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Why San Francisco Residents Move to Europe?

Over the last few years we see lots of San Francisco residents seeking opportunities to relocate to Europe, as more and more choose to go through with the process and move their residence to European destinations. Needless to say, each one have their own reasons for relocating to another country, but let’s try to present the most popular reasons for this trend.

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Slower Pace of Life

Life in the USA can get very stressful, especially in big cities such as San Francisco or LA. So it is no wonder why European locations are so appealing to many San Franciscans, offering a place where they can live their life in a calm and peaceful environment. Sometimes it gets so tense in California’s big cities, that their residents don’t even notice that till their out of the city for a vacation. After returning to San Francisco, some of them come to the conclusion that life doesn’t have to be so tense and so they go back, but not only for vacation.

Did Someone Say Vacation?

One of the greatest things about Europe is that once you’re a resident of one of the countries who are members of the European Union, you can travel between them pretty easily, as the distance to another country can be as short as a 2 hours’ drive. So while living in Europe, this is a great opportunity for you to travel and explore different cultures.

Did Someone Say Vacation 2?

Over the USA it is not mandatory for companies to give paid vacation days to their employees. In Europe, on the other hand, you will get something like 20-30 (depending on which country you’ll choose) of paid vacation days per year, so you can go on vacation with your family, without worrying about your paycheck. Now that vacation you’ve been planning for years sounds like a better idea than ever, right?

Affordable Houses

After the 2014’s economy crisis it is surely easier to buy your own house in Europe. Houses are bigger, lands are vast, and buying opportunities are available at affordable prices. So actually, what we’re trying to say is that real estate in Europe is more easily reachable.

Moving to Europe

Once you’ve decided to relocate your residence to Europe, the first thing you ought to do is find a professional international shipping company in San Francisco and start your relocation journey, to any number of the most desired destinations in the world. All you got to do is choose: UK, Germany, France, Italy, or many more.

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