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International Relocation During Coronavirus Pandemic

Relocating in the middle of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak could be risky. As most of the businesses are affected by this, it’s essential to seek important answers and reviews if you are looking for international relocation during this pandemic. You don’t have to worry about it as we at SDC have got you covered. We have simplified the relocation process for you by listing all-important guidelines in one place. 

Shipping is an essential service, and most of the countries are fully or partially operating their transportation operations. You won’t face many issues while shipping to a new country. However, some rules have do changed for safety purposes, and you need to know them all before you pack your bags. Need instant assistance? Contact SDC and get an immediate shipping quote from our team.

Is it possible to relocate to a new country during Coronavirus lockdown?

As most of the countries are operating their shipping businesses, as usual, you will be able to ship your items from the USA to other countries. One thing to keep in mind that most of the countries are shipping via sea routes as the majority of the governments have allowed ports for operations rather than airports. 

If you are looking to move from the USA to Spain, the United Kingdom, Dubai, or other GCC countries, you won’t face any issue in shipping your items from here. Due to safety, most of the companies, including SDC offers direct port to home item delivery, so you don’t have to go out to collect your items. In short, you can relocate between the coronavirus pandemic. As per the WHO and federal guidelines, traveling in this outbreak may not be safe for older adults and children. 

Is there a special policy for international relocation during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The shipping companies, including SDC, have changed their operational guidelines adhering to WHO and federal recommendations. As a passenger, it is mandatory to wear a mask while traveling to counter the growing infection spread.

As per the new guidelines, all company workers are required to follow social distancing guidelines in which all need to maintain a distance of at least six feet while working. To ensure customer’s safety, contactless shipment delivery will be provided where your all items will be shipped at your place. You need to sanitize them and before you touch them for safety purposes. 

In terms of operations, there is no such change in policies. Only air transportation is affected due to coronavirus, but you don’t have to worry as all the sea routes are working as usual. 

International Relocation During Coronavirus Pandemic

New policies from different countries due to the new situation

Most of the countries have updated their shipping countries to promote social distancing and safety. As a passenger, you need to follow all the general personal safety guidelines while traveling. Talking about the United Kingdom, as of now, they are allowing air shipping in their domestic network only. If you are moving from the USA to the UK, you need t ship your goods via sea routes.

The same thing applies to the GCC countries as they are partially operating their air transportation system. Contact us to know the exact status of the country where you are planning to move. To know the situation of other countries, you can also visit the country’s immigration website for more details. Do check their updated list of items that are allowed to ship during this pandemic. 

COVID-19 International relocation policies in Spain

Initially, Spain had introduced a complete ban on the people coming from other countries for non-essential purposes. But, as the situation is getting better, the relocation will be an issue in Spain. If you have already completed all your immigration paperwork, all you need to show your permit and you won’t face any problem. 

If you have just applied for a relocation request from the USA to Spain, you might face a little delay in the complete procedure. To ease the situation, the company will perform PMS on behalf of you through virtual mediums to avoid physical interaction. All the ports are working as usual, and we will keep you updated if anything changes.

COVID-19 International relocation policies in the UK

If you are going to apply for relocation permits or immigration process now, you might face delays as the process will be slower these days. But again, if you have already got all your permissions and you need to ship, you won’t face any such issue. 

The UK government has allowed international relocations only if you have permits. Your goods will be shipped from the USA to the UK by the sea route, and we will deliver all goods from port to the destination to ensure you don’t need to arrange transportation to pick your items. We offer contactless delivery services to ensure maximum safety. 

COVID-19 International relocation policies in Dubai and GCC countries

Dubai is operating as usual as before. You can smoothly relocate from the USA to Dubai. The government has allowed the functioning of all shipping operations amid the lockdown. Coming to GCC countries, they are also operating via sea routes so you can expect timely delivery of your goods. Some of the GCC countries are partially running through air transportation, so it’s better to contact us to know the updated information.

Price reductions for International relocation During Coronavirus Pandemic

To make your relocation and shipping smoother and more accessible, SDC has reduced the shipping costs by 10-20% for all the major countries. If you are relocating to the UK, Spain, Dubai, or other GCC countries, you are covered under this scheme. 

We want you to ship better and safer. To simplify the complete process, Contact SDC and let us know your shipping requirements. We can help you ship faster, following all the mandatory federal and WHO’s guidelines. Call us to get an instant relocation quote and plan your shipping list accordingly. Relocate worry-free with a leading relocation company in the world. Speak to our experts now!

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