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Oversize Freight

Oversize freight can be very difficult to transport but when you work with our international moving company, you will soon find it is a very simple task. SDC International Shipping offers an array of shipping methods including oversize freight shipping. From boats, ranging from speedboats to yachts, to jet skis and Sea-Dos, we handle it all. People love their boats and have worked hard for them, so when they move to another country, of course they’ll want to bring their treasured boat with them. Motorcycles are a close second on the list of popular oversize freight, because where is the fun in moving to the United Kingdom if you cannot wind through the hills of Scotland on your favorite motorcycle?

Marine Insurance | Ocean Freight

SDC International Shipping specializes in more than just shipping boats and motorcycles however. We can ship nearly any type of freight, including fragile artwork and heavy-duty construction equipment. With our extensive network of shipping agents, no type of oversize equipment is out of reach for SDC International Shipping.

  • Things to Look for in Export Transactions
  • Red Flag Indicators in Export Transactions
  • The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

SDC International Shipping – Oversize Freight:

  • Motorcycle Shipping
  • Boat Shipping
  • Jet Ski Shipping
  • Export & import papers handling: bill of lading, export documentations, etc

How Much Does Oversize Freight Shipping Cost?

The cost of oversize freight shipping is best assessed on a case by case basis. Due to the very nature of oversize freight it is virtually impossible to provide a general estimate because each item is completely different. This is why SDC International Shipping provides free estimates and consultations for oversize freight. Each estimate comes with no obligation. SDC International Shipping offers competitive, up front rates for all our international shipping and moving customers. Give us a call today to find out why you should choose SDC Internation for oversize freight shipping.

Why Choose SDC International for Oversize Freight Shipping?

Choose SDC International oversize freight shipping because we  have years of experience in international moving, shipping, and oversize freight shipping. We combine top-notch customer service and competitive rates to offer some of the best global relocation products available today. We also offer guaranteed delivery times and comprehensive marine insurance. SDC International Shipping’s mission is to make sure your oversize freight arrives to its destination safely and securely. Call now for a free estimate and professional service.

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