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Six GCC Countries Now Added to the Destination List

SDC International Shipping is proud to announce that we are now providing household shipping to five GCC countries — Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Dubai and United Arab Emirates. So if you are considering moving to one of those countries, and are looking for a reliable team of relocation specialists, SDC might be the right choice. 

Not only do we provide a wide variety of shipping options, but we also assist you at every step of the way — from compiling a moving checklist for you to packing, to helping you track the goods. 

Moving to a GCC country can be exciting. Life there will be different from the one in the United States, and full of challenges, but SDC is here to help you make the first step — relocation — go as smooth as possible.

International Household Moving to Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

The mentioned five GCC countries have specific regulations when it comes to imported goods. You should avoid sending any communication equipment, artwork, toys, computers, and recorded films and tapes. 

Are you bringing a pet? In most cases, you are going to need an import permit, and your pet must be microchipped and vaccinated. 

If you are shipping a vehicle, you will most likely be asked to show an import license.

In any case, wherever you are moving, we will provide you with a checklist and help you prepare. 

International Shipping Options From the United States to a GCC Country

If you have decided to ship your belongings by sea, it will probably take 5 to 10 weeks, depending on the location where you send the cargo from. Also, add one week if the time of your delivery falls on the month of Ramadan. 

It is common for our clients to choose a 20’ container with the storage space of 1100 cubic feet, which is about the size of a 3-bedroom apartment. But in the case of shipping a vehicle together with your household possessions, it’s better to pick a 40’ container with 2200 cubic feet of storage space. 

Some clients choose to send a small portion of their goods as they are moving only for a few years. These shipments start at 100 cubic feet. You can always send a part of your belongings to the country you are moving to, and leave the rest in our storage facility. The first month of storage is going to be free of charge. Our storage facility is monitored 24/7, and there is climate control. You can rest assured that your goods will be safe.

Choose your GCC destination:

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