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Moving from Baltimore Overseas

Are you looking for a moving company to move your furniture and other household items to Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia, or any other country worldwide? Or, perhaps you are also thinking about a helping hand to wrap and pack all items. Well, don’t worry! We at SDC International Shipping are complete international movers serving the entire Baltimore, Maryland area. 

We offer the best-in-class door-to-door delivery of your personal belongings, packing services, and even assistance with customs paperwork. Our expert logistics agents are at your service if you need to move your home or motor vehicle. 

Keep reading to find out how we run overseas moves. 

How We Move Your Stuff Internationally 

At SDC International Shipping, the process of moving your household items looks like that: 

  • You can start by completing an online quote. We’ll get back to you soon to discuss the details of your move. 
  • Making a list of items you want to ship. Our logistics agent will visit your home to survey the goods to be shipped. An online survey is also an option. 
  • Deciding on the shipping container and freight option. Depending on the size and volume of your shipping contents, we’ll offer FCL or LCL method and ocean or air freight
  • Door-to-door or port-to-port service? Door-to-door service means we’ll pick up your items from your location and deliver them to your destination country. 
  • Deciding on the add-on services. Our add-on services cover packing, assistance with export and import documentation, vehicle shipping, pet transport, storage, and specialized services like piano and artwork shipping. 

Once everything is agreed upon, we’ll create a custom quote. If you are wondering about the approximate cost of moving household goods, check out the information below. 

How Much Does It Cost to Move Overseas?

The cost of moving overseas rests on many factors, such as the size of your shipment, the distance covered, the shipping method you choose, and so on. For example, shipping a one-bedroom apartment from the Port of Baltimore to Japan costs around $3,000, not including VAT and duties (if applicable). 

The farther a distance we need to get your stuff to, the more it will cost. Also, consider additional costs like packing, storage, and insurance if these are part of the entire move. Due to so many variables in play, the best way is to create a custom quote for each situation. 

Ocean Freight from Baltimore, MD, is a Smooth Process

Shipping your container out of Baltimore is a straightforward process. Established in 1706, the city port boasts robust infrastructure for shipping freight. It’s the largest seaport in the Middle Atlantic, with a large logistics network. 

Get started by filling out a quote form, and we’ll get back to you shortly to plan your relocation. SDC International Shipping makes it affordable to send 20- and 40ft containers on the water from Baltimore to elsewhere globally with competitive shipping rates. 

Remember that our services extend beyond the city. Customers from Columbia, Westminster, Eldersburg, Towson, and other surrounding geographies are in luck too. We treat all these places as our service areas, and you can be sure to get the same level of service as our customers within 410.

Baltimore International Movers

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