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Why You Should Relocate to San Diego?

Published on Oct 03, 2018 by Kfir Cohen

Southern California is an attractive area to relocate to, and not only for its sunny weather. San Diego, specifically, is a desirable place for many people, and for several good reasons. There are many things to take into consideration once you take the step and relocate to a new city or country, but first we’ll show you some of the best reasons to choose San Diego as your new destination.

More Than Sunny Beaches

San Diego is a large metro area, where professional sports, world-class dining and many entertainment options are offered. The different neighborhoods in the city are very distinct and communal. The city has a young vibe, as its residents gather at farmers markets and festivals, and people meet their friends to hang out in the local bars, restaurants and of course, beaches.

In a U.S News analysis, San Diego was ranked at the 30th place for the best place to live in as a metro area, and 21st best place to retire. The ranking was based on peoples’ quality of life and the local job market. Peoples’ desire for living there was also taken into consideration.

But Anyway, Let’s Talk About the Weather

Many people are interested in relocating to San Diego because of its moderate climate and enjoyable beaches. There are many other outdoor attractions, and there isn’t much of a snowy weather, aside from the East County mountains. The average temperature at summer is 69.3 Fahrenheit and in winter it’s 57.2 Fahrenheit.

The Population in San Diego

San Diego offers higher education opportunities and big city perks, and as a result it attracts a relatively young population. The downtown area is popular with the millennial crowd, and young families take a liking to the North County area. Under half of the population in the city identifies themselves as religious. Most religious communities are Catholic, but there are other Christian sects as well, among some other eastern religions that are represented as well.

How Can You Hang Out in San Diego?

If you are a foodie and would like to know how San Diego is, restaurant wise, do not fear. There are numerous dining options across the city, most notably in the Old Town. You will also find authentic Mexican food and a bustling brewery scene, for the craft beer aficionados among you.

Aside from food, you’ll find that health is also a big interest for San Diego residents. You can be sure to find plenty of different activities to take part in if you are into the active outdoor lifestyle. There are plenty of hiking trails alongside cycling, golf, and tennis, that are popular forms of exercise in the city. Animal lovers will be able to enjoy a visit to the world-renowned San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and also the famous SeaWorld.

Once a year, usually in July, thousands of comic fans flock the city in order to take part in the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). This event is the world’s largest entertainment and comic book convention, and the fans come in costumes and paint the city in a colorful display of superheroes and fictional characters. Artists, writers and celebrities also visit the conference, as the event takes over the downtown area for five days.

Shipping Company to San Diego

If you are not convinced by now, maybe the San Diego lifestyle isn’t really for you. But if you are still here, it’s time to take some serious things into consideration. Once you make the decision and start the process of relocating to this wonderful city, you will have to find a reliable shipping company to San Diego that will accompany you throughout the process.

When looking for a moving shipping to San Diego, there are a few things to take into consideration. First, its recommended that you’ll find a company that sends over a representative to give you an estimate on your belongings. Once you got that covered, you’ll need to choose the shipping method.

In case you are relocating from a different country or continent, you will face the options of shipping by air or shipping by sea. The shipping by air option is good for you in case you are short on time and money is not an issue. In any other case, shipping by sea is preferred financially, and the time it takes might differ according to the ship’s route.

Bottom line – choose the best shipping company to San Diego and start having fun!

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By Kfir Cohen

Kfir Cohen is handling global operations, cargo shipping, negotiation, and management of different suppliers around the world. He has more than 15 years of experience in the avant-garde of relocation and the sea/air freight business.
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