Moving to Jamaica from the USA

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Moving to Jamaica from the USA

Are you thinking about relocating to Jamaica? SDC International Shipping will be happy to arrange the shipping of your household goods to any part of this beautiful Caribbean country. 

An estimated 4 million Americans live outside the US, many of them chasing the sun, white beaches, and a slower pace of life. And Jamaica is one of those countries that can offer these pleasures. The third–largest of the islands in the Greater Antilles and the Caribbean offers wonderful weather, delicious food, and colonial architecture.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know before moving to Jamaica from the USA.  

Do Americans Need a Visa?

US citizens don’t need visas for their first six months on the island. Before that period expires, you will have to apply for an extension if you plan to stay longer.

Six months should be more than enough to explore the country, find a job, and make the necessary arrangement to bring your family. 

Work Permit, Retiring, and Investing 

Jobs for expats are not many since priority is given to local residents. But if you are a high-skilled worker, you will likely have more luck. Your employer will need to apply for a work permit for you. Then, you will have to wait for the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to approve your application. 

Jamaica has booming construction, shipping, and logistics sectors with career opportunities for foreign workers. You can use your US driving license for six months and then will have to change it to a local license after that. 

Retiring to the island country is a little easier. You simply need to have enough funds to support yourself. Finally, it is a pro-business destination for foreign investors. The United States of America has a double taxation agreement with Jamaica that relieves tax burdens. And there are no restrictions on foreign investors on borrowing in local and foreign currency. 

Check out the Consulate General of Jamaica for more information about visa requirements. 

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Household Goods?

Moving household goods overseas is a big task. But SDC International Shipping has an experienced team of professionals to ensure your shipping container gets to the destination safely. When creating a custom quote, the following factors will affect the shipping price: 

  • Regulations and charges specific to the port of Montego Bay and the Kingston Container Terminal. 
  • Distance between the origin and the destination of your cargo. 
  • Whether we’ll be sending your container by sea or air freight
  • The weight and volume of your cargo.
  • Some customs fees will be applied to your shipping contents. 
  • Container inspection may trigger additional charges. 
  • Whether you will need a full container or partial container service. 

To give you a general idea, a full 20ft container shipping to Jamaica is around $1,500, and $2,500 for a full 40ft container. Other affordable options are LCL shipping and Roll-on/Roll-off vessels for shipping motor vehicles. In any scenario, you can trust us to take the time to understand your needs and provide the best options.

Is Jamaica a Good Place to Move To? 

Many people gauge countries by the following parameters: weather, cost of living, and safety. Well, Jamaica can be given credit for each of these factors. 

This part of the Caribbean is often thought of as a cheap place to live, and this is true. The average cost of living per month is about $875, 59% lower than in the US. Most expats from the US and UK say that labor and services are easy to afford unless you only buy American products. 

The country is considered relatively safe for expats. Petty crimes occur, and you have to be extra careful. For example, walking around in expensive jewelry isn’t a good idea. Just take extra precautions, and you’ll be fine. You might have heard about gang activities associated with the drug trade, but these typically don’t affect expat communities. The best advice would be – to avoid dangerous areas.

As for the weather, we guess it is a big attraction for tourists. Sunny weather is certainly one of the advantages of living on the island surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean Sea.  

Popular Places for Expats to Live on the Island 

If you are moving to Kingston with children, you will need to ensure that your area has good schools. You can find many international schools in Mandeville, Kingston, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios

You may also consider locations like the Falmouth surroundings, which is only a 15-minute drive from the coast. Cherry Gardens might be a good, although expensive option. The western side of the island is cheaper and has low rental costs. 

As your international mover, we can move your household belongings to any urban or rural place in Jamaica. 

D2D Moving of Your Household Goods

If you choose our D2D (door-to-door) service, no matter if you or our movers pack your items, we’ll pick up your moving boxes from your address in the US and deliver them by sea or air to your destination. It’s a full service that includes customs clearance and the entire transport process.   

Moving to Jamaica from the USA

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