Living in New Zealand Pros and Cons

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Living in New Zealand Pros and Cons

There are many reasons people want to move to New Zealand. You could be looking to further your education, a new career, or even a place to retire. There’s a lot to love about the country. It’s endowed with beautiful landscapes, mild weather, and lush greenery. Living in the country means immersing yourself in the friendly Kiwi and Māori way of life, the efficient and energetic working culture, and the country’s love of nature. 

Before deciding on making New Zealand your new home, you must first find out if the nation is a suitable match. Weighing the pros and cons of relocating to New Zealand can help you avoid moving there and regretting it. Keep reading this international moving blog by SDC Shipping to find out what’s in store.

Pros of Living in New Zealand

Stunning Weather Throughout the Year

New Zealand has moderate and warm weather throughout the year, with more days of sunshine than rain. The North Island is warm and bright during the colder months, whereas the South Island might be buried with snow. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the country’s abundant outdoor activities. 

Affordable Living Costs Compared to Similar Locations

Kiwis have the best of both worlds: a comparatively low cost of living and good quality of life. There are enough opportunities for gainful employment to offset possible expenses. Even if you want to reside in the heart of Wellington or Auckland, rents and home prices are far lower than in Big U.S. and European cities.

Because of the country’s low population and rapid economic growth, it is facing a scarcity of competent people in several industries, including I.T., banking, healthcare, and hospitality. This is why New Zealand eased its immigration regulations to attract talent, innovators, and creative organizations to fill these vacancies. 

Stunning Landscapes

Living in New Zealand can often feel like a character in a breathtaking cinematic production. Since its extensive variation of beautiful natural scenery is present within a country about the U.K.’s size, you don’t have to go far to get immersed in beauty.

Beautiful landscapes are always around the corner, whether you reside in the suburbs of Auckland or the middle of the countryside. Many beautiful beaches line the Auckland region, and believe us, the rest of New Zealand just gets better!

High Safety Levels

New Zealand is among the safest places foreigners can live in. Compared to other places, New Zealand has a very low crime rate. New Zealand ranked second in The Global Peace Index because there are no extremist organizations, brawls, or street shootings.

Cons of Living in New Zealand

It Can Get Pretty Dull

With a populace of just over five million people, New Zealand might be a tad quiet when it comes to nightlife and festivals. While there is nightlife and entertaining clubs in the larger cities, people who are used to a livelier and more dynamic lifestyle may find the smaller towns around the nation to be a little monotonous.

New Zealand is renowned for its casual, slow-paced vibe. Kiwis would often choose a peaceful weekend spent with close mates than a charged night on the town.


Because New Zealand is a tiny island nation, many things must be imported, including food, technology, and furniture. It is usually not feasible to buy items locally. You probably won’t find certain brands from your native country in New Zealand. You’ll have to buy them through e-commerce platforms and use an international shipping company to get them to you.

Aside from commodities, the cost of living in cities can also be pretty expensive. The amount of individuals migrating to cities in search of work is driving up rents. So, before contemplating a move, ensure you do your homework on the cost of living in the regions you’re considering.

Lacking Some Key Infrastructure

New Zealand does not have some infrastructure you may be used to in your home country. For one, it lacks a developed nationwide railway network. Reaching the nooks and crannies of the country by train or bus is virtually impossible. Trains that do leave the station do so infrequently and can be quite slow and costly. For instance, there’s a daily train from Auckland to Wellington, and the journey lasts 11 hours. 

It’s Far Away From Most of the World

New Zealand is very far away from Europe and America. Flights can take up to two days with layovers, which factors into transportation costs. One way tickets can go for about N.Z. $1,000, which means you may have to sacrifice a bunch of other needs to see your friends and family back at home.

 Not only is moving around the globe more expensive from this starting point, but you also have to spend so much time in the air. Auckland to Doha is the longest flight globally with a duration of 17h 40min, while Auckland to Dubai is 17h 15min.

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Living in New Zealand Pros and Cons

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