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Over 10,000 American expats live in Ireland, and most of them have dual American-Irish citizenship. Situated between North America and mainland Europe, travelers enjoy easy transportation connections from many parts of the world. The country has become popular due to technological advancement and other industries, such as tourism and culture. In addition, Ireland is a friendly country. Interestingly, many expats say they feel at home in Ireland. So it is no wonder that moving to Ireland from the USA is so popular. 

If you are relocating to Ireland, get the help of an international mover. You can start by filling out a free online quote. 

Moving Service to Ireland from the USA

Taking that big leap with you.

For over a decade, SDC International Shipping has operated moves to and from Ireland. Our multifold services mean that we can arrange your move to Ireland based on your needs and requirements. With a host of affiliates throughout the US, we handle the packing and pickup of household goods from any city to any destination in Ireland. 

Shipping Options of Your Belongings 

When it comes to moving to Ireland from the USA, we offer both consolidated containerized shipping (shared container) and Full Container Load (FCL) shipping. The first option will significantly cut costs for those who don’t have many personal effects. Otherwise, we recommend choosing the latter method, especially if you are going to ship larger amounts of items like furniture, dishes, and other breakable possessions.   

Similarly, while sea freight is the most cost-effective transport mode overseas for sending a 20ft container or a 40ft container, air freight is the fastest service at a high price, but your items will arrive in Ireland in one or two days. However, if you have enough time to plan your move, sea freight is the best bet. 

Packing Service for Moving to Ireland from the USA

On the SDC board, we have trained international packers to ensure that packing and loading are handled correctly. They will use professional packing materials and techniques to protect your household items. It means that your goods will be individually wrapped and loaded onto the container. For some things, we’ll employ special crates and cases. 

In addition, if at any stage of your transit you need a warehousing service, we can offer short-term and long-term storage solutions to accommodate any shipment size. 

Facilitating Import and Export Paperwork 

The Customs process on both sides, the US and Irish, involves lots of paperwork. For example, the first step is creating an inventory of all the goods you are planning to bring to Ireland. Also, you need to know which items are prohibited and restricted and make an as accurate list as possible.  

As your international household mover, we’ll help you with all the paperwork, including import taxes, so you won’t have to deal with it on your own. In the meanwhile, here are things you need to know before importing your belongings to Ireland: 

  • You have to apply for residency.
  • To be eligible to import your stuff duty-free, they must have been in your possession for over six months.
  • Irish VAT is 23% and maybe less depending on the item.
  • Expect to pay taxes and customs duties for alcohol and tobacco. 

Shipping a Car or Motorcycle to Ireland 

The only shipping option for a car or motorcycle to Ireland is a shared or solo container. Our main warehouses to prepare and send cars are in New York, Savannah, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 

What you need to know about customs for shipping a car to Ireland: 

  • Your vehicle should comply with the EU specifications. 
  • Cars in Ireland are right-hand drive.
  • You’ll need to provide at least six-month insurance before import.  
  • The car invoice
  • Title or proof of ownership
  • Document to prove payment of sales tax 
  • Residency card outside the EU for at least 12 months before arrival in Ireland. 

We can arrange a pickup of your auto from any location in the US and bring it to one of our departure ports or the one nearest to your city.  

Piano and Artwork Shipping to Ireland from the USA

SDC is also an international piano mover and overseas artwork shipping company. Our professional movers will do their best to prepare your piano for safe transit to Ireland from the USA. Similarly, if you need to move artwork or antiques, we have the necessary amount of experience to move your precious and irreplaceable items. We’ll use customized crates and artwork boxes to protect your treasures during the move. 

Moving Cost to Ireland from the USA

Shipping cost to Ireland from the USA hinges on several variables. These are the volume of your goods, origin, destination, shipping method, and transit mode. The price will also depend on the type of service you opt for and whether you are planning to purchase international moving insurance. As an example, a door-to-door move would have a different price than a port-to-port move. With that said, our logistics specialists create custom international quotes for all clients. 

To get a quote for your relocation, fill out an online form.

Best Cities to Live In Ireland 

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is the #1 city for international expats. About 25% of the 4.8 million Irish population lives in Dublin. However, there are other amazing cities, including Cork, Belfast, Galway, Donegal, Kerry, Waterford, and Wexford. 

We’ll move your household goods to Dublin or Cork, and from there, they can be transported to other major cities or even rural areas in Ireland. 

How Long Does it Take To Get My Shipment to Ireland?

Typically, ocean freight from the east coast takes less than sending goods from the west coast. The average duration is four weeks. Door-to-door service may take from six to eight weeks. However, so many other factors in play can affect the shipping duration. So sometimes it may take longer and other times even shorter than scheduled. 

Customers’ Feedback

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“Very friendly team, helpful and cooperative. All my stuff arrived at my destination in good order and nothing was lost. I also want to say a few words about communication. It was smooth and customer service always responded to my emails and phones. I will use this company again and recommend SDC to others.”  – Benjamin K. 

“We thank the entire SDC team for the successful delivery of our items. Their packing and pickup staff was very friendly. Their customer service deserves the words of praise. The contact via email and phone was always seamless and our questions were always answered. We are happy we chose SDC to take care of our relocation.”Gabriel P.  

Moving to Ireland from the USA

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