International Moving From USA to Any Destination

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Do you live in Miami or anywhere in Southern Florida and are getting ready to move with your family overseas? Here is our guide on international relocation from Miami to make your transitions as smooth as possible.

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03 | International Customs and Regulations
04 | International Car Shipping from Miami
05 | Moving from Miami Checklist
06 | International Shipping Options from Miami

The Best International Movers

SDC International Shipping has a significant presence in Miami, and from there, serves the entire Southern Florida region. As our name implies, moving people to different countries is our specialty. So it doesn’t matter if you are moving from Naples, FL to Naples, Italy, or Melbourne, wherever you need to go; we will get you there.

We offer full service to clients anywhere in the area, including packing, white-glove, handyman, and storage, in addition to regular moving services for household and vehicle shipment.

Your Moving Options

There are certain advantages to sending a private container. If you have a small household, you won’t have to economize on what you send and don’t send. 

If you are moving to a cooler climate, you might have to stock up on cooler weather equipment before moving. Also, depending upon your destination, you will find that the American version of whatever clothing or outerwear is usually of higher quality and cheaper. 

Will you be moving somewhere with an outdoor living area?

If you already have good patio furniture, we can send it for you. However, suppose you own anything fragile, like a stone tabletop. In that case, we will dismantle it and put it back together again in your new home. 

; Finally, we recommend that you get updated equipment like routers, computers, gaming consoles. Some TVs in the USA will probably work abroad; check if yours will, as it will likely be far less expensive to send yours than to get a new one.

International Customs and Regulations

Most countries will allow you to import used household goods and personal items without paying import duties. However, sometimes there are different regulations for returning citizens than those moving with immigration or long-term residence visas.

Returning citizens in most countries have to have lived outside of their country for a certain period. However, sometimes new immigrants are allowed more generous allowances slightly. For instance, some countries will only allow one computer to be imported, but others will.

Also, the definition of household goods differs from one country to another. For example, some places will consider an automobile a part of your household; others won’t. Most countries will allow for the import of what can be regarded as tools of the trade but will not include them in the tax exemption. Other countries will allow for them, but only for easily portable devices.

You should never send alcohol, tobacco, or pornography in your shipment. Though a handful of countries allow for alcohol import, the taxes levied upon them will not make it worth your while. If you have a few prized bottles, take them in your luggage.

Ask your SDC International Shipping relocation specialist to look into the updated regulations for your destination, as there are some countries with particular political or religious restrictions.

International Movers Miami

International Car Shipping from Miami

Sending an automobile to another country usually makes a lot of sense. If you have a few months before your scheduled move, consider buying a new car. As regulations in most countries require that you own a car for at least six months before you send it to qualify for tax-free import of the vehicle.

Taxes are incredibly hefty on automobiles, especially in Europe, where they constantly introduce new automobile taxes. So if your destination is in Europe, consider sending a hybrid model.

You can also send a boat to most places. If you have a small boat with a trailer less than seven and a half feet wide, it can be placed in your container. We can send larger ones using a unique shipping method.

In Florida, vessels are registered and titled separately from their trailers. Most trailers are not titled but are registered – even large canoes should be titled and must have.

Moving from Miami Checklist

  • The first thing anybody moving abroad must do is arrange for their legal status in the country they are moving to. Do not take anything for granted. A visit will well serve both returning citizens and new residents to the consulate. Luckily, many countries have representatives and embassies in Miami.
  • Many countries require that returning citizens get a document from the consulate showing their periods abroad.
  • Check the regulations for import in your country. Make sure not to send anything considered contraband to your destination country.
  • If you are unsure if you will need a 20’ or 40’ container, you might want to ask SDC International Shipping to make a visual estimate of your household.
  • Check the state of medical insurance in your destination. In most countries, it will be prudent for you to get medical insurance before you move.

International Shipping Options from Miami

SDC International Shipping offers a full array of international shipping options from Miami and all of Southern Florida.

Most of our clients choose to send full container loads. To most locations, the cost of sending a private 20’ container is about equal to sending 600 cubic feet of cargo. Still, it offers almost twice the amount of volume. For those who want to send a vehicle in their container, the preferred method to most destinations, a 40’ container, usually makes the most sense.

If you are sending a smaller amount, we can offer door-to-door service starting from a volume of 100 cubic feet for what is known as an LCL, or less than full container load, shipment. There are several methods of LCL shipments, and the exact process will be coordinated with you by your SDC International Shipping relocation specialist.

Large vehicles and most boats get sent using a different shipment method known as roll-on roll-off, where it will ship almost any sized vehicle.

International Moving From USA to Any Destination

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