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Personal Relocation Services

SDC International Shipping are experienced international movers and offer a range of international personal relocation services for individuals and families.

Personal Relocation Services

Your family is moving to Europe or Asia for the exciting new job you were offered. You have spent a few years in the United States and are now excited to be moving back to your native land. You are moving abroad to a climate that will be much more pleasant to live in, or where you can stretch your retirement pay to include affordable help and comfortable living.

Whatever your reason for moving to a new country – you want to concentrate on setting up your new home and your new life. There will be plenty for you to do. Let SDC International Shipping worry about everything involved with the move.

Start Early

We recommend that you start the process of your family’s relocation with a detailed conversation with one of our relocation specialists. We have long years of experience with the relocation process and can help you start planning your time table, budget, and tasks that need to be done prior to your move.

Moving to another country takes planning. While there are many things that you have probably thought of, there might be many that you will overlook. There are some countries that have long visa request and approval processes. In other countries, you have to start planning for moving your pets, sometimes many long months in advance. If you want to send a vehicle, there are locations that require you obtain prior approval for the import of the car.

These are not the only reasons to start early. One of the most important reasons to start early is to allow SDC International Shipping to accommodate your schedule. We’d like nothing better than to cater our personal relocation services to meet your exact schedule. While we can usually at least schedule a pick up by our movers on the best day for you, the actual move is more complicated, and requires the coordination of movers, truckers and shipping. When we schedule early, we can cut down your shipping time by a week or even more. This is particularly true of summer moves.

The Relocation Services that You Need

Concierge Services

Please note that there are many things that could be considered “relocation services”. Theoretically this could include anything from choosing a location, to making travel arrangements and could include real estate services at your destination. Other concierge services like these are usually best left to local professionals with experience in your destination location. Other services commonly offered include finding appropriate schools for your kids, teaching of the local language, helping you find a job, local administrative and government things like obtaining a residency card or a local identification card, getting a local driver’s license and more. We also recommend that you consult tax experts both in the United States before you leave the country, and in your new home.

SDC International Shipping does not provide any of these services. We think that while some of these things are similar in many locations, there is no way to effectively provide these types of services around the globe, and small, local businesses deal with them best.

Personal Relocation Services

Moving Services

We are experts at packing, moving, storage, and logistics. These are complicated enough. We are familiar with the rules and regulations for the transfer of goods from the United States to each country. Every country has its own specific rules concerning used goods, new goods, vehicles, food stuffs and more. It is our job to keep updated on all of the changes for each country, so that our clients’ cargo gets delivered on time.

These rules are not trivial. If you do not precisely follow the rules for your destination country, it could mean that your cargo is held up in customs clearance until you sort it out.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed this with some clients who try to cut corners. The small savings that have on their relocation services is eaten away quickly after only a few days of detention in the destination port. One of the important moving services you get from SDC International Shipping is the preparation of the moving inventory when we load your belongings either onto moving vans or onto your moving container. This list is always appended to both shipping forms and customs declarations form in your point of entry. At times it is necessary to translate this list, but not always. What is important is the order and detail.

Not to be neglected are the materials that you use to pack your belongings. This is especially true of wood. If you pack or load by yourself, try to buy new plastic pallets. Do not use wood pallets, as what you will find readily available in the United States, they will likely not meet the international standards for phytosanitary measures. While this is a mouthful, it means that your whole shipment is likely to be quarantined. Also, do not build any crates yourself. If you are shipping anything fragile or of an odd shape, tell us about it right away and we will build a crate for you using approved materials. We usually build these crates at our warehouses, but if you are sending a private container, our movers will build them before loading your container.

Loading your things is also important in order to protect your goods and conserve space in your shipping container. If you are sending a private 20’ container, it has 1100 cubic feet of storage space. Our movers are experts at taking advantage of the space within the container.

Packing Services

Packing up your household for International Moving is a task that is emotional for some people, and frustration for all. Why bother? Let us do it for you. We will do everything from packing your dishes to emptying your closets. The only thing you need to do is tell us what to take and what to leave behind. We will provide the boxes (including specially sized cartons for things like bikes and wall art), the packaging material (including furniture wrap, bubble wrap, carton pads, cloth pads, wood for crating) approved for international shipping, and provide any additional equipment necessary for the move including special lifts for vehicles when necessary, or equipment for extra heavy items.

Vehicle Shipping Services

One of the most popular personal relocation services that our clients are interested in is the shipping of vehicles. For detailed information, please see our international vehicle shipping document[av1] . Shipping a vehicle entails many steps. For some countries you need to obtain prior permission for your specific vehicle. In others, you need to get permission for a model if it is not available in that country. Usually, but not always, vehicles need to be drained of all liquids before loading, and have their batteries disconnected. Before this, we will need to clear the title of your vehicle. You will be asked to send us your vehicle’s licenses, title and registration and our legal team will clear the vehicle for export. These documents will be returned to you via special courier before your move, as you will need to have them with you when your vehicle arrives in your destination country.

If your vehicle is shipped within your container as a part of your personal effects, then we send out a special vehicle lift will be sent to load your car into your container. Most cars, standard sized SUV’s and light pickups will fit into a container.

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By Kfir Cohen

Kfir Cohen is handling global operations, cargo shipping, negotiation, and management of different suppliers around the world. He has more than 15 years of experience in the avant-garde of relocation and the sea/air freight business.
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