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Why Move to England?

For many people who are moving to England from the USA, it is an ideal place to relocate to. If it is culture, beautiful sights, nightlife or amazing food that you are looking for in a new country, then England could be your next perfect destination. If you are also considering making an international move to a new and exciting place, here are some reasons for you to choose England.

The International Language

For those who are moving to England from the USA, there won’t be any language barrier. You don’t have to be a native speaker in order to get by, of course, but English is the main spoken language in England and you’ll have to be ready for that. There are also many different accents that you’ll hear in different areas of England, some of them could be tough to interpret at first, but you’ll eventually get used to them.

The citizens all around England are known to be kind and welcoming by nature. Whether you meet people from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or England itself, they will probably be some of the nicest people you have met, with a great sense of humor as a bonus. Yes, sarcasm and dry wit may be involved, like you see in TV shows about the country, but have no doubt that it’s the big-hearted nature of the locals that eventually shines through.

The Culture England Offers

From the moment you touch ground in England, you get to feel its amazing culture. From the first moment you will set foot outside of the airport, you will be on the doorstep of some great activities and places that you could experience and go to visit. Like most other countries, you can find plenty of museums around England, among other family-oriented activities.

Sports is also a very big part of England’s culture, and some of the greatest sports teams in the world take residence in the country. Besides sports, you will be able to find numerous international bands, comedians and all kinds of artists that visit England frequently to perform.

When it comes to the nightlife, it almost goes without saying that the pub scene in England is great. You can find all kinds of pubs, bars and clubs around England. Annual events such as gaming conventions also take place in the country so if you are moving to England from the USA, you will get to enjoy all of that.

Special Places to Visit and Sights to See

England is filled with thousands of years of history, with an almost never-ending number of amazing places and sights. By simply walking around, you will probably come across more than a couple of historic churches, homes or maybe even castles. When you move to England from the USA, you can be sure to have a lifetime of historical places to learn about and go see for yourself.

Around London specifically you will find many wonderful places to visit. From famous street such as Oxford Street and up to local markets such as Camden. Each of these places offers hours of enjoyment and opportunities to wander around and explore with your family, friends or just by yourself.

Local Services in England

When it comes to more serious and important things such as healthcare, once you become a legal resident of England, you will get access to the national health service and even free healthcare. Not many countries offer an opportunity such as this, while England is also a world leader when it comes to innovations and research in the medical field.

The educational system in England is also rated very high on a global scale. When you move to England from the USA, you will also get access to quality education with some of the best schools in the world. If university education is something that you wish to pursue, England will be an obvious choice for your relocation, with colleges such as Oxford and Cambridge.

Once you’re settled in and working in a full-time job, you’ll be able to take 28 paid days off of work, as mandated by the law in England. This means you’ll have the time to travel and enjoy everything England has to offer, as one of its citizens and not only as a tourist.

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