Moving to Malawi from the USA

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Moving to Malawi from the USA

Are you moving to Malawi from the USA? At SDC International Shipping, we pride ourselves on our outstanding services, offering shipping and international removals to Malawi from the UK for individuals, students, families, and international travelers. 

We can create an affordable solution when shipping to Malawi from the US. With almost ten years of experience transporting household goods to worldwide destinations, your personal belongings are in safe hands with us. 

Read on to uncover our services for your journey to this African country. 

Exporting Household Goods from the USA

Sending household goods from the US to Malawi requires careful planning. The first step is packing. You can pack your items yourself or have our professional packers wrap and pack each item in cardboard moving boxes with clear labels. We also provide crates and wooden pallets depending on the items you send. 

Most shipments are sent in containers to either Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Beira, and Nacala in Mozambique, or Durban in South Africa. From there, your items will be hauled to your destination in Malawi. 

Air Freight or Sea Freight?

SDC International Shipping can arrange to ship your goods via two common methods: 

Air freight. This method might work for high-value belongings which require special handling and storage. However, sending large quantities of goods will be very expensive.

Sea freight. This shipping mode is operated in containers either 20ft or 40ft. We offer two containerized shipments: an FCL (Full Container Load) or an LCL (Less Than Container Load). When sending your valuable items on the ocean vessel, you may consider marine insurance

As your international mover, we’ll advise on correctly completing custom forms and documents. Once your container is loaded and shipped, we’ll provide copies of the Bill of Lading, proof that the container went through customs in the US and is on the way to Malawi.  

Exporting Goods to Malawi

You will need a clearing agent to pass the shipment through customs. This person will handle all the necessary documentation to arrange customs clearance and unloading from Africa to Malawi. 

You can free yourself from this task by letting SDC International Household Movers find a clearing agent who will be willing and able to receive your items at the port and deal with the necessary paperwork. The benefit of working with the international mover is that you pay a one-time fee, and the rest is taken care of by us.

Please note some items can be imported duty-free, but others are taxed. Your shipping coordinator will tell you which contents can be brought in duty-free. Should there be any problem with the documentation or cargo, you can rely on us to resolve the matter fully and vigorously. 

After the clearance of the household goods, they will be forwarded to your doorsteps in Malawi. 

Car Shipping to Malawi

Car shipping to Malawi is pretty straightforward. We offer 20- and 40ft containerized and Roll-on Roll Off (RORO) shipping. Motor vehicles are typically transported to either Maputo in Mozambique or Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. Transit time from Tilbury or Southampton may take 18-23 days. 

Once your car is in one of these ports, you can arrange the collection and transportation to Malawi independently or let us collect your vehicle from the port by paying an additional fee.

Before a vehicle is shipped, your shipper will need the following:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Passport
  • Invoice
  • Registration card
  • Employment contract 

Please get in touch with our car shipping agent to provide the best shipping solution.

More About Shipping to Malawi

Major Moving Destinations in Malawi

Below is the list of popular destinations for moving to Malawi. These are cities and towns with the most expatriate communities. We provide door-to-door moves to any cities in the country as well. 

  • Lilongwe
  • Blantyre 
  • Karonga
  • Kasungu 
  • Mangochi
  • Mzuzu
  • Salima
  • Zomba

Facts About Malawi

  • Malawi is a landlocked country in southeastern Africa. 
  • The name “Malawi” stands for “fire flames” and comes from the Maravi Kingdom. 
  • Malawi has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • 85% of the 19.13 million Malawian population live in rural areas. 
  • Malawi is the fourth poorest country in Africa, with 40% of the population living on less than $1 per day. 
  • Lake Malawi contains from 150 to 1,000 fish species of any lake in the world. 
  • Malawi has a high girl dropout rate from education. 
  • The Shire River is the only river that flows out of Lake Malawi. 
  • Tobacco is the biggest export product. 
  • In 1968, Malawi became the only country outside Denmark to have a factory of Carlsberg beer. 
  • Chambo is a popular fish dish. 
  • Malawi is one of the safest countries in Africa. 

Additional Info for Your International Move

Call us if you have further questions about moving to Malawi. No matter where you are in the USA, you can discuss shipping methods and prices with our moving agent at (877) 339-0267.

Moving to Malawi from the USA

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