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International Shipping: Ways to Save Money without Sacrificing Quality

Understanding the Live Load and Self-Loading Options


Live Load-

This method is where SDC International Shipping brings, by way of truck, a shipping container to your home.  From there it is met by our team of Relocation Specialists for the purpose of loading the container directly.  If the job is larger, and full packing is required, or if there are furniture items requiring advanced protection methods (fine art, pool tables, collectibles, etc.), our team may arrive a day (or more) prior).   However, the actual loading is done LIVE, while the truck driver remains in the cab.  Typically, we have 3 hours of “free” time to accomplish the load and place the seal on the container.

Things that must be considered and known to SDC International Shipping prior to committing to a live load method:

  1. Access- Will a truck with a shipping container be able to access the front or back of the client’s home?   Are there low-hanging power lines or trees that might make it impossible to bring a container to and from the home (height requirement is at least 12’)?     Will the truck and container be able to get in and back out?  For example, a 40’ live load is often impossible on a cul de sac.   In these cases, a shuttle may be required.  SDC International Shipping is an expert on determining if a live load is possible, and what may be required.



This method can save the client a good amount of money because they (the client) is handling all of the packing and loading.  SDC International Shipping arranges for a container (20, 40 or 40HC) to arrive at a predetermined date and time.   The client would handle all of the loading.

There are some very important considerations that come with opting for a self-load:

  1. The same considerations as from above (access) apply.
  2. Deck height- 4 ½ ft off the ground.   There are no ramps provided!
  3. Insurance- Full coverage insurance is not possible when opting for a self-load.


Self-Load Options- 

  • Self-Load, Live Load– Again, the truck driver stays in the cab. You have 3 “free” hours of time to load the container.  Additional time will be billed.
  • Self-Load, Drop, and Pull– This is where we can have the container and chassis delivered, disconnected from the truck, and left behind for some period for you to complete the loading process (typically 2-4 days). Again, keep in mind that the container remains on the rolling chassis, which is 4 ½ feet above the ground.  There are no ramps provided.  This option will be slightly more expensive than the normal self-load, live load because the driver must make 4x one-way trips (deliver the container, return to the container yard, return to pick-up the now loaded container, and then deliver to the port).





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