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4 Reasons to Move to Germany Right Now

Moving to a new country is not a simple task at all, and you have to consider many things. When deciding to take this big step, whether it’s for work or maybe even love and family, many preparations are to be made ahead of time. One of the most basic and important things to do is get familiar with the country you are relocating to.

If you are planning an international relocation to Germany, you will need to take care of some bureaucratic issues before you can actually move. Among the requirements you will have to meet, you will be asked to come up with your visa, work permit, and \ or residence permit.

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01 | Language and Currency
02 | Infrastructure and Public Transport
03 | Education and Work
04 | Food and Beer

If you have German citizenship, you can, of course, scratch all of the above, as you already have the legal right to relocate, live and work in Germany. Once you got all of that covered, you are good and ready to explore the German country one way or the other.

Here are some of the most important reasons to move to Germany right now:

1. Language and Currency

You have probably heard people say that Germany is the European land of opportunity, and in addition, it has charming cities to explore and sights to observe and adore. Once the idea of moving becomes a reality, you should have some more basic knowledge of the place before you relocate there.

Let’s start with the language in Germany, which is German, of course. Germans speak other languages like English, but knowing some basic words, phrases and sentences is always preferred. If you are planning on staying as a resident in one of the cities of Germany for a long while, you might want to eventually learn more of the language in a local school for expats.

Regarding the currency in Germany, the Euro is the official coin there. Make sure to exchange some money before moving to Germany from the USA or other countries, and check the options you have with the different banks to move your account to. The second option is obviously using a credit or debit card if you have a local or international one or even a few.

2. Infrastructure and Public Transport

Like in any other place, life is hectic in Germany. However, there is something in the air in Germany’s great cities and towns that induces a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Germans really appreciate quiet times and their silence, except for the clubs, where they will rave all night long.

No matter where you are from, you will probably feel amazed when you start using and taking advantage of Germany’s great public transport system. The busses and trains are absolutory always on time, and they are well maintained and cleaned constantly. It is a great experience, and it is something you can blindly count on, so don’t use public transport as an excuse for being late in Germany, because it will not be accepted.

Aside from public transport, the roads across Germany are built for all kinds of transport and vehicles. The roads are also bicycle-friendly, as it is the cheapest way of transporting around the German cities. It is very encouraging to use a bicycle in Germany, and almost all of the main roads have bicycle lanes for your convenience.

3. Education and Work

The educational system in Germany is well-known for its high quality. As a great bonus, you most likely won’t have to pay any tuition if you decide to attend university in Germany. At most, it will maybe cost a few hundred Euros for every semester, only in certain places. It is an amazing thing, especially when you compare it to other educational systems around the world. In the USA, for example, you will most likely end up in debt that you will have to pay after graduating from college or university.

When talking about working in Germany, you will immediately notice that employees are deeply valued. If you are moving to Germany from another country, you will probably see it and feel it quickly. Employees are very organized and protected, so if there is an issue you feel you have to complain about, there will be someone that will hear you out.

4. Food and Beer

Germany might be known as the land of sausage to the outside world, but there is a wide variety of delicious foods. Germans love to eat meat, as well as deserts, so you can expect to find some familiar foods from back home, but it might not be that easy. In any case, there are a lot of new dishes for your taste buds to enjoy chewing upon, with ingredients you might have never tasted before.

It goes without saying, but let’s mention it anyway, the beer in Germany. This is the crown jewel of Germany; everyone knows this. There is a huge selection of beers that are brewed perfectly, with the kind of attention only Germans can give. When moving to Germany, a new and exciting world of beers will open up before you.

It is important you note that all stores are closed down on Sundays. It starts on Saturday evening and lasts until Monday morning. For some people, it might sound familiar, but it is not acceptable in all countries. It is a time to rest and restore your strength for the upcoming week, so remember not to wait until Sunday with your grocery shopping when moving to Germany.

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By Kfir Cohen

Kfir Cohen is handling global operations, cargo shipping, negotiation, and management of different suppliers around the world. He has more than 15 years of experience in the avant-garde of relocation and the sea/air freight business.
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