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Work in The UK With British Work Visa

The United Kingdom is generally very welcoming towards immigrants and expats. In any case, if you are currently planning on moving to the UK, it is important to make some preparations. You will need to check the possibilities you have of getting a work permit or a work visa that will allow you to work in the UK legally. Working in the UK and living there can bring a refreshing change to your life, so it is time to get excited and get ready with everything you need to know.

Visas and Work Permits for the UK

In the UK, a visa ensures your entrance to the country. In order to get a visa, you will need to apply for it at the British embassy in your country of living. If granted, the clearance certificate will be added to your passport. The visa is something separate from the work permit, and in addition, if you are not a citizen of one of the EEA (European Economic Area) countries, you may be in need of a travel visa in order to visit the UK.

Citizens of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, are able to work in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland without needing to get a work permit. Citizens of Romania and Bulgaria might need to apply for a work permit before they are able to begin working in the UK. If you are moving to England from the USA, check your work rights and obligations before you make any big decision.

What You Should Do for Getting A Work Permit

For people outside the European Economic Area there are certain requirements for getting a work permit and visa. There is a Point Based System that manages the migration process for everyone who wants to enter England and work or study there. One of the things you must have in case you wish to work in England, is a job offer from a licensed business and a valid certification of sponsorship.

Your potential employer needs to apply for your work permit, and they need a sponsor license for allowing them to bring workers from countries outside of the EEA. You will need to apply no less than four weeks before the permit is needed. Regarding documentation you should prepare, you will need your passport, birth certificate, copies of previous work permits, entry visa, proof of qualifications and references.

Moving to England from the USA and Other Countries

As a citizen of the USA, you will need to obtain the relevant visa for a stay of six months or longer. There are a few kinds of visas available for people who are planning on moving to England from the USA, and it requires your full attention and consideration. Take your situation into account, in order to determine the type of visa you should apply for. You should be clear about the reason you want to move, if it’s for family, work, study or other kinds of business, you will need to apply for the visa that would make what you do in England legal.

If you have relatives who are living in the UK with a British Citizenship, settlement or asylum status, then you might be able to apply for a settled person or family visa. It is possible if you are moving to the UK for six months or beyond that time period. The most you can stay with this visa is up to 33 months, and at that point you will be required to extend your visa.

The requirements for a family visa are: you should be over 18 years old, you should be able to prove that your relationship with the person you will be joining is legally recognized, and that you will remain with this person during your stay in the UK, as they must have the required space for you to live in. You might also be required to show your English language capabilities.

After reading all of this information and realizing what’s required from you in case you plan on moving to the UK, It is time to start the process and hope everything goes well.

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