Moving to Bahrain from the USA

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Moving to Bahrain from the USA

Have you got a job offer to work in Bahrain? Or, perhaps, you are a returning citizen? Whatever your reason for moving to Bahrain from the USA, you can rely on SDC International Shipping to move your household goods to this Pearl of the Arab World! 

We’ve moved quite a few US citizens who were heading to Bahrain to work in the oil industry. The tourism sector has also increased, so English-speaking employees  are appreciated. One of the greatest benefits of working in the kingdom is no personal income tax or capital gains tax. 

How Can I Move to Bahrain from the USA?

Moving overseas often involves finding a job. With no income tax, it has become a popular place for expats. However, securing a job might be difficult as you need sponsorship to get a work permit. 

Once you are recruited, your employer will sponsor you for a visa and work permit. Then, the only thing left will be to start working on moving your personal belongings to Manama. 

Our international household movers can arrange shipping of your household goods from any city in the USA to any location in Bahrain. 

Below, please find information on our services or how we can help you relocate overseas. 

Relocation Services Near You – California, New York, Texas, and More!

Our international moving services extend from packing, assistance with customs clearance, and vehicle containerized shipping by sea or air to moving pianos and artwork to pet relocation

We also offer storage services in the USA and Manama. Marine insurance is highly recommended if your belongings get damaged or lost during sea transit. 

Regulations and Requirements to Ship Household Goods

US citizens moving to Bahrain under residence permit for at least two years are exempt from duty. Otherwise, be ready to pay a customs deposit, which will be refunded after you take your items back to the US. 

You will need the flowing paperwork: 

  • Your passport 
  • Packing list
  • Inventory and declared value of your goods
  • Bill of Lading or Air Waybill. 
  • Letter of authorization for your destination agent

Regulations and Requirements to Ship a Vehicle

Unlike shipping household goods, you will have to pay duties and VAT. Besides, your car must not have a full gas tank during transit. The good news is that Bahrain allows left-hand drive vehicles as long as these meet GCC specifications. Please note that only the owner can collect an auto at the destination.  

Documents you need to import a car:

  • Proof of ownership
  • Original title 
  • Bill of Sale
  • Bill of Lading 
  • Clearance Certificate 
  • Traffic Technical Inspection 
  • Proof of insurance 

At SDC International Shipping, we handle affordable car shipping in containers and via RORO. The vehicle shipping service is a supplement if you hire us to move your household goods to Bahrain. 

We know how overwhelming the paperwork can be. That’s why you can trust our movers to help you with customs documentation to ensure your consignment meets all the requirements. 

After taking responsibility for shipping your car, we’ll complete everything from preparing your auto for shipping to assistance with customs clearance to delivery at the doorsteps of your new home. 

How Much Does It Cost to Move to Bahrain?

The cost of moving to Bahrain rests on factors such as the volume/size of your shipment, the distance between origin and destination, the services you choose, and even the time of the year. We are rather restrained from giving you an exact moving cost without knowing the details of your move. 

Please get in touch with one of your logistics agents to discuss your relocation needs so they can create a custom quote specific to your situation. 

Where to Live In Bahrain for Newcomers

Bahrain has many great places in Manama where you can stay based on your budget, work location, and lifestyle. These are the best neighborhoods where you can live as an expat. 

  • Adliya
  • Al Hidd
  • Amwaj Islands
  • Juffair
  • Janabiyah
  • Saar
  • Riffa
  • Seef

We can easily move you to any area on the island, including its neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar

What is the Cost of Living in Bahrain?

Inflation is hitting Bahrain, affecting the cost of living. So, you should be prepared to pay more for food, housing, transportation, and personal care. 

Monthly expenses for a family of four are around 1,300 Dinar, around $1,447. A single person will spend approximately 605 BHD or $1,600.

However, compared to other regional economic centers like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Bahrain is more affordable. 

How Does It Feel to Live As a Foreigner in Bahrain?

As one of the Arabian countries in the Gulf region, you will definitely have a unique living experience. 

The island is small, so you will live in a community where everyone knows each other. This contributes to building strong bonds with locals. People are very friendly, and their food is delicious and cheap. 

Bahrain has private beaches like Zallaq, Marina Beach, or Asri, so you can go swimming weekly. 

One of the hallmarks is its multicultural scenery. You will find expats that are Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sudanese, Indian, and Filipino. So, it’s pretty diverse. 

Fridays are weekly off, and Sundays are working. 

Bahrain offers a balanced life. Unlike other middle eastern countries, it isn’t so strict. One of the drawbacks is that the kingdom doesn’t have public transportation (only taxis), so everyone drives their car. 

Some find its arid climate very exhausting. Yet, the weather from November to March is pretty nice, with only July and August being very hot. 

Living in Bahrain as a Woman 

Local women are still restricted in employment, but many work in the banking, finance, and service industries. 

As a foreign woman, these restrictions won’t bother you, yet it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t observe local culture. First, wear modest clothes and keep your distance from male colleagues as men and women don’t hang out together in their free time. Finally, don’t greet a Bahraini man with an extended hand unless he offers his hand to you first for greeting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best cities to live in Bahrain?

The top cities to live in Bahrain are Manama, Muharraq, Riffa, Dar Kulayb, and Madinat Hamad. 

What is the Bahrain residence permit cost?

A work permit cost for two years is around $530. A one-year work permit is $265. You will also have to pay a basic health care service, which is $382 for two years, and $72 for one year. 

How Long Does It Take to Ship Household Goods?

Ocean freight usually takes 6-8 weeks but the estimated arrival time varies based on the destination and services selected. Our logistics experts will provide the ETA after your shipping container goes to the sea. Door-to-door service usually takes up to 10 weeks.

Moving to Bahrain from the USA

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