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International Movers California- Best Affordable Movers

SDC International Shipping is a California based company. We are international movers, relocating our clients from origins anywhere in California to destinations around the world. For residents of California moving abroad, this means that we are able to offer affordable moving services without comprising on the quality of service we give them.

Affordable Movers California

Being affordable means being able to give quality service for a fair price. Please note that you will more than likely receive quotes which appear to be cheaper than you receive from SDC International Shipping. Please note that there is a succinct difference between cheap and affordable.

We don’t skimp on anything. SDC International Shipping clients are always moved using seasoned professionals. In California both the moving crews and warehouses are our own. We can make your move affordable by using our own crews.

While we will move you anywhere, the final destination for most of our clients is Europe, Australia or the UK. If you are moving to one of those destinations, our groupage consolidations will make your relocation far more affordable.

Having dedicated warehouses in both LA and San Francisco, any extra handling or storage necessary for your move is done in house, making your move that much more affordable.

Beware of cheap quotes for moving service. What sounds cheap probably is. There are certain minimum costs associated with any move: picking up your shipment, preparing it as cargo, sending it across the ocean, clearing customs at your destination.

Even a port-to-port move has unavoidable costs, but these should be made clear to you from the beginning. You are welcome to send any quote for moving services you receive to SDC International Shipping. Our relocations specialists will be happy to explain how what appears to be cheap is not always affordable. If you are looking for affordable movers from California, look no further.

Are you a business client? If you need to set up regular shipments, or even a one-time shipment overseas, give SDC International Shipping a call. We can set up scheduled air or sea shipments for you.

Professional Movers California

As a California company, our movers are selected and trained by us. We ensure that all our employees are trained in the preparation of your personal belongings for shipment overseas.

Our professional movers in California prepare households for overseas shipping every day. They know how to handle everything from fragile items requiring custom crates to oversized items requiring several movers.

Disassembling furniture is an art form, and our professional California movers do it correctly. No parts go missing. All furniture hardware and small parts will be attached to the right piece of furniture. If it is necessary to add special instructions to the delivery team, they will mark the furniture or add notes as appropriate. And, of course, each part of your disassembled furniture is individually wrapped with appropriate protective material, and then bundled together.

However, the people packing and loading your household goods are only one part of a professional team. SDC International Shipping’s logistics team ensures that your shipment meets the necessary requirements of your destination. Every nation has its particular requirements for sending shipments. We will check these for you and make sure that you meet regulations.

Most of our clients want to take advantage of customs free import or a tax holiday when returning to their native country or emigrating. To qualify for this status, you usually have to meet certain requirements, or at least one member of your family needs to.

You will have to ensure that you have emigration visas or qualifying passports for each family member. We’ll try to help you navigate the administrative hurdles, but you will more than likely have to make at least one visit to a consulate of your destination country yourself. For many countries this will be necessary even if you are a citizen.

Businesses sending commercial shipments will also require special permits unless they have an arrangement with a partner in their destination country.

International Moving Company California

Concentrating solely on international moving allows us to get better prices for our clients. This is especially true if you are moving to the UK, Australia or EU. To these locations we send many containers each month.

SDC International Shipping takes advantage of this volume and sends SDC groupage containers to them. For clients sending less than full container load (LCL) we are able to offer them the same great rates that clients sending full container load (FCL) get. LCL clients usually have a lot of hidden costs for line items that you are probably unfamiliar with.

Since we send these shipments to ourselves, we can reduce charges like consolidation fees and deconsolidation fees to a minimum. The ports in most countries will require the latter as each consignee’s shipment will need to go through customs individually. Since we know these costs before shipping, we can include them in your original quote for shipping services.

We also have dedicated warehouse space at these destinations in addition to our California warehouses. This combination allows us to optimize your shipment according to your needs. For those who don’t have an exact address yet, we will send your belongings to our warehouses in your destination country, so you can enjoy a quicker response time once you rent or purchase a home.

Many of our clients are moving abroad for only a few years and need to store a portion of their belongings while shipping the rest. SDC International Shipping can usually do this with a single pick up, sending what you’ll need overseas, and storing what you don’t need until you return.

We also have a large volume of clients moving to Canada and Mexico. Unlike other countries, or even Hawaii and Puerto Rico, shipments to Canada and Mexico can only be made over land. Depending on the total volume of your shipment, your belongings might be transferred to a different truck at the border. As Mexican customs require manual inspection, special care is taken to protect your belongings as there will be additional handling.

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