Moving American Expats and Returning Citizens to Jordan

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Moving American Expats and Returning Citizens to Jordan

It’s no wonder Jordan is a popular expat destination for US citizens. The economy is increasing due to mineral production and export, agricultural sector, gas, and oil, thus, expanding international presence. Many Americans work for large companies and find the country charming and convenient to live in despite stark cultural differences. 

If you are moving to the Middle East from the USA, you can rely on SDC International Shipping relocation services. We have been moving families and individuals for many years, making us a perfect fit to arrange every aspect of your move. 

Read on to learn about our services and helpful information on finding a job and living in Jordan as an expat. 

The First Step In Moving Abroad 

Unless you are a returning citizen, the first step in relocation is finding a job and applying for a visa.

Although the country’s job market is competitive due to unemployment, you can still try your luck in the following sectors: Consulting, Construction, Manufacturing, Hospitality, NGO, IT, Banking, and Telecom. These fields are booming. 

Once you find an employer, ready to go through all the tiny details of issuing a work permit to get you to Jordan, the deal is almost in the bag.  

The Next Step Is Making Arrangements For a House Removal

While you are waiting for your work permit and visa, it’s time to get in touch with an international removal company and start wrapping and packing your items. 

You can pack your things yourself or let professionals from a moving company handle every step of your relocation. SDC International Shipping is precisely a mover to accommodate any need. We offer door-to-door service to any city in Jordan from any location in the US. 

We can also negotiate port-to-port service and even assist with customs paperwork. Your shipping container will have to go through customs in the US and your destination country. You won’t have to pay duties if you are importing used household goods as a returning citizen who has lived in the US for over 3 years or a US citizen with a valid work visa. Our logistics experts will provide you with all the information regarding the list of documents for export and import and possible fees at customs. 

Do you have a pet you want to bring with you? Or maybe you have a precious piano or a few pieces of artwork you want to take with you? No worries, we can tackle the shipping of any item. Our trained team for specialized services knows how to prepare delicate household items for shipping. We have no shortage of trained staff, equipment, moving boxes, and other resources to complete the job.  

How We Move Personal Belongings Overseas

Depending on your apartment or house size, we’ll load all your household goods in a 20ft or 40ft shipping container and ship it by sea or air. Your container will arrive either in Amman, Aqaba, or Zaqra and be delivered right to your doorsteps. If you opt for a port-to-port service, you must pick up your items from the port. 

We also offer car shipping as an additional service to shipping personal belongings to Jordan. The motor vehicles will be transported in a container or on a Roll-On-Roll-Off vessel via ocean. With our warehouses in Long Beach, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Savannah, we can arrange affordable shipping of household items and cars. 

What to Expect After You Move to Jordan as an Expat

One of the first things you want to know – is how much you will spend per month. According to Numbeo, the cost of living in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is 33.84% lower than in the United States. 

Different sources state different amounts for an average monthly income. But in any scenario, as an American working in a big company, you will likely be paid pretty well, meaning you will live comfortably. 

What you have to remember is that the country is very conservative, with Islam as a major religion. This is reflected in dressing, public displays of affection, and how you introduce yourself (handshaking, touching women, etc.). As long as you are mindful of local customs and culture, you will enjoy living with hospitable and friendly people. 

Jordan has many historical sites, and exploring them during your long stay in the country is truly a privilege many can only dream of. 

The climate is warm and sunny, although winters can be chilly, even with some snow. 

Families moving with children can have peace of mind because Amman has a few international schools for English-speaking students. On top of that, you get a feeling the city is made for families. You won’t have a shortage of playing grounds and many other modern amenities. 

How Much Does It Cost To Move a Home from the USA?

The cost of shipping a container to Jordan varies. Factors such as the size and volume of your cargo, the shipping method and services selected, and the distance between the origin and destination will affect the overall price of an international move. 

Please make sure to speak with one of our agents so that we can create a custom quote for your relocation. 

More Info 

Now that you know about our services and international shipping options, so check out more resources. When you are ready for your journey to Jordan, SDC International Shipping is ready to help. 

Moving American Expats and Returning Citizens to Jordan

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