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Why Do Americans Move So Much More Than Europeans?

There is much to say about Europe’s beauty and charm, which makes a good reason for its residents to travel and possibly relocate every once in a while. In comparison with Europe, residents in the USA tend to move much more frequently, and in fact, many decades of data paint a clear picture of no less than a phenomenon.

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05 | How to Go Through an International Relocation
06 | Moving from the USA to Europe
07 | Top 5 Reasons Americans Move

As statistics show, about a quarter of the USA’s residents reported moving within the country over the past five years. Some American residents also reported moving from USA to Europe, for work or even for a cultural refreshment. In Europe, it is reported that less than a quarter of most countries moved within the past five years.

Americans Around the World

The tendency and frequency of relocating by American residents are not confined to long-distance and international relocation. The US Census Bureau reported that the average American resident relocates more than 11 times within their lifetime. According to a survey conducted across 16 European countries by a real estate company, the average European resident moves roughly 4 times in their lifetime.

The main reason for the massive tendency to relocate so often is mostly related to work requirements, aside from that, it might be for love or other family reasons. Based on a post published on the blog of the New York Fed, it is noted that between 1998 and 2013, a little more than half of the interstate migrants said they moved for employment-related reasons. This is also an important reason for moving from the USA to Europe.

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How Can This Phenomenon Be Explained?

You could say that this is an immigrant tendency rooted in the American culture, and it is also part of the American’s fixation on their work. The United States is a vast country compared to most European countries, and the universally spoken English language makes a move easier. Moving from the USA to Europe requires learning at least the basics of a new language, in some cases.

In contrast with the fact that Americans constantly remain mobile, it is noted by The New York Fed that United States workers are relocating a little less than they used to. According to collected data, decades ago in the 1980s, 3 percent of the working-age American residents relocated to different states every year. By 2010, that figure was reduced by half.

Why Is There A Decline in Relocation Recently?

As the decline in relocation by American residents is still ongoing, it could be attributed to the Great Recession. The aging of the American workforce means that older workers are less likely to move, and the rising numbers of the two-income homes take their toll, too. When both earners work, they have much less time to deal with the logistics of a big relocation, which could be one of the top reasons for the recent decline.

The evolution of the workplace culture over the last decade with the rising of telecommunication means and efficiency makes the requirement to relocate for work purposes much less needed. In addition, lower wages make the relocation to work less financially rewarding and appealing.

It Is Also A Cultural Issue

Aside from work and family needs, some Americans are moving from the USA to Europe for a simple change of scenery. Individuals, couples, or families have understood that they wish for a slower pace of day-to-day life. The United States has vast, open areas full of fields, forests, and roads, but there is no denying that European countries have a different and special vibe.

Things, of course, go both ways. Many Europeans choose to relocate to the USA to get their own chance of living the American dream. As said before, many of the relocations might occur due to work needs, but you will always find those who wish to try their luck in the entertainment business or in founding a successful start-up in Silicon Valley.

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How to Go Through an International Relocation

If you are included in this group of people who want to relocate to a new country, you must make a to-do list before beginning the process. First, sort out your finance, research and learn about living costs in your destination country, and prepare accordingly. Once you have consulted with your bank about the best way to keep easy access to your money from your new home, apply for a visa to your country of choice.

If you are an American who is moving from the USA to Europe, you’ll need to make sure your driver’s license can be accepted where you are moving to and handle all needed paperwork. In addition, this will be a good time to check that your personal documents are up to date as well as your credit cards.

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Moving from the USA to Europe

Once you handle all personal issues, you need to find a reliable international moving company. Usually, international moving companies offer two methods of shipping for the entirety of your belongings. The First and more expensive method is shipping by air, where the shipment takes only a few days of travel. The second and more budget-friendly method is shipping by sea, which can take longer than a few days, depending on the ship’s route.

Either way, make sure to choose someone you trust and enjoy the ride!

Your friends from high school have drifted off to the east coast or another country. There are so many reasons Americans move, some bad and some good. Some move on a whim. The best part of moving is you can always go back home!

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Top 5 Reasons Americans Move

Here you have some of the biggest reasons Americans move so much:

Family Grows So Fast

The top reason families and individuals leave to purchase a better home. As a family grows, sometimes it’s just easier to upgrade and make a larger investment. In some instances, it becomes difficult to pay for a house, so people seek other opportunities, whether it’s renting or buying something smaller.

Goodbye Relationship!

Divorce rates are high, but that doesn’t mean everyone is breaking up. For those that are ending their relationship, moving can help heal the heart. Being in the same apartment or neighborhood can remind you of your lost love. Starting fresh will bring a new perspective to your situation. A lot of people will leave for self-discovery or to forget their past.

Family First

Blood is thicker than water, they always say. Sometimes, however, issues arise. Problems do arise in every family, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. This can lead to people moving to get away and get some breathing room. Other times, family life is going great, but the neighborhood may not work out, so families move elsewhere.

Relocating For Work

There’s no better feeling than attaining your dream job. Now that many companies are outsourcing or building overseas getting transferred is quite common. Many young adults jump at the opportunity to explore a new culture abroad. Landing the dream job is such a success, so moving is a no-brainer.

Traffic is a Nightmare

Anyone living in Los Angeles knows that traffic is horrendous. This is one of the major reasons why people end up moving. Commuting 2 hours each way to a job is a complete nightmare. When people invest years into a job but suffer an exhausting commute, it’s time to move. Life becomes so much better when you have a shorter commute to work. The entire day is not wasted, and you can enjoy the fresh air.

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