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Container Shipping in Europe

When talking about international sea freight, we usually imagine a big cargo ship that travels across the oceans in order to get to a faraway country on the other side of the world. But actually, shipping by sea can also be the perfect solution for intercontinental shipping needs as well, like within Europe. So, before you start looking for moving companies to Europe, you may want to take a few moments and understand how sea freight may be the ideal solution for your needs, even within Europe.

It Saves You Money on Shipping

Moving to a new country, whether it is overseas or just over the border, will probably always be an expensive process. That is why it is important to try and save money during the moving process, wherever you can. Now, it may come as a surprise if we told you that the truth is that shipping by sea is actually the cheaper method you can choose. Let’s take for example a load delivered by land from Belgium to Estonia. This will cost you about 950 euros, while a full container shipped by sea will cost you about 850 euros. Naturally, prices may change according to the size of both container and trailer, but either way – when choosing to ship your cargo by sea, you save money for more important things.

Maximum Efficiency

International relocation usually means you’ll be carrying a lot of baggage with you. That is another reason why you should choose to ship your belongings to any European location you may be relocating to using container shipping by sea over a trailer. Usually, while using a trailer, in order to make sure your cargo will be protected from any damages along the way, your things will be placed in the middle of the trailer, and they will be tied up with straps, leaving no additional room for any type of cargo not only due to space issues, but also because it can’t be properly tided. This basically means that even though you’ve paid for a full trailer to deliver your possessions – you’re only using about half of it. A container on the other hand, can help you maximize the usage of space inside it to the fullest, and allow you to ship more items you need for your move.

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