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Oversize Freight Shipping

Packing your house before moving to a new country is stressful and tiring. It can be even more stressful and tiring when talking about international relocation. While there are some items you can simply pack and ship, there are things that require extra attention, such as oversized freight shipping.

Oversized cargo can be very difficult to transport, but you will soon find it a straightforward task when working with our international moving company. SDC International Shipping offers an array of shipping methods. We handle everything from boats and speed boats to yachts to jet skis and Sea-Dos.

People love their boats and have worked hard for them, so they’ll want to bring their treasured boat with them when they move to another country. Motorcycles are a close second on the list of popular oversized freight because where is the fun in moving to the United Kingdom if you cannot wind through the hills of Scotland on your favorite motorcycle?

SDC International Shipping specializes in more than just shipping boats. We can ship nearly any cargo, including fragile artwork and heavy-duty construction equipment. With our extensive network of shipping agents, no type of equipment is out of reach for SDC International Shipping. 

Boat, Yacht, and Jet Ski Moving Overseas

  • Boat Shipping. We ship all classes of boats from Class A (16 feet) to Class 3 (up to 65 feet). No matter the size of your freight, we can take care of any aspect of your move.  
  • Yacht Transport. Regarding yachts, we can arrange the moving of your small yacht, medium-size luxury yachts, and even superyachts.
  • Jet Ski Shipping. If you need to ship a personal watercraft, we can find a shipping solution that fits your needs. Yamaha, Honda, Polaris, Kawasaki – we ship all makes and models.

We can also assist you with customs paperwork, including a bill of lading, the title copy, a bill of sale, and other documents required for import in your destination country. 

How We Ship Boats, Yachts, and Watercrafts

Most of our customers’ small and mid-size boats and yachts are sent through RORO (Roll on, Roll off). It’s one of the cheapest ocean transport methods for vessels that don’t exceed 15ft.

Bigger Boats can be sent via Lift on, Lift off. Unlike RORO shipping, where a boat is rolled on and then rolled off the ocean vessel, LOLO transport assumes lifting it onto the deck by the ship crane. Virtually any height of yacht or boat can be sent via LOLO.

How Much Does Oversized Freight Shipping Cost?

The cost of oversized freight shipping is best assessed on a case-by-case basis. Due to the very nature of oversized freight, it is virtually impossible to provide a general estimate because each move is completely different. This is why SDC International Shipping provides custom estimates.

We offer competitive and upfront rates for all our international shipping and moving customers. Give us a call or fill out an online form to get a quote. 

Shipping a Yacht or Boat from the USA Overseas

Some countries are considered the best for sailing and yachting, so most people move their boats to the following destinations: 

  • Turkey
  • Sweden
  • Philippines 
  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy 
  • Spain

If you are heading to the Middle East, we can arrange international yacht transportation to the UAE, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia. 

The shipping service is available from the Atlantic and Pacific from Oakland, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX, Baltimore, MD, Jacksonville, FL, Charleston, SC, and Norfolk, VA. 

Why Choose SDC International for Oversized Cargo Shipping?

SDC International Shipping’s oversized freight shipping services stand out by extensive experience in international moving and shipping household goods and vehicles. We combine top-notch customer service and competitive rates to offer some of the best global relocation solutions.

We also offer guaranteed delivery times and comprehensive marine insurance. Our mission is to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination safely and securely. 

Call now for a free estimate and professional service.

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International Moving From USA to Any Destination

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