 1 km from Kazbegi. Its charming artistic mastery of the building and location keeps drawing international visitors. It will give you an unforgettable experience, lost in beautiful nature and surrounded by giant mountains. 

Romantic Place to Visit in Georgia – Sighnaghi 

Sighnaghi, or The City of Love, is located in eastern Georgia and is known as Kakheti. The region is famous for winery production in Georgia. 

This rather small town is one of the gorgeous places in Georgia. The first attraction that will catch your eye is a 5-kilometer-long fortification at the perimeter of the city available for climbing. From there, you can have an amazing view of the Alazani Valley, the center of the Georgian wine industry. 

Monastery of Rocks – David Gareji 

David Gareji Monastery, located about 100 kilometers from Tbilisi, is the Orthodox Monastery carved in rocks dating back to the 6th century. This rock city features cells, churches, chapels, and sleeping rooms. Some cells even have well-preserved ancient frescoes. 

Best Canyons to Visit in Georgia

A new 240-meter glass diamond-shaped bridge has been opened recently across Tsalka Canyon, which is only a two-hour drive from Tbilisi. It offers tremendous views of caves and waterfalls, with a bike line and a restaurant at a height of 919 feet.

Georgia has a few more canyons, but the one in the village of Gordi in the Kutaisi area, Okatse Canyon, is one of the prettiest in our view. It’s uniquely situated in a deep and narrow ravine with beautiful waterfalls. There’s a suspension bridge over the gorge – a 3km walking trail at high altitude. You can also visit Kinchkha Canyon, only 2 km away, and Martvili Canyon, which is 12 km away. 

Batumi – Best Beach Places to Visit in Georgia 

Batumi is the most visited city after Tbilisi, located on the Black Sea shores. When summer comes, this is the place local and international tourists from neighboring countries will head to. The city has many luxury hotels with swimming pools and private and public beaches with many activities, including casinos. You may consider the following: 

  • Capo Verde Hotel Batumi is located 150 meters from the beach.
  • Sunshine Apartments Aniance Palace.
  • Seaside VIP40 Hotel
  • Black Sea Twin Tower
  • Orbi Twin Towers is an excellent site to find accommodation to fit your needs. 

Batumi is very cute and beautiful, featuring varied architecture that never ends. Make sure to see the city’s Batumi Piazza, inspired by the acclaimed Piazza di San Marco in Venice. 

Among the best places to visit in Georgia, everyone from hikers to history lovers can find something dynamic or relaxing to do in this beautiful country.

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