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Life in Australia – Reasons You’ll Love Down Under

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Life in Australia – Reasons You’ll Love Down Under

Are you moving to Australia from the US and wondering what life is like in the country? Well, in this post, SDC International Shipping will give you reasons you’ll love living in Australia. 


Wages in Australia are pretty good. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average weekly salary in the private sector is $1,835 for men and $1,523 for women. Most people can afford food, and basic needs, enjoy a great lifestyle and quality of life and even travel around. 

The living expense will vary depending on your location and lifestyle, but in general, you can expect to spend: 

  • AUD$40 to $200 per week for gas and electricity
  • AUD$25 to 60 per week for phone and electricity 
  • AUD$90 to $300 per week for groceries and dining out
  • AUD$15 to $60 per week for public transport
  • AUD$80 to $150 for entertainment 
  • AUD$160 to $270 for weekly car expenses

Sydney and Melbourne have the highest living costs, while smaller cities like Adelaide and Hobart are cheap.


Australia is a super safe country. Of course, petty theft happens as in any other country, but you can walk down the street at night, and in general, you will be safe. Even if you leave your door unlocked, it’s very rare for someone to break in. 

The only risks for you in Australia are natural disasters. Threats from dangerous animal species to strong waters and currents to riptides are not so uncommon. So always pay attention to signs at beaches, natural resorts, etc. 

Quality of Education

If you are moving to Sydney as a student or relocating with your children, we can assure you that the quality of education in schools and post-secondary institutions is really good there. International students say they have learned a lot thanks to the interactive way of teaching. 

Looking at the education ranking by country, we’ll see that Australia was in the top 10 for the best education systems in 2021. 

Work-Life Balance

Another thing that we find great about life in Australia is work-life balance. Some clients we helped to relocate shared that they had good work-life balance, which is encouraged by employers. They are very flexible. In most cases, you can negotiate your work hours. You also get 4-5 weeks of holidays per year. 

Lots to Explore

The country is huge, and there are many places to explore if you are a nature lover. For example, Melbourne offers many cultural activities like museums and exhibitions. You’ll find nature just around the corner – beautiful beaches, hiking trails in woods with breathtaking waterfalls, etc. 

Hard to believe, but Australia has snow in winter. There are ski resorts, so you can go skiing or snowboarding, which is amazing.  

Laidback People 

You will love that Aussies have a great sense of humor; they are super cheerful and laidback. Don’t be surprised if a stranger greets you with a “g’day” because they pride themselves on being neighbors and friends to everyone. 


Australians love to gather for dinners. The local cuisine reflects influences from all over the world, giving mind-blowing taste to dishes. The country has wine regions and breweries that tell you something about a particular brand of wine or beer. 

A Multicultural Feel

Australia is multicultural due to the immigrant influx over the last two centuries. A fun fact – one in four people are foreign-born. As an expat, you will always feel part of the society because diversity is respected in Australia. English-speaking foreigners with the right attitude won’t have a problem finding a well-paying job. 

Life in Australia vs. the US 

You may find that in many aspects, life in Australia is better than in the USA. This is how. 


Australia has a universal healthcare system known as Medicare. Taxpayers will take out a certain portion of your income for this public medical coverage. So when you go to the clinic in Sidney or any other city in Australia, you will show your Medicare card, and then medical expenses will be just billed to the government, and you don’t have to pay anything. 

Mobile Data

Mobile data can be cheaper than in the US. For example, with Vodafone, you can get 40GB of data for $40 per month. Besides, you can get a number of special deals and offers through Optus, Telstra, and TPG Telecom. 

Annual Leave

Companies in the USA are not regulated by laws regarding annual leave. For most businesses, the paid leave is only two weeks. On the flip side, Australia has a minimum of 4 weeks of annual leave for permanent positions by law. 

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in Australia is higher – $21.38 per hour, while only $7.25 in the US. So it is common to meet people working only part-time because they still make enough money. 

What is Negative About Living In Australia?

  • US citizens living in Australia will still have to pay taxes.
  • Be aware of dangerous weather and dangerous animals.
  • It might be frustrating to celebrate Christmas in summer. 
  • Indigenous Australians are the most socially vulnerable in the country. 
  • You may feel isolated from the rest of the world. 
  • Easy to get citizenship.

Conclusion: Life in Australia 

Now that you know some of the great things to love about living in Australia, including the negative aspects, you can better prepare for relocation. 

Life in Australia for Americans is excellent, and you won’t have difficulty adjusting to this country. 

If you are looking for a place with good job opportunities, high wages, warm weather, and friendly people, Australia is a great choice. 

But don’t forget about dangerous species and extreme weather, which is enough to scare some people off. 

Generally, Australia is a great place to live, and many foreigners moving to Down Under have a good life.

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